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  1. Weight loss resume, moved back home to WA, and my sweet daughter is flourishing

    1. Mrs.Donovan


      I'm so happy for you! Its funny how once you find a little peace everything else falls into place.

  2. Everything finally settled down. I'm about ready to leave my bf, good for nothing Dad he is to my beautiful daughter, and move home to Washington. I miss the water, the trees, my friends... anyway... So my diet and hunger has calmed quite a bit. Protein shakes replace breakfast and lunch, and I eat a protein and fiber laden dinner. Pop is working its way out of my life once more. Back to my arnold palmers, chocolate almond milk and crystal light Unfortunately this is my 2nd scale that has died on me. I KNOW I have not stayed at 204 for a month. I can feel and see that. So I just tossed it, and will start using my wii fit again. Wanted to update Oh and the bebe is doing PHENOMENAL! She gained 2.3 LBS in a month! Go Mommy!
  3. Thanks guys I will pull it back out, clean it and go for it. I was afraid to use it because of my infant daughter, how I have to sleep when we cosleep and then the constant up and downs. But I will do this! And no I never retested. I still owe on the darn thing...
  4. How do you know its come back? I've started falling asleep randomly again (I know, I have a 2 month old lol) and my legs are weak when i laugh AGAIN) I'm thinking of unpacking my CPAP and seeing what that does.
  5. Well things are looking up, at a snails pace, but they are looking up nonetheless.

    1. rescuesu


      I know that feeling...slow is better than no! :)

  6. Thanks guys - as I said no one has really said anything about what I should expect :/ I need to mantra this, about being a new mom and just relax, and definitely sleep more! Bah!
  7. Possibly? I'm not sure, no one told me what to expect post op/postpartum so I'm in strange waters here... its the gastrointestinal issues that upset me more, I think. 13 lbs of that was gone within 3 days of Fiona's birth - fluid weight. My GERDS has REALLY ramped up OMG I'm in agony, even on 20 mg omeprazole. I don't even really eat much that would aggravate my reflux. And then the CONSTANT hunger is just plan depressing.
  8. horrible horrible horrible... only good thing in my life right now is my beautiful angel

    1. Mirtl


      Sorry to hear you're in a rough patch right now. At least you get to keep loving on your sweet baby girl.

  9. As many of you know, I'm 2 months post partum, 10 months post op Well the past few weeks, I feel like I never even got the surgery. My joint pain and weakness is back, the fatigue (I'm not just talking sleep dep from a baby but my obesity fatigue) has reared its nasty head, I am hungry ALL THE TIME (not breastfeeding), and just ugh, migraines-ergo blood pressure spikes... the list goes on. I have no idea what to do. In two months I've lost 30 some odd lbs, not even all of the pregnancy regain. Still over 200lbs. I'm scared, upset, pissed, depressed... I have no idea what to do. I did the 5dpt and nothing really changed. I also found out the hard way I am SERIOUSLY lactose intolerant now. Like, I puke it out crazy. Any advice, PLEASE?!
  10. I feel disgusting. I get hungry like crazy, 7 weeks postpartum and not breastfeeding, and I eat a lot -.- I need help... I want to be back on track...

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    2. tmcgee


      talk to your dox, post-partum depression is extremely common.

    3. RckrVxn


      @tmcgee - thankfully I am not pp depressed, its my bipolar that is trying to re-balance itself after pregnancy... its still sucky bleh

    4. Njjenny62


      Every time you want to eat have water. After an hour see if you are still hungry. No grazing!

  11. And then... Fiona hits the fussy stage... someone buy me a round of drinks lol oy!

    1. Njjenny62


      Just try and remember it is a temporary situation! I hope you are doing better with your depression. Keeping you in my prayers.

    2. RckrVxn


      Thank you <3 I am a little better :) and yes, I know but some moments I'm like GRRR lol

  12. Try to relax and remember you are still healing AND as you lose your weight estrogen has been trapped in your fat cells for so long its all coming out in bunches - making us ladies pathetic blobs of human lol but we all went through it, you got this!
  13. Diagnosed with postpartum depression :/ serious medication adjustments and weekly therapy. *sigh* All I do these days is snuggle with my baby girl, or I get very moody otherwise. House mouse alert

    1. duffman27


      Good Luck Rckr, you will battle through this , especially with that little bundle of joy as motivation. Oh , how I miss the baby days, I never listened to Dr Spock, I rocked my kids every chance that I got, they cried, I always beat my wife to the crib. Good times, cherish every second!

    2. GettinKinny


      Get outside and go for walks. I had a touch of PPD after my first kiddo and walking outside helped tremendously!

  14. Re-heated texas style chili (homemade crock pot style yay!) with fat free sour cream and a bit of sharp cheddar, and a side of unsalted top saltines :-)
  15. PCOS for 10 years, 1 ectopic pregnancy... I conceived my baby girl 2 weeks post op lol
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