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  1. Turns out, yes I have arthritis, but I also have bursitis. Good news, physical therapy will help!!
  2. I am leaving pieces of DNA everywhere, shedding, yuck!

  3. Osteoarthritis was confirm, mild to moderate. They gave me a cortisone shot to the knee. It flared up as they said it would, but hopefully it will calm by tomorrow. So, I have found yet another reason why the surgery was medically necessary. I still have another 125 lbs. I want to lose to get to my goal. There has got to be relief in that. I am also supposed to start physical therapy as soon as they can schedule me in. What a journey!
  4. I used my highest weight. Although, it was from 2 years prior, it is still a reflection of "MY" journey. Progress is progress and I don't feel I should take anything away. Use what is significant to you and motivates you.
  5. I am just a few pounds away from no longer being morbidly obese.

  6. It will get better, have you tried Nector whey protein? My favorite is twisted cherry and wild grape. They are not like your typical chalky shakes.
  7. So the x-rays revealed mild arthritis, this is per my PCP. I have schedule a second opinion with an orthopedic. This is not so much for a second opinion as it is for a confirmation and a treatment plan. I have to stay mobile. I am not ready to lay down and roll over. We'll see how the follow up goes on Thursday.
  8. I made note of "Fentanyl Transdermal Pain Patches". Tylenol hasn't touched the pain.
  9. Hello. Since I have been loosing weight (yay), my right knee has been aching (boo). It hurts when it move with or without weight. Steps are a killer. I was stepping into my shower this morning and had to pick my leg up over the tub to step in. I was almost to tears. I have not done anything out of the norm that I can recognized as an injury. Ice, heat, no change. About the only comfortable position is slow, level walking. Once I rest, it hurts more, it hurts at rest. I am about to lose it. I DO NOT want to stop or slow activity. I have had foot pain and went to the podiatrist. Who to I go to for knee pain??? I feel so lost. I feel like is has more to do with the changes in my gait when I walk, well anything I do. How do I overcome, move past, or deal with this physical change?
  10. I AM going to the gym tonight and lift some weights, albeit low weights, but weights nonetheless. It is scheduled, now I have to go, right!?! :)

  11. I'll echo the thrift stores and Ross. I would steer clear of anything online. EVERYTHING changes and you must try on EVERYTHING. What used to be your "style" may not any longer. This is what I have experienced. Good luck and happy shopping!!
  12. I HAD to wear a belt today!! :)

    1. tmcgee


      I can't find my leather punch and need to punch a new hole since my waist size went down again.

  13. Many thanks for all the suggestions and support. I will give them all effort. For today, I went to bed an hour early yesterday, this morning took an addition sublingual B12, have upped my protein intake by 10 grams and had a banana for carbs. I am going to give my body extra rest and continue as above and see if I have any bounce back. I do feel a little better today than I did this time yesterday. It is awesome to have a place where others have been there and done that. ((hugs))
  14. Good point, I will add another 10 grams of protein or so and add the additional B12 and see what happens.
  15. I am scared to touch "carbs" and I was told to avoid caffine.