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  1. She did. She is about four weeks out and doing really good. I had forgotten how little food you can eat when you are just out of surgery. We not seem to be losing about 1/2 lb a day. This Coronavirus has kept both of us in the house which has eliminated some temptations. I hope to be down to 300 by the fall.
  2. It is funny. I was lying in bed tonight looking at these old posts. I have basically not been on this site since shortly after I started this thread and for some reason decided to spend a couple hours looking at these post from years ago. 2 interesting thoughts looking: first, not one person from this speed dating event said yes to me. The organizer felt so bad that she told me I could come back for free Second, and more importantly I went on my first date with my wife exactly two months after the last post on this thread. My point is for those of us who lacked confidence in the dating world don’t let the setbacks get you down too much. Each time you put yourself out there you will be more likely to find someone. while speed dating did not work for me Eharmony did.
  3. I just noticed on my stats. I wish I was still 34!. Big 40 this summer! good tohear from you again Msmarymac.
  4. I had my surgery in October 2013, and by the time I met my now wife in December 2014, I was down to 320. I posted a lot in 2013 and 2014. My goal was 250, though I doubted I would ever get there. I fell madly in love with my Wife and surprise by July she was pregnant and by October we were married. In March 2015, we had our son Andy, followed up by our daughter Emily in August 2017. Needless to say, I have not been good with food/weight since December, 2014. Between then and October, 2018, I had gained back to 400. My wife, who was not fat when I met her, but was not thin either, gained significant weight through the two pregnancies and I went back to old habits. From October, 2018, we have both really tried to watch what we eat and get our weights under control. In that time, I have lost about 35 and am down to 365. She has hovered around the same amount. We decided a couple months ago that she would also get bypass (she initially thought sleeve but has reflux issues). We have decided to do that progressive diet together. Her surgery is Thursday, so I am sitting here at my desk at work drinking protein 2O as part of the 48 hour clear liquid diet. In going through her thirty day preop diet (which is basically the same as the post op diet) I can already feel my pouch snapping back into shape. I tried a shake only day last week and it was not so bad. I am hopeful that I can get back on track and begin losing again. I am going to try to be more active on here again. Good to see a couple people are still around from back then! My wife is having her surgery done the same place I did, and they have a very robust facebook group that did not exist back in 2013/2014. It seems this board is not as active as back then. I guess that is why. I look forward to keeping in touch with all of you. Buddy
  5. I thought I would come full circle on this. I am now 2.5 years post op, and have recently gotten married. The increased sex drive that happens immediately after surgery does normalize. While I still get horny like any 30 something guy, it is much more normalized. For anyone going through this issue, try your best to keep yourself under control in the beginning and you will return to normal.
  6. I am off and on. I actually flew out for my honeymoon the morning of my second anniversary. A lot sure has changed in two years!
  7. I have not been on the forum much recently , because I have been super busy, but I wanted to drop by and say hi to everyone. I am coming up on 2 years in a couple months. My weight has basically been stalled for the past ten months or so. This is my fault, as I know when I reccomitt, I can get myself under 300. The good news is I look and feel better than I have since I was in high school, and I have not gained any weight back. In the past two years, I have: 1. flown without worrying about the seat belt 2. become more socially active instead of sitting in my house. 3. Become more physically active. 4. lost 170 pounds. 5. lost ten inches on my pants, and 3 sizes on my shirts 6. Many other things that are slipping my mind for now, that make me feel great. But the reason that I thought to stop in today is that I leave for my honeymoon on October 3, exactly two years after my surgery. This is coming from someone who did not progress past a first date for most of my adult life. I was a lonely lonely person before meeting Kate, and really thought maybe it was never in the cards for me. It was tough when I saw my sister, 7 years younger than me, get married, and I was still single. This surgery gave me the confidence and the looks to be able to meet people and put myself back out there. If you are pre op, and feel lonely, this surgery will open up more doors socially than you could imagine (and I think that for women it may be even more of a drastic shift.) Oh, and by the way, we are having a child in March! Boy has my life changed (for the best).
  8. A lot of "breakfast" foods are bad... bagels pastries, waffles, pancakes. however, there are some breakfast foods that are great, namely eggs, some breakfast meats, and yogurt, greek yogurt, cottage cheese. I have found that there is plenty of stuff to eat for breakfast.
  9. So today is my 18 month surgiversary. I have been slacking off in following the site over the past couple months, as I have been very busy at work, and in my relationship. It was a lot easier to post regularly when I was single and not busy at work! In the past 18 months I have lost ~155 lbs, with an additional 35 lbs pre op. I have about 70 lbs to get where I need to go. I have not been the ideal patient, and have not had the same success as many of the people. I fall into the carb trap too often (dumping has never affected me.) I always get all my protein in, but still sometimes go overboard with the eating. I am still obese. I also spent two weeks in the hospital after surgery, followed by 6 months where I wasn't quite right, even though I was on my own. These are all the bad things. However, I would not trade this surgery for the world. Today, as I was catching up on some of the boards, I was struck by the list of things people would like to do after surgery, and I found for the most part I am able or have done almost all of it. No more seatbelt extender, no more huffing and puffing after walks, though I haven't been on a roller coaster, I plan to this summer, no problem fitting in booths, no problem with hygiene issues that were difficult at a larger size, able to go to regular stores and find things that fit me (though it would still be easier if my shirts were one size smaller, and my pants 2-4 inches smaller), no more staring (though I didn't have much of this before), no more being ignored by the opposite sex. But more important than the lifestyle changes are the health changes. Before surgery, I had a pretty gross colorectal issue with abscesses that was caused by my weight. No issues with that since. I used a cpap, which has long since been discarded (after the sleep doc said I could). My blood pressure is still not where I would want it, but it is significantly improved, I was just told the other day that I had been prediabetic (no one had told me before), and now my A1c is perfect. All and all, for all of you fretting about the surgery, particularly those of you like me who are the "heavyweights" even amongst this group of heavyweights, This surgery is a godsend and has given me my life back. The last year has been the best of my life, even if I no longer gorge on fast food. For anyone on the fence about doing this please do! For me, now that I am post honeymoon, I know that those last 70 lbs are going to be tough. I had been good about the gym for six months or so but have slacked off over the last couple months. Time to get back to the gym. Time to keep fighting those carb cravings, because I can get to 250 (or even lower?) However, if I never lose another pound, it will be the greatest thing I ever did for myself.
  10. I have much of the same feelings as you on this. I am slowly losing weight, but have basically stalled for the past six months. Much off it is the ending of the honeymoon, but another part of it, is that I have not totally kicked my bad habits from before. Certainly, I am a million times better, but I still cant walk past the candy jar at work without taking an M&M, or things similar to that. It is better than taking a handful of M&M's that I used to take.
  11. This has happened to me, though I have nearly recovered from it in full. However, I do need to do normal things like wear coats, and long sleeve shirts, that I never had to do before surgery. The good news is, at least for me, I NEVER sweat anymore. I used to sweat like a pig.
  12. Or add salsa. That is my lunch nearly every day.
  13. I have been dating my gf for about three months. neither of us have been married and she is about three years older than I am. There is already continuous pressure from her to get married. I love her to death and think she is great, but this is the one thing I do not like, is that pressure. At the same time, given our age I get it. There is only so much longer until the ability to have kids ends or is more difficult/dangerous.
  14. I don't know one way or the other, but that statistic seems incorrect and possibly dated. It is my understanding that the sleeve started as the first half of the ds surgery, so it wouldn't be surprising if ten years ago that is correct. However, I think now the sleeve is considered a very safe and effective alternative, and I don't think many of them are converted to the ds that often. Not being said in an attempt to judge, but to make sure you are basing your decision on correct facts.
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