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  1. Hi, I had my RNY on Tuesday and started full liquids on Thursday. I'm allowed to have cream of wheat which I thinned out this morning with skim milk. I had a few bites-maybe a tablespoon. It had protein powder mixed in. I also had about 2 tablespoons of sugar free pudding with protein powder. Thirty minutes later I had about 1/4 cup of skim milk. It took close to 90 minutes to get all of that in. About 30 minutes later, I had a lot of symptoms of dumping syndrome. Lightheaded, weak, bathroom issues. Maybe not DS but maybe irritated pouch? Any ideas about what might have caused it? I'm wondering if it was due to the lactose. This is the most milk I've had since surgery and I know lots of people have issues with lactose after surgery. Now that I type it all out I'm leaning towards irritated pouch or lactose. I was definitely lightheaded and shaky with bathroom issues but no heart palpitations or a lot of other symptoms. Otherwise, things are going well. I'm off pain medicine, walking, getting fluids in. I managed 48 oz of fluids yesterday but only 49 grams of protein. It's really tough to get to 60 grams when you eat a few tablespoons of food! Thanks for any thoughts.
  2. Helpful thread. I'm still in the hospital on POD #1. I felt much better this morning compared to right after my surgery. I can drink sips of fluids without a problem but the jello fills me up immediately. It's so crazy! I'll refer back to this thread often over the next 2 weeks.
  3. Really excited to be here! Surgery went well yesterday but I wasn't with it enough to post. Walking and sipping today.
  4. And, I'm on the loser's bench! Surgery went well yesterday. I was really groggy until this morning but today is better. Pain pump is off and I'm doing okay. I had my swallow study and now I'm sipping. Thanks for the well wishes!
  5. My surgery was originally scheduled for early November but I got sick with the flu then pneumonia. I'm cleared for surgery and will be headed to the OR tomorrow. I'm excited and nervous. I'm not too worried about surgery but mainly the recovery. So many big changes that you try to mentally prepare for. A whole new way of life begins tomorrow. Lots of emotions tonight.
  6. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the well wishes and the understanding of how frustrating the delay is. I think it will go quickly.
  7. I was supposed to be having surgery today but on Election night I spiked a fever of 102. I saw my PCP right away to ask him to put me on Tamiflu but the rapid influenza was negative. Over the weekend, I got short of breath and went to Urgent Care and got started on a Z-pack. Anesthesia asked for a repeat chest x-ray yesterday and sure enough, I had pneumonia. My surgery is rescheduled for 11/29. I was really upset yesterday but I saw it coming. I'm a nurse practitioner and got a sinking feeling when I got short of breath. I've never gotten a flu-like virus bad enough to lead to pneumonia before. Frustrating timing. The pre-op diet while sick was brutal. All I wanted were mashed potatoes and all I could have were protein shakes. But, I'm down 11 pounds in a week. I'm going to continue to cut back on calories and carbs in the meantime so my next week of pre-op diet brings me down even more. Happy liver, happy surgeon. Anyway, I'm bummed but now I have time to get ready. I was too sick to clean my house and get things done before surgery. I completely understand the safety reasons for not putting me through surgery today.
  8. I started my pre-op diet yesterday and My Fitness Pal yelled at me. LOL When I completed my entry for the day, a message popped up that it wouldn't post the entry or calculate weight loss or calories for that week because my calories are too low and unsafe. I don't remember the specifics. I totally understand why they do that and it's very responsible for people who aren't having bariatric surgery. I assume that many people here are logging calories less than 1200 calories a day. Is there a way to set My Fitness Pal so that I don't get chastised for the low calorie intake? I don't see that changing anytime soon.
  9. That's a great update! My surgery is on the 15th. I start my pre-op diet tomorrow and I'll be looking forward to your updates.
  10. I got a call from my surgeon's office this morning. They heard back from the insurance company and I'm approved for surgery. Tentative surgery date is 11/15 as long as there are no concerns during my pre-operative physical with the surgeon (they don't expect any). I can't believe this is finally happening. I started this process three years ago but had to switch surgeons three times because we moved to different states. If feels a little surreal to have made it through all the hoops. I'm about 80% excited/20% nervous. I'll have PLENTY of time to get more nervous as the surgery date gets closer. LOL Mainly I'm nervous for the dramatic life change that's ahead of me. I know I'll be nervous about the actual surgery and immediate post-op as I get closer, but now I think about the weight loss process, telling people (or not telling people), new clothes, an increase in my self-confidence, sipping water all the time, getting used to eating slowly, etc., etc., etc. I've thought about all of that before, but now it's REAL. I have a date. This is happening!
  11. I was checked when I got some initial lab work. I was surprised because I didn't think that would be a normal thing to check prior to WLS.
  12. Thanks everyone. I drink alcohol very rarely so that isn't even on my radar. It was the caffeine and pop that I was most worried about. It took me months to slowly wean off and then a long weekend to make the final break. I know I can return to it after healing, but I hope to never feel chained to any particular habit like daily caffeine again. I feel like this will be a great time to reinvent my relationship with food. I'm excited to get started.
  13. Hi! I've lurked and occasionally commented. This has been my third attempt to get this far in the process of getting WLS. Both times, I had started the process but we moved to a different state early on. This time, even though I knew we weren't moving, I was afraid to get too involved and jinx myself. I know that's weird and I'm not at all superstitious but regardless, here I am. My name is Melissa. The username is a nickname my husband has for me. I am SO EXCITED to finally be at this point in the process. My coordinator just sent all the paper work to Anthem BCBS yesterday (10/14). I figured it was safe to get actively involved in the forum now. LOL It has been fun reading everyone's journey. My fingers are crossed that I'll hear from the insurance company within 30 days. I hear Anthem takes their time so I'll start calling in a week. Does anyone have any experience with the approval timeline for Anthem? In the meantime, I've cut out caffeine and carbonated beverages. I've started bariatric vitamins because my vitamin levels were off. I'm no longer drinking with my meals. My mom keeps offering to host Thanksgiving early this year in case it conflicts with my surgery date but I don't need it. I've had 40 years of Thanksgiving dinners. This is the best gift I can give myself and my family for the holidays. I don't need turkey. I can have it after I heal. Right now, I just want to get on with it. Thanks for reading! -Melissa
  14. I have thought hard about both. I'm about halfway through my 6-month insurance required supervised diet. At this point, I'm about 95% sure that I'll get a gastric bypass. I don't have diabetes, I'm young (39), my BMI is 40, and I actually really love to exercise. Those are all great reasons to go with a sleeve. However, we have decades of research that show the long-term results of the RNY. I remember a decade plus ago when everyone was going for the lap band. It didn't take too many years to see the problems start showing up with the band. Now, I do believe that the sleeve is a much better option than the band, but we don't have decades of research to show the long term outcomes. It's entirely likely that the sleeve will be as effective long term as it is in the shorter term. But, I feel more comfortable going with the medical gold standard for obesity. I don't want to risk a second surgery down the line if I can avoid it. That said, I've had several friends get the sleeve and they are doing well. They haven't had the weight loss that I've seen with RNY, but they have lost a lot of their excess weight. Talk about it with your surgeon and go with the procedure that causes you the least amount of stress.
  15. Woot! Congratulations on the first step!