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  1. my question is this , i would like to know if anyone suffers from heartburn or pain after eating in your chest area or sternum area after eating? it will be 4 years in September since my surgery. I had the operation in 2013, i have lost a total of 85 lbs, very happy about that, but the problem i am finding is, the continuing pain after eating some foods. Will my stomach ever be normal again? I was on acid reflex meds before the surgery for over 10 years. I took myself off of it over a year ago, due to all of the side effects that come with taking nexium, this was not easy by the way. i am now finally be able to eat without to much discomfort, however from time to time it is painful to eat, this occurs after i eat, not so much while i am eating. I have take a tums, this seems to help. Also having some issues with using the bathroom, i tend to be constipated allot, i think it may be because i am having a problem drinking enough water throughout the day. Anyone else find this to be a challenge? thanks for any advice anyone has, akmom52
  2. Just a heads up, that's all , some people do extremely well with the sleeve, i guess it depends on the person and how they got to be over weight to begin with , me i live to eat not eat to live. I will never change, you just have to be diligent with eating healthy and exercise when you can. Wishing you much success
  3. Just a heads up, that's all , some people do extremely well with the sleeve, i guess it depends on the person and how they got to be over weight to begin with , me i live to eat not eat to live. I will never change, you just have to be diligent with eating healthy and exercise when you can. Wishing you much success
  4. Just a heads up, that's all , some people do extremely well with the sleeve, i guess it depends on the person and how they got to be over weight to begin with , me i live to eat not eat to live. I will never change, you just have to be diligent with eating healthy and exercise when you can. Wishing you much success
  5. I know you are brand new to this procedure, i promise this pain you are talking about will end in time, i am 2 years out and somedays i think i have not had the surgery at all, scary to see how much i want to eat and can at times throughout the day.. I wish i would of known in the begining that this is not the only answer, i have regained 20 lbs of the 77 i lost and now concerned that i may continue to gain. I know this sounds crazy but i am thinking the same way i did before the surgery every monday trying to eat less so i can lose the weight i have gained back. Its a vicious cycle for me. I know some have been way more sucessful than myself. You have to be very disciplined for this to work for the long run. Hang in there, it will be better in time!
  6. Hello all, i appreciate all the feedback, i am no longer taking nexium but i am taking otc omeprazole, that is what my doctor prescribed for me after the surgery, not really sure why i returned to taking Nexium, probably because i had a bottle of it from before the surgery, anyway weening myself off slowly. Trying the omepraxole every other day, someday's does not work. I am also taking a meta biotic supplement each morning to see if that makes any difference. I have also ditched the fake sweeteners, stevia and adding crystal light to my drinks and such, from what i am reading on line, the artificial sweeteners kill the good bacteria in your digestive track. Giving it time and hopefully eventually i will be only taking a few tums every now and then. Also not sure how some are getting to goal? i am at 175 a year later and my weight is not budging. I am hungry about every 2 hours or so, not restricting my calorie intake whatsoever, just trying to eat healthier choices. Feeling amazing but no doubt i would like to lose another 30 to 40 lbs, i am 5'5 and started at 251, and now at 175 for about the last 5 months. I am wondering if i am going to have to drop my calorie intake to lose anymore weight? i am active, working out 3 times a week and walking every day for an hour. I hate to diet so maybe i need to bump up my activity, i am curious how others are reaching their goals? what is there calorie intake for a day, and how much are they working out?
  7. I appreciate the feed back, i am going to try the pepcid otc, at this point i am willing to try anything besides the Nexium, i know that i have to do this for my overall health. I will go to the store later this week and get stocked up.
  8. i am trying so hard to ditch my medications, i have reduced my blood pressure meds to half what i was taking before my VSG, but now i am desperately trying to stop the nexium i have been on for over 10 years, i have lost 75 lbs in the last year. i am down to 173 and wearing a 12 misses. This is day 3 and off and on i am feeling pain! i had a banana and it was awful, am drinking Aloe vera water and taking aloe vera gel, i also bought probiotics, took one this morning, cut my coffee to one cup this morning, trying to do everything i can to stop this horrible medicine! the side effects are terrible of this drug, i think Doctors should not be giving it to paitients at all and i have been on it for over 10 years! UGH, anybody got an answer, i am will to try anything, i have done baking soda, apple cider vinegar, nothing stops the pain. How long do i need to suffer for my stomach to heal and i can get on with my life. so frustrated akmom52
  9. Just over a year, Sept was a year for me, i have not lost as much as i thought, started at 251 and now at 173, i was hoping to be at 140 by now? I have no regrets, i was in a tight 18-20 and miserable, out of breath and achy and now in a loose size 12 feeling great, doing so much more in life then i use to , went with my hubby to our favorite restaurant and although it can be frustrating when you can only eat a few bites of your favs , other than that i am no longer having an affair with food, it has become just fueling my body now , i am eating healthier now then i ever had. i still love food but i can no longer eat the way i use to and do not want to! Now love to walk and go to the gym, feels great to have a sauna or sit in the hot tub after a good workout. I do not know anyone that has regrets, i have my life back, it has been a very long time since i was not largest women in the room whenever i went out with our friends and family, feels great to be average size again! I am back engaging my life and it feels awesome! i am no longer just a spectator watching my life pass me bye. this year down hill skiing , been almost 30 years ago, i cant wait!
  10. This is for the Doctor, i have heard that you need to wait about 2 years before you know how your skin is going to end up? I am willing to exercise if needed so i do not have really baggy skin, I am 52 and have lost about 50 lbs in the last 6 months, i have lost the majority of the 50 since sept 13 surgery. I have been overweight for about 15 years. I am really hoping that i will not have to have surgery at all, i am already over the whole way i look oppose to the health benefits of the weight loss. I am 5.5 feet and weigh 197 and want to lose to 140. Hopefully over the next 6 months to a year i will see the goal i have set for myself. Please advise me on what is the best anyone can hope for when it comes to loose skin without surgery. thanks for your time. Akmom52
  11. One thing i can say for certain is you have to try different brands, the flavor is very different depending on the maker also lots of soup is what i ate in the beginning and muscle milk, they have some that are very high in protein. One more thing, i have noticed that my taste has changed since my surgery, i can only speak for my self, so you never know , you may like these items now, i have found that i have to eat 4% cottage cheese, i have never like the low fat kind, to dry. Go for the flavor and you will be surprised how yummy things really are and how satisfying they will be. I had my surgery in 9/13/ 2013 and so far i have lost about 45 lbs, slow but its coming off and i eat whatever i want. i do not have any problems with any foods since my surgery, very lucky i know. best of luck.. akmom52
  12. I had my surgery on the 13th of September, i weighed about 235 and today i am at 200 and i have noticed that my weight loss is super slow, i am losing about a lb a week. I am eating pretty much anything i want and still in small amounts, i would say 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup of food at a meal. I am feeling good however i was hoping for more weight loss around 2.5 each week. I am concerned that i am not going to be able to reach my goal of 60 more pounds. Any one a long timer with the VSG? what is a realistic expectation of weight loss? Do i need to get a gym membership and start working out every day to reach my goal? Or can i expect to have slow times and then weight loss will kick in and again i will start losing more? I appreciate any advice anyone can give me especially anyone that is a year out on this journey.
  13. Akmom52

    2 year surgiversary collage

    your site is very inspiring for those of us that are newbies, you look amazing, thanks for sharing!
  14. I am 9 weeks post op and I too went through a stage of feeling like what did I do to myself? Your body and mind will meet again and you will be happier then you have for a very long time. It takes time for your mind to really accept the changes you have forced on it! The body adapts really well, just follow your doctors advice and be patient, you will succeed and get through the tough times. Hang in there!
  15. Anyone have their surgery in Mexico in September? I just hit 9 weeks post op on Friday and I have lost 30 lbs. I am at 205, I am feeling better and better each day. I am still wanting to lose at least another 65 lbs to put me at 140. My highest weight was 251 last july, I started doing weight watchers online and lost to 235 by the time I had my surgery in September. I have no regrets, so happy I made the decision to do this. I really enjoy reading everyone's comments and have learned allot from others.