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  1. I'm sorry for taking so long! (Soon after my last post, my mom suffered a traumatic brain injury and my family and I spent the last 6 months with her in Neuro ICU. She was discharged last month with several deficits. Any of you that pray, please pray for my mom). I didn't mean to get off topic. I found a couple of my BEFORE pics! Its so hard to believe its been almost 6 years since my Gastric Bypass!
  2. Thank you! You all look great as well! I don't have any before pics with me right now, but I will definitely post one soon. ❤
  3. The first couple of years, I walked 5 days a week, I kept track of my carbs and protein on My Fitness Pal, and I followed my surgeons directions to a T. The last few years I've found my new "normal". I can eat wherever and whatever I want in moderation. Thankfully, I still dump if I have too many carbs or sweets, so that definitely keeps me on my toes! I still feel hungry more often than most people, and I still like cheeseburgers and cake, but my biggest fear is regaining weight. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those lucky ones that eats whatever they want and stays skinny, so I always try to s
  4. I haven't been here in so long! I'm over 5 years post op. I lost about 175 lbs within the first 2 years after surgery and I've maintained well. It hasn't always been easy but it's definitely been worth it! I am forever thankful for my wls!
  5. This is a pic of me and my mom. I spent the day with her for our birthdays. Mine is March 1 and hers is March 2. This was taken after lunch at Fatz. I was wearing a Rue21 turtleneck (small), Candies cuffed skinny jeans (size 4/6), denim jacket (small), and Polo shoes.
  6. Thank you! You look amazing! Love your style! And your hair...
  7. Thank you! Your little bump has definetely grown since I saw it a month or 2 ago! You look so cute! Beautiful as always. I was so sick during all 4 of my pregnancies, on a good day, I wore sweats. Lol.
  8. Thank you! I don't know whats up with me loving jewelry now. I've never cared about jewelry till recently.
  9. Today I'm wearing some hand-me-downs that my friend sent me. Jeggings size s/m, brown ribbed turtleneck (med.), biege cord. blazer(small), and brown boots. Gold jewelry.
  10. I've been craving sweets! It's all I think about!!!

    1. tmcgee


      I don't crave them, but I rarely eat them, and when I do it's a spoonful of ice cream, two jelly beans, or a ginger snap. It's not at all like the old days when I'd often work myself to the bottom of a quart of ice cream in 20 minutes.

  11. For close to 2 years, I came to TT every single day. Lately, I just stop by about once a month. So its crazy how much some of you have transformed each time Im here. Everyone looks amazing! This thread always gets me in the mood to shop. Anyways, this pic was taken on Christmas Eve. It's me with my brothers. I'm wearing skinny jeans size 5, size small Express turtleneck sweater, and grey(ish)/toupe(ish) boots. Not pictured: Jessica Simpson- Shimmery gold handbag.
  12. Its been forever since I've been here! They've changed the site so much, I can't find my way around. Anyways, I'm fast approaching my 2 year surgiversary. I've lost about 200 lbs. Still can't believe I wear a size 4!!
  13. This site has changed so much! It looks so different! I don't feel "at home" anymore... I'm not good with change:-(  Lol. Maybe it will grow on me...

    1. duffman27


      I feel the same, I have not been around much.....

    2. LouisianaLady


      A lot of people that used to post a lot are not posting anymore.  I'm not happy with that aspect at all.

    3. purplemist


      Im with you all. I dont like it. I have not been on much. 

  14. I think its normal to feel that way. I was overweight my whole life. Even in elementary school, I was always the biggest AND tallest kid in my class. So, after years and years of being fat, I think it takes a while to accept that we're not anymore. Even though I know that I'm not fat anymore, it still seems weird when people refer to me as "skinny". Sometimes when I glance at a mirror, I'm shocked at how I look. Its kinda like I forget sometimes what the new me looks like.
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