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  1. Ask to speak to your GP's nurse or have the receptionist relay the question to the nurse and have the NURSE call you back after she asks the doctor. Also ask your bariatric surgeon and/or nurse. Be persistent, but polite. Call every day until you get a satisfactory answer.
  2. Mj, I've been thinking about you today and am so glad I checked the board (I'm not here regularly anymore). You've been through hell, but I hope you will soon be back to good health! Take good care of yourself!
  3. Aviator, how do you like our toasty west coast weather today? It was nearly 100 at the beach on Tuesday.
  4. Did I miss the swimsuit event?
  5. Had my hip replaced 5 years ago. Works better than anything else in my body. Can't believe I was stupid enough to waste 2 years in agonizing pain before having it done. You don't realize just how much pain you are in and how badly it has screwed up your life until you wake up after surgery and the pain is gone!!! Go for it!
  6. "TV is what you do when you're out of ideas." Aviator, truer words have never been written. It is such a passive, empty use of one's time---the adult version of a mobile swaying over a child's crib, only we turn to it day after day, for decades. While there are some informative, thought-provoking programs they are a very small percentage of our viewing. For a quick assessment of the impact of TV and videos, look to the critical thinking skills of kids and young adults who have grown up staring at screens. Then think of 2 older people you know, 1 a great reader and doer and 1 who watches a lot of TV. Which one is mentally sharper and more interesting to talk with? Which one has a more normal weight? Which is healthier? Which has a stronger social circle? "Couch potatoes are couch potatoes because of TV, and I believe it is a major contributor to the worldwide obesity epidemic." Have you noticed that couch potatoes physically assume the shapes of potatoes over time? We say we seek balance in our lives, yet 3-5 hours of TV watching per day equates to 17% to 21% of each 24 hours. Assuming an adult sleeps 7 hours and spends 9 hours working and travelling to and from work and preparing and eating meals, that 3-5 hours translates into 38% to 63% of the remaining time. Entertainment has a role in our lives and can bring us joy. But who wants their obituary to read, "Joe could always be counted on to tell you what you missed in last night's episode of Two and a Half Men."
  7. Saw a wonderful thing on the intertubes the other day. If evening snacking is about boredom... Life is too damn short to sit around being bored. Boredom is a choice, not a circumstance. This is where we have to stop whining and wringing our hands. Figure it out. Getting thin and healthy will be a wonderful bonus. P.S. File a copy under the heading "Teach your children well."
  8. Great car, but where's the pic of you in the driver's seat??????? A disappointed fan
  9. I've never understood why some people feel compelled to have alcohol because their friends or others around them are drinking. Seems like high school thinking to me and suggests an inability to have fun without liquor. Personally, I find it much more interesting to stay sober and watch others get stupid.
  10. You need to fix your mindset first, before you will be truly successful with food changes. Time for some serious therapy?
  11. Ask questions. Ask them to call each other. Stop waiting for others to *tell* you something. Be proactive. It's YOUR health at stake.
  12. As I wrote earlier in this thread, I was very unhappy with my doctor's staff, but stayed to get the benefits of having a good surgeon and moving ahead with my plan to get healthy. I just gritted my teeth and pushed on. My contact with the office is limited to a brief check in with the surgeon every 3 months. It would have been nice to have a long term supportive relationship with him and the staff, but that's not going to happen. Fortunately I have not had complications and get my emotional and nutritional support from other sources. Once I reset my expectations at a very low level (aside from the actual surgery and the surgeon), I stopped being frustrated and disappointed and was able to do what needed to be done. Perhaps that would work for you.