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  1. Before and 3 years after GB!

    Yeah I pop in every so often, just haven't posted. It's been a busy couple of years!
  2. Pickles, yet again...

    Vlasic farmers garden pickles are the best! I love the zesty garlic!
  3. Petersen hernia...A cautionary tale

    I guess I'm lucky cause if I were to have a problem I could just make an appointment with my bariatric surgeon. I have check ups with my program a few times a year, they are very hands on.
  4. Before and 3 years after GB!

    Thank you! She is adorable and a blessing! I love that I can run around with her and take her down slides and be active with her, cause she has 1 speed and that is run run run!
  5. Before and 3 years after GB!

    Thank you! She is very precious to me. Her and work keep me very busy!
  6. Before and 3 years after GB!

    That little girl right there was why I had surgery in the first place, before my surgery I had 1 miscarriage and 1 ectopic pregnancy. I just had my 3 year surgervesary Aug. 13 and my baby is 19 months old! Life is good!
  7. Pregnant! Wow! :)

    Congrats grapey!!!!! I've been busy withmy bsby and work so i haven't been on, glad you are doing good!
  8. The weight gain and my mind.....not always a great combination!

    Renesmee weighed 5 lbs 4 oz at birth. She was also 4.5 weeks early though.
  9. The weight gain and my mind.....not always a great combination!

    Thank you! I love her so much! Wish she would sleep a little better at night though! I'm exhausted!
  10. Getting pregnant after RNY and PCOS

    I didn't have pcos but I did have a miscarriage and an ectopic pregnancy while heavier and seemed to have fertility issues cause of my weight. After losing 150 lbs I ended up getting pregnant very easily cause we used condoms 99% of the time it only took a few times with no condom to end up prego! We were happy about it though!
  11. A diagnosis, sort of

    So sorry Greer!
  12. When RNY constipation meets pregnancy constipation

    Yeah that would suck, I love my Starbucks latte! I wouldn't function right without my dose of caffeine. Miss Renesmee is doing great! Me and my lack of sleep not so great! But it is worth it, I love her tremendously! Yeah the ultrasounds are awesome my girl was a mover on the ultrasounds one minute she was there the next minute she was on the other side!