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  1. Hi! I just noticed from a recent post that you have a picture up now - you look FABULOUS!!! You must feel so much better about yourself - I certainly do! I hope you are experiencing good health and that everyone is well. Take care, say hi to Jim for me, and blessings to you and yours!

  2. This probably won't make any sense, but for me it was an NSV. Prior to WLS if I found some clothes that fit well I bought them. Sometimes in every color the store had . I was shopping this week and I tried on things that fit, but I rejected them. Now I have so many choices I can be choosy! Love shopping and love being able to develop my own style instead of getting what little was available. Still can't get over having clothes that fit ranging from size 6 to 14.
  3. Don't worry! Stick to your plan and keep moving. Bodies need time to adjust.
  4. I started Tae Kwon Do in November and was supposed to take my color belt test 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately the flu knocked me out of commission. Took my test tonight, so my NSV this week is becoming a yellow belt green stripe. No one at the Dojang knows I was ever morbidly obese. The instructors and other students are super supportive; their compliments and praise mean so much more to me knowing that 18 months ago I physically could not have done what I do now.
  5. I had a funny NSV this week. I have been having some trouble with my knee. The trouble is chronic degeneration together with some over doing it lately. I went to an orthopedist to have it checked and he said, "usually, my first recommendation is to lose some weight, but you don't have to. You're good!" Wow, first time an MD ever said that to me. Felt great. He also said to keep up with all my exercise, so excuse me now it is time to go skiing.
  6. SKB68

    One year

    Good luck to you Bondkat. I assure you the time til surgery will pass quickly if you use it to practice the life you will live after surgery. The 6 months diet before surgery went by so fast. The 14 months since surgery have also passed in a blur. The best part of life these days is all the energy I have to keep going all day. So, take care and surgery will be here before you know it.
  7. Sorry MickeyMom! Here is one... I started Tae Kwon Do a month ago. Classes are mixes of all ages and belt levels, and it has been great to do an activity with my 9 and 11 year olds. I am one of the oldest and only adult female white belts at our dojang. Doing this is an NSV all by itself, but the bigger victory was being on the winning team for a push up contest on Tuesday evening. We were divided into teams of 3 and I was with two teenage boys. We had to do push ups in synch and according to the master our group had the best and most in synch push ups. Our big reward was to get to demo for the rest of the groups another set of 5! Some reward!!! Anyway, it feels great to be learning something new, working out with my kids, and being physically able to do it. A year ago I couldn't have done even one push up. Life is good
  8. SKB68


    So glad you are ok, hope you recover quickly. I am sure you are feeling all the aches today. Try to take it easy.
  9. SKB68

    One year

    Thank you all! I am so happy and grateful that I had the opportunity, nerve and support to have the surgery last year. The future has never seemed brighter.
  10. SKB68

    One year

    The "after" pic was from vacation this summer. I'll try for another pic as soon as my current awful haircut grows out Also finally updated my Avatar with a real picture. Not quite so camera shy as before.
  11. Spunkycat Is Chittenango near Syracuse? Yes, about 15 miles east.
  12. Had sort of a funny NSV yesterday. I saw a client I haven't seen for many months, and at first she gave me a double take finally realizing that it was really me. Then I got the "you are too skinny now" speech. Later when I was kneeling on the floor next to her she (gently) grabbed my thigh and said "Oh My God, your leg is now skinnier than my arm, you b***h!" She said it in a nice and joking way, and we all laughed. But, she was right and.... It wasn't that long ago that she and I could have shared clothes.
  13. How frustrating for you! You have done really well, and you aren't done yet. Plateaus are when your body adjusts. Keep following your plan as honestly as you can. For example, measure and weigh again in stead of estimating. Also, how much are you exercising? Are you working to maintain or build muscle? Although it weighs more, muscle also burns more calories. Good luck
  14. SKB68

    Struggling today

    Some thoughts that occurred to me as I read your post and the replies. It is really difficult to come into this semi-public place and admit you are struggling. Considering what a leader and role model you have become to so many, I think it must be especially difficult. I applaud your honesty and openness. The second thought I had was that what you are going through is normal. Frustration, emotional swings, fear of failure, self blame and doubt - all normal. But, sure as hack not easy! You are a pro and do not need my poor advice. But you do have my support! I am certain that you will get back to basics, will get your self moving as much as possible, and will honestly track on MFP. Isn't it great to be part of a group of people who really want you to succeed! We are all rooting for you