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  1. 20 more pounds

    It's more like a couple of years. I started at 360 and now I'm staying between 180 and 190. It will be 5 years for me in a couple of weeks. I know some folks have to go back to basics, Corrine, I've been very fortunate that I never stopped the basic plan. The important point in all of this is that you can lose more weight after monumental stalls or regains. Keep your eyes on the prize, NOBODY wants to regain. It's a lifetime commitment.
  2. "At goal" pics

    Shakira is awesome, and you are too. :-)
  3. This is all about you, you can't change anyone else. He will do what he does. WLS does NOT change relationships.
  4. My body has gone crazy!!!!

    Austin, your post reads like you're on a mission, no harm in that, just consider that you are on a lifelong change and there isn't any hurry to get anywhere. Weight loss is about what you put in your mouth and has little/none to do with cardio/vascular efforts. That's for a while other reason. I lost half my body weight from 360 to 180 with zero exercise. Thankfully, I enjoy walking and had my left knee replaced 3 years ago and can do it again, just pointing out that exercise is not the key for weight loss. I've been here for a long long time and many other folks who no longer check in back up what I am saying from their own personal experience. You're doing great, man, patience, grasshopper!
  5. 5 day pouch test questions

    Soups are my go-to when I eat out (rarely). In the winter, I eat them at home as well.
  6. Whiskey pickles
  7. I ate my piece of ham and mashed potatoes for lunch today. Yesterday, I had sausage, bacon , and eggs for breakfast and very little else all day, half of a grilled cheese for supper and that's about it. No wanting like in the old days...
  8. All four of my daughters were here together for a few hours this morning, that hasn't happened since last Christmas. Pict of all my girls:
  9. What are you eating?

    Soups, and still soups as a go to at almost 5 years.
  10. What are you eating?

    Eggs took me a year.
  11. Turkey and stuffing ?

    Potatoes have a lot of vitamin C and some varieties like russet have a few grams of protein. I've always been a good Irish meat and potatoes guy. I don't eat potatoes that often, I just don't ban anything completely. My sweet tooth is long gone, so sugars have banned themselves from my eating plan.
  12. Best tasting thing since surgery

    Didn't know there was such a thing. Sometimes on the road, I stop at KFC and get a leg and a thigh for lunch.
  13. 6-Month Post-Op Sleep Issues

    Trazadone works for me, 50mg, but higher doses are available.
  14. Getting enough to eat

    The main thing is to stick to it, I drink an awful lot of water now though it took about a year to be able to get enough. For protein, most of mine comes from dairy. Everything does get easier with time. For lunch today, I ate 3/4 of a small turkey pocket from D'Angelos.
  15. Getting enough to eat

    I can eat practically nothing even approaching 5 years. Please stay with it and your brain will eventually ALMOST catch up to your body's needs -- sort of. I had turkey soup yesterday and it came back up. Soup is usually safe for me, but soup that needs to be chewed is another story. I should purée it.
  16. 11 weeks and some before/after photos

    Stay on plan and you'll get to where you want to be. I think most folks lose patience, but it isn't a race, it's a rest-of-your-life effort and enormously worth it!
  17. Exercise is way overrated, I lost 1/2 of my body weight without any. I'm not saying don't do it, its essential for cardio/vascular health, but weight loss only has to do with what you put in mouth, and not a single thing beyond that. Please listen to those who have experience and not the thousands of talking heads that pervade the rest of your life. They haven't been there, and I have.
  18. Hang in there folks

    Half my weight, from 360 to 180, coming up on 5 years in the spring.
  19. Hang in there folks

    I hope all of you know that I still struggle daily, and it is all a huge part of the process. Today was especially tough, I had one slice of white toast with butter for breakfast and a half can of salty Campbells tomato soup for late lunch. There were a couple of slices of salty cheddar cheese during the day as well, single serve .75 ounce. I'm quite happy with where I am weight-wise, but sometimes the brain needs way more attention than the body, and that's why I still come here, you folks are inspirational and it is absolutely necessary for long term success. The surgery fixes the physical issues but the emotional and psychological issues are equally as important, and prolly more so.
  20. Drinking with Meals

    2 or 3 ounces is your new normal for the rest of your life if you stay with the plan -- it does take a very long time to sink in and I still struggle with it coming up on 5 years in March. That said, I NEVER want to go back to where I was.
  21. Going to Onederland

    Absolutely true, happy to hear you are rocking it, Michael! I've known all along that you have what it takes!
  22. Never again

    I'm quite happy I lost my sweet tooth.
  23. Ask for something to calm your nerves if they don't offer it. They did offer it to me as a first step.
  24. Before and After

    You look great, congrats!
  25. I'm okay with no appetite at 4.75 years, though sometimes it does not seem real. The other issues should be checked with your bariatric team.