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    1. bellamoma


      Hey Tom,

      Here? on on fb?



    2. tmcgee


      On FB, send me a friend request and that will fix it. Tom McGee Braintree, MA

    3. bellamoma
  3. Stay on plan and you'll get to where you want to be. I think most folks lose patience, but it isn't a race, it's a rest-of-your-life effort and enormously worth it!
  4. Hard to believe that I'm down one more pound today. 192 this morning. Hang in there folks and it will be a lifetime achievement.

    1. Res Ipsa

      Res Ipsa

      Great job Tom, but don't get too skinny.  :D

  5. I don't sleep nearly as well as I did when I was 165 pounds heavier. Trazadone has helped over the past six months, but it feels like a trance as opposed to restful sleep. It has helped my mood considerably along with switching up antidepressant meds.
  6. Another new low, 195 this morning. It will be 4 years on Tuesday.

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    2. Res Ipsa

      Res Ipsa

      Great job!  What is your current goal weight?

    3. sleeved524


      hI RES if your asking the queston to tmcgee profile on the left said goal weight is 199 but he surpassed that lowest 195  yeahhhhh tmcgee..

    4. tmcgee


      Another 6 pounds, Geoff, but it really doesn't matter. That will bring into "normal" BMI, though I'm quite happy where I am!

  7. I'm liking this. 197 this morning, and I've set a new target of 189.

  8. If you find the right person to help you sort it out, it's well worth the effort. I see a counselor every 10 or 15 years. I have three good ones, and I've had a couple who weren't the best match, one or two sessions is all I need to know if it's going where I want it to go or not.
  9. The most important thing we all have to do is stay with our plan every day for the rest of our lives. I eat a couple of French fries from time to time, taking them from my grandkids takeout, or a couple of frozen fries when my daughter makes them. I literally mean 2 or 3, and it's about twice a month. I don't eat much of anything anymore, and tend to eat by the clock, just because if I don't get my nutrition in, I feel mentally and physically terrible. This suits me well, being down 155 pounds after 3.5 years is far more important to me than food is. I lost my sweet tooth as well. I don't
  10. It's an everyday plan for the rest of your life, it works if you stick with it.
  11. You can also ask your surgeon how big your restriction is- I did very early out because I need details.
  12. tmcgee

    I got a date!!!!

    Howdy stranger, hope you are well, you've been missed around here!
  13. 3 year followup today with my surgeon. Also met my psychologist informally -- I really like this guy and we connect on many levels. Formal appt next month. Blood tests were the goal of today's visit and they took 8 vials of the red stuff.  I still wonder how they get it out of a blue vein...

  14. Less than 3/4 pound to get under 200!  :D

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    2. LeeC


      That's fantastic. 

    3. cinwa


      You got this Tom!

    4. tmcgee


      I'm up a couple of pounds this morning, I'm not worried, that's just the way things go.

  15. You're vewy vewy quiet Cathy, hunting wabbits? Hope you are okay. I'm doing a 3 year followup with the surgeon next week. I missed the 2 year marker. It's actually closer to 3.5 years, but I need to see blood test results, Something isn't right.

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