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  1. Sonya139

    Anyone in Virginia?

    Glad you had a good experience Carl.
  2. Best wishes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.
  3. Sonya139

    Anyone in Virginia?

    Welcome Carl...congratulations on your surgery and weight loss. Good luck tomorrow night on the game. It must feel exciting.
  4. Sonya139

    Anyone in Virginia?

    There's a WLS Meetup group that just got started. Here's the information if you're interested:
  5. Sonya139

    Family Doctor Visit

    I was very nervous about bringing it up to my doctor as well and he ended up being very supportive.
  6. Sonya139

    Anyone in Virginia?

    Invisiblegirl, how did you make out with your surgery on the 7th? Hope all when well.
  7. Sonya139

    Anyone in Virginia?

    Ooops I just saw that you had your surgery at St Mary's with Dr.Bautista. I'm with Dr. Carmody. This waiting is torture.
  8. Sonya139

    Anyone in Virginia?

    I too am in the Richmond area. In North Chesterfield. I'm still waiting for approval...ugh. Did you have your surgery at Saint Mary's?
  9. Sonya139

    Vertical Sleeve Talk

    If you go to facebook and search the following it'll take you there: Gastric Sleeve Support Group Bariatric Surgery Support Group The Gastric Sleeve Gang Bariatric Newbies Achieving through Sleeving Gastric Sleeve Journey
  10. Sonya139

    Fears and the co-morbidity

    I qualify on BMI alone as well but still have to jump through the hoops with 3 months supervised diet and exercise, psych eval, etc
  11. Sonya139

    Applied for new insurance today

    Is this a group or individual coverage. If it's individual I don't think they cover bariatric surgery.
  12. Sonya139

    How long is ins auth good for?

    It depends on your insurance company.
  13. Sonya139

    so mad right now still waiting

    That's exactly what I did. I didn't trust anyone but myself to make it happen.
  14. Sonya139

    bought some stuff today

    Thanks CarrieT...I didn't know about Nashua Nutrition until I read your post. Loved that you can get all those samples before you purchase.
  15. Sonya139

    Lovin' the Liver Shrink

    Best wishes with the start of your journey!