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  1. Today I stepped on the scale and found my weight, for the first time in my life, in the NORMAL weight range. I am only 2.8 lbs from my original goal weight. I am completely fine if I dont reach that goal. I had the surgery to be healthy, and that goal, I feel, has been met. I am so very happy this morning.
  2. I have lost a total of 150 pounds so far. I recently started going back to the gym as now I want to work on toning.
  3. I have let myself drift a little.....I haven't really logged on in a while, I think once in the past few months. I have noticed myself snacking a lot lately. I haven't put any weight back on but I have been stalled for about 3+ weeks now. I fluctuate 2 or 3 pounds back and forth. I have noticed I can consume more than I could a few months ago and feel hungry more often periodically throughout the day. I'm still pretty good at portion sizes, even if I don't necessarily feel full. I just feel like I need a little encouragement and accountability. I am a little over 10 months out.....approximately What should my daily calorie intake be? I haven't really been keeping track but Starting today I am going to start logging everything.
  4. Update, I am scheduled for an endoscopy on Nov 5th.
  5. I have been experiencing this on and off for a few months. The did ultra sound to check gall bladder, pancreas, liver, kidneys etc. everything come back normal. I have an apt for Thursday, but wondering if anyone else experienced it. Everyone says it sounds like gall bladder due to it radiating through my back too. The pain has been so bad the last couple days I can stand to eat. It actually caused dry heaves last night. Scar tissue.....ulcer?? Any ideas? YES I have an appt for Thursday morning I am just wondering if anyone else has had similar experience.
  6. At GNC I just discovered AboutTime, only 100 calories and no sugar (Sweetened with stevia which is all natural) like almost no carbs and 25g protein. I am now in love with this stuff. I got the birthday cake brand and mix it with unsweetened almond milk. it also doesn't have that real thick shake texture, which is another thing I like about it. They said the chocolate is another popular flavor too. On that note, I used to get the Nutek Pro5 hers chocolate. at Nutrishop, 30g protein, but I dont live near any nutrishops anymore, that was my favorite though. Good luck! and congrats on surgery. the first few weeks with protein shakes was the worst.
  7. The shirts are either all or mostly nice plaid button down dockers brand shirts barely worn. I think there is one or two tshirts but mostly button down. and how about jeans? would you be interested in the 40x32.....If you still wear bigger then you can have then and wear them later.
  8. fall 2015 would be my pick. Not toally sure if I would be able to yet, but fall 2015 is our 10th anniversary and want to do something big we have never done. What are prices like?
  9. Im not sure how much there is yet, hubby is going to go through his closet and donate clothes. mostly 40x32 I think and 2x shirts. I think a few pairs of jeans. If anyone is interested I will let you know how many shirts and jeans once he is finished.
  10. Size 18 junior Capri and 14/16 top
  11. Thanks you everyone!!! HAHA I had 43 comments and 48 likes. Also people texting me and calling me on the phone for 3 days after I posted it. HAHA it was pretty funny.
  12. I went to GNC tonight and bought AboutTime brand low calorie, low fat/carbs and low cholesterol with 25g of protein. Its not slightly weak but I will just put it in less water next time. I am starting the 5 day pouch test tomorrow. The good thing about GNC is if you buy something and you hate it, you can return it for a full refund.
  13. Congrats, You look AMAZING! PS I want that shirt, Where did you get it? Sooo cute!
  14. My water intake may need improving. I eat beef jerky as it is high in protein and low calorie. The sodium might be the problem there. I eat sharp cheddar cheese (just a little at a time) and almonds. I eat the dannon light and fit blends, the 80 cal yogurts with just a sprinkle of granola (low sugar, high protein granola). Tomatoes, sometimes pork or chicken (no skin on the chicken). bananas. And thats about all my diet consists of and not all in one day just in general. I need more ideas on foods I think. I still have trouble cooking because most days Whatever I eat no one else eats so I cook for them and it isn't worth cooking another meal for myself because I take 3 or 4 bites and I am full. I am pretty sure my Protein needs fixing too, I can't find a protein drink that I can force myself to drink since I moved and can no longer find the one I used to drink. Recipes and ideas on foods are welcome too!
  15. So beginning this morning I am back to strict counting calories although I don't THINK that's the problem because I really haven't had a big appetite lately and therefore have not been eating much. But, whatever, I will give it a shot. I am terrified that this is it, that I may never reach my goal and I am only 7 months post-op! I am thinking about the 5 day pouch test. Can someone point me in the right direction?