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    Things I have accomplished since surgery:
    No more joint problems
    No more back problems
    No more acid reflex meds
    No more blood pressure meds
    No more anxiety meds
    No more migraine meds
    No more diabetic issues - A1C 5.1
    Energy back

    Things I want to do when healthy and in shape:
    _X_Rock Climb
    X_White water rafting
    X_Caving/ Splunking
    X_Hike a trail longer then 5 miles
    X_Buy awesome dresses and A-line skirts
    X_Be able to run
    X_Complete P90X
    __Complete Pyio
    __Ride my bike for 25 miles (paved)
    X_Go mountain biking
    __100 sit-ups, 50 push-up (prev army 1999 could do this)
    X_Take a karate class
    X_ Complete a tough mudder

    NSV -
    I can paint my toes without struggle
    I can fit on rollercoasters
    I am comfortable when someone pulls out a camera
    Can walk 5 miles without getting winded
    Confidence back
    I feel my age as apposed to 10 years older then I actually am
    My car got bigger
    Ride my bike on a mountain path for 5 miles
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    Dr Henderson
  • Hospital
    The Longstreet Clinic, Obesity Solutions
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    Gastric Bypass

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  1. Hi all. I had Gastric Bypass in 2013. Prior to surgery, I read several topics on WLS and how it affects a marriage. I thought I had the best support I could ask for from a husband and figured our marriage would survive through the change. It turned out to be true..... He was the greatest support. He ate what I ate, he didn't eat crap in front of me, he supported my attendance to support groups and sometimes even went with me. He would remind me to drink water and chew more; eat slower. Even supported and paid for a tummy tuck. Fast forward a year.... I became very active. using all my free time to go hiking or swimming. I wanted to tone my body after all the weight loss. I started doing p90x. I was very aware of my activity. However, he still wanted to stay in and build a relationship with his Xbox. Fast forward another 2 years.... We were just arriving in Germany!! He is a military man and we would move every three years. This time it was a whole new country. I was so excited. I started planning all these trip and adventures. It was so easy and cheap to travel to places like Paris or Amsterdam. Again.... he wanted to stay in with the Xbox. I found us growing more apart. I would plan trips with friends and he would stay home. I couldn't get him excited to do anything. He was constantly texting on his phone with family and friends back home. He couldn't get used to living so far away from everyone. He started to use his free time to go back to the states to see family. I stayed in Germany because traveling state side every few months wasn't affordable for the both of us. We were living different lives. I spend my days hiking and exploring cities. Wine tasting in France. Laying on the beach in Spain. Pub crawls in Prague. Camel rides in Morocco. I took up snorkeling, scuba diving, spelunking, free climbing, castle hikes and exploring ruins. He still had no desire to join me. He still stayed home. We stopped talking. stopped spending time with one another. I suggested counseling... he said no. I suggested date nights... that happened twice. I tried many times to talk to him and he would just check out of the conversation, usually face in his phone. We seemed to only talk in loud tones, usually about not talking. I understood that he was depressed and missing family.... but I couldn't understand why he couldn't communicate that with me. I eventually started to sleep on the couch.... still no conversation. After two months of couch surfing, I change our office to a second bedroom and moved his things into that room. He fully supported the decision with no conversation about it or objections. For the next 5 months he isolated himself in that room. I only saw him when he came out to get food. Finally after about 8 months of silence we had a heart to heart. I told him that I no longer loved him and I didnt know how to help him. He agreed that he no longer loved me. He said that I was a completely different person after surgery and I wasn't the person he fell in love with. Turns out he liked when I was bigger because I had less confidence. I needed him and relied on him for emotional support. I needed him for little things like going grocery shopping with me because I was scared of getting judged if I had ice cream in my cart. Once I lost the weight and became independent, I no longer relied on him as I did before. I was more energetic and he prefered the sedentary lifestyle. I was more outgoing and he preferred the shut in. I was more ambitious and he preferred the underachiever. I was more confident and he preferred the insecurities. At this point it became clear.... after 10 years of marriage, 15 years invested time together... age 38... I had to start over. There was nothing I could do to make it work. Did I want to? If he didn't support the better me... Did I want to stay married? We continued to live together in Germany as roommates, each living our life. We agreed to stay together for convenience. I didn't want to leave Germany and he didn't want to live in single barracks. Now, 2 years later. We are back in the states. We lived in Germany for 3 years and I had the time of my life. We are now living in TN and are the best of friends (and yes, still roommates). We are signing divorce papers in a few months. We will finally go our separate ways once I have established a source of income in this new area. He feels as though he owes me enough time to be able to take care of myself financially. I hope that once I move out on my own we will remain friends. We have spent the last 15 years in each others company but only time can tell. In the end we didn't get divorced because of cheating or fighting. We grew apart because I became a different person. In my opinion, a better person. This surgery opens so many doors for you but can close others. You will become a better version of yourself. There will be people in your life that do not necessarily like the new version of you. If someone told me the surgery would make me healthy, energetic and happy but I would lose my husband, I would still do it. Having this surgery has changed my life and I would never undo it. Do not let people hold you back. Be the best you .....live each day as it were your last.
  2. Oh i am so bad with the smoking thing. I have quit several times over the last few years only to start again a few months later. My husband is a smoker and this makes it hard for me to stop for good. We've discussed quitting together but he says we cant both be in bad mood. Hes military and often leaves for missions. Ive decided (in light of recent development) that I will stop again as soon as he gets sent to his next mission. Ask him to do the same and we will be apart for the "bad moods", lol. Caffeine intake has reduced considerably as of the last few weeks but i assume the caffeine can cause ulcers. barum swollow is a good idea. Ill see what he says to that when i get my scope results. Honestly i am really hoping for an ulcer. I know that sounds bad but id rather that then surgery. Today was a better day where i had less pain. Hopefully tomorrow will be better as well. I have been watching my acidic intake and it may be helping which is a good sign. Thanks for the feedback, ill let you know the results.
  3. Hi all, I have read a few posts about this but are out dated and wanted to start a new topic rather then pick up on a three year old post. A few days ago I started to experience a burning, tight cramp in my mid belly section. It started on Sunday after I had gone out Saturday night and had a few drinks with friends. Initially I thought it was gas or some type of discomfort from drinking. However, the pain continues. It is now Wednesday and I am still experiencing this discomfort. It hurts when I don't eat, it hurts when I do eat followed by gas and bloating and I am unable to eat as much as usual. It is better if i pass gas or burp. I find some relief with pepto tablets. It doesn't hurt constantly, but acidic things seem to make it worse. My stool is soft and dark. I get nauseous after eating. My immediate assumption and research shows it is a possible ulcer. I am a smoker and a coffee drinker so this seem logical to me. I went to doctor to tell him I think i might have an ulcer and i would like to get checked. He explained that it could be an ulcer but it could also be twisted, collapsed, or caved in intestines. He ordered a scope to check for the ulcer first. He said 9/10 CT scans turn up without results and doesn't want to order one unless the pain last longer or doesn't get better. He said that unfortunately i have to live with the pain until it becomes critical where they will do emergency surgery. I am hoping the scope finds an ulcer because the alternative seems scary. If they don't find an ulcer, how do i convince my doctor i don't want to wait to do a CT scan nor do I want to just deal with the pain until I become critical. How do I fix this before it gets worse? How many of you have experienced this? is there a way to avoid complications? Is there anything I can do?
  4. ahhh! so many familiar faces, its good to see you guys are still here.
  5. I am coming back to the site after a long inactive year. I have recently moved to a new area and there is no support here. This site was always a useful tool and offered great support. During this move, i have slipped off track. Have been living out of a suitcase for 3 months. We are finally moved into our new home and are settled. I need to get back to eating correctly and staying active. Hope to see some old faces and look forward to meeting the new people.
  6. Well, i havent done much to lose anything over the last few weeks. Had a horrible week. still have puffiness on side and can clearly see that the right side will need to be fixed due to the corners dog earring. We will see what doc says on the 5th.
  7. I will be at 7 weeks this Wednesday. the scale is reading 135. 3 weeks Pre-op I was 130 but gained a bit of weight due to quitting smoking. I was 138 when I went into surgery . My surgeon wants me to get back down to my original size of around 130 to determine if I have extra skin on the sides that needs to be removed. I go back to see him on the 5th of jan. He told me that there was about 3 pounds removed so I am aiming to get down to 127 by jan. He said I didn't need lipo; that it was majority extra skin. I definitely recommend an extended incision line to remove as much on the sides as possible. I have love handles at the moment at the end of my incisions. Its very strange to have a tight belly and then loose skin on the sides and the back area. I am trying to do everything I can to make sure there is minimal removal necessary. I am hoping, that if needed, it can be done under a local in his office. this picture was taken this morning. As yo can see the sides above my incision are still a bit puffy. Hoping some weight lose will improve that.
  8. I will have the official before and afters from the hospital in Jan but these are some shots that I took at pre-op, week 1 with tubes in and again at about 3 weeks.
  9. I might have to get some puckering fixed as well. I was told it was done in the office. If I had to get more skin removed on the sides he will want me going under and laying on my belly during the procedure. I don't know what cost would be but I'm sure its not free. He said I need to give a few more weeks and in January I will have my 3 month check up and we will determine then if I need additional skin removed or fix the dog ears.
  10. I understand. I am the same way. now that I have had my tummy done I want to start getting other work done in other areas as well. If you are ok with the risk vrs results, it will make you happy, and you can afford it all then absolutely go for it!! I want my arms and inner thighs done. its all just dreaming though. One cut for me hubby says.
  11. I just passed my 6 week mark from TT. The 1st week I was itching like crazy. Once I cut pain meds back that was reduced. I didn't have a constipation problem. My butt looked flat when I was swelling badly, even in the back. I already have a flat butt and now that the swelling is gone I seem to have some shape to it, better then It was with the swelling. Ive noticed that now that I have had my tummy fixed, which was my focus point of my flaws pre-op, I now notice all other things wrong with me and want to get it all fixed as well. Belly button takes the longest to heal and I was very worried at week 3 when part of it was still healing. All looks good now. If you go throught the fear of it looking strange, just wait, it gets better.
  12. back to work today after 3 weeks off for TT recovery.  Feels very strange and almost scary.  Limited pain and healing well. 

    1. Kimelou


      Hope you have a good day.

  13. I didn't read what anyone else wrote, I just went straight to writing so I may be repeating what others have said. I understand. In fact I've done it. The truth is you have to want to follow the plan. We can yell at you all day and give support all day, you are the only one that can make the decision to break old habits. The main challenge of this process is rebooting mentally. Changing your life style. It is not a diet, it is not temporary, it is not a food funeral that lasts only through the 1st few phases. It is a life style change. Some people do well with tracking, some people do well with post it notes on the fridge and pantry. rule of thumb is do not allow the tempting things in your house. Resist the temptation when around it at work. Do not go into a place where you know there will be temptations. Find something to do instead of eating mindlessly. Stick to your plan. And STOP revolving your life around food. Talk to your dietician on a regular basis. Go to support group. Take one day at a time if that's what works. don't look at the over all goal. make small goals and set up a reward system. I bought a new outfit at 25lbs, bought a bike at 50lbs, 75lbs went hiking. When I reached goal I got a tattoo as a reminder of the journey it took to get there. What I found useful was being open to everyone. That kept me motivated to stay on track. If I had people watching my progress, I had to be successful. I couldn't let them see me fail. And I did not want to fall into that statistic of gastric bypass failures. Find what motivates you to stay strong and one track. Reboot your mind. What makes you want to snack on empty calories? try to illuminate those temptations and replace it with something beneficial. Take a break from studying to walk to block, meditate, breath, stretch. Anything but eating empty calories. Most importantly, you are in the honeymoon phase. You most likely not see many consequences for your behavior. You need to take this time to create a healthy lifestyle and purge any habits that will hurt you once the honeymoon is over. take this time to get to your goal and learn what works for your body. Good luck. I hope you find it within yourself to step up to the challenge of creating a new life style. Know that we are always here for you to witness and support your journey. You can do this, just reach for it. We believe in you.
  14. Has it been 13 months already? It flys by. Congrats on the accomplishment! Now to the new challenge of maintaining the weight. I love to cycle, well mountain terrain really. I try to drag the hubby with me but hes not a big fan. He'd rather walk a trail then ride a bike through one. Its very exhilarating to go fast over a rocky path thought!! LOL. You look great, best part is no more meds and being healthy
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