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  1. Brooke Danielle

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    This is a pic of me and my mom. I spent the day with her for our birthdays. Mine is March 1 and hers is March 2. This was taken after lunch at Fatz. I was wearing a Rue21 turtleneck (small), Candies cuffed skinny jeans (size 4/6), denim jacket (small), and Polo shoes.
  2. Brooke Danielle

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Thank you! You look amazing! Love your style! And your hair...
  3. Brooke Danielle

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Thank you! Your little bump has definetely grown since I saw it a month or 2 ago! You look so cute! Beautiful as always. I was so sick during all 4 of my pregnancies, on a good day, I wore sweats. Lol.
  4. Brooke Danielle

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Thank you! I don't know whats up with me loving jewelry now. I've never cared about jewelry till recently.
  5. Brooke Danielle

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Today I'm wearing some hand-me-downs that my friend sent me. Jeggings size s/m, brown ribbed turtleneck (med.), biege cord. blazer(small), and brown boots. Gold jewelry.
  6. Brooke Danielle

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    For close to 2 years, I came to TT every single day. Lately, I just stop by about once a month. So its crazy how much some of you have transformed each time Im here. Everyone looks amazing! This thread always gets me in the mood to shop. Anyways, this pic was taken on Christmas Eve. It's me with my brothers. I'm wearing skinny jeans size 5, size small Express turtleneck sweater, and grey(ish)/toupe(ish) boots. Not pictured: Jessica Simpson- Shimmery gold handbag.
  7. Brooke Danielle

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Its been forever since I've been here! They've changed the site so much, I can't find my way around. Anyways, I'm fast approaching my 2 year surgiversary. I've lost about 200 lbs. Still can't believe I wear a size 4!!
  8. Brooke Danielle

    Reality Check

    I think its normal to feel that way. I was overweight my whole life. Even in elementary school, I was always the biggest AND tallest kid in my class. So, after years and years of being fat, I think it takes a while to accept that we're not anymore. Even though I know that I'm not fat anymore, it still seems weird when people refer to me as "skinny". Sometimes when I glance at a mirror, I'm shocked at how I look. Its kinda like I forget sometimes what the new me looks like.
  9. Brooke Danielle

    Sleeps overrated anyway right?

    Its terrible those 1st 2 weeks but after a couple of months, it will be a distant memory. Once you start a more normal diet, you start to feel normal again. Eating isnt near as important right now as drinking. I had a bad headache that 1st week from not drinking enough. Also try to have something to eat/drink befor showering every day. Lots of people, including myself, would get very weak in the shower and I almost feinted a few times. My 1st 2 weeks post op, my doctor suggested I drink some apple juice befor my shower each day. Good luck:-)
  10. Brooke Danielle

    Ok... just a strange question.

    My husband has said the same thing. He says its not bad, just different. I don't sweat unless I'm doing yard work or something vigorous, but when I do, I think I smell worse than I use to. As in sweaty armpit odor. I've heard several people say that eating healthy, especially lots of vegetables, will make you have stinky gas and body odor. I think ketosis causes bad breath too. Weird:-)
  11. Brooke Danielle

    Where are my boobs going?

    I'm jealous!!! But... What is a donut lift???
  12. Brooke Danielle

    Where are my boobs going?

    After reading customer reviews about the VS Bombshell bra, I went in to try one on... O.M.G.!! Needless to say, I was so excited, I bought 4 of them. Best. Bra. Ever...
  13. Brooke Danielle


    Wow! You look 15 years younger!
  14. Brooke Danielle

    Pain in top of stomach

    May be gallbladder...
  15. Brooke Danielle

    what i eat for snacks, those inbetween meals

    My favorite snack is nuts. I buy a huge bag of pecans and a huge bag of walnuts every month. They're probably my favorite because they're the most convenient. I also buy bags of beef sticks and I'll eat one of those with a cheese stick. When I'm having a sweet craving, I eat a few apple slices with peanut butter.