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  1. That makes me feel better! I'm trying to stay hopeful. I just look so strange from the side. I don't like the shape at all.
  2. What type of reduction did you have--anchor or short scar/vertical? How long did your swelling take to dissipate? Did you notice a lot of change/reshaping of your breasts in the first few months? I had panniculectomy/reduction Feb 18. I am over the moon happy with my new tummy but really regretting my reduction. They are uneven and very oddly shaped and looks like two different surgeons worked on me. Started out a 34h, tried bras on yesterday..still fitting 34ddd! I wish I had never done it. Can't stop crying.
  3. Hello Dr Gupta. I had a panniculectomy and breast reduction/lift three weeks ago. I love my panniculectomy and my surgeon did an amazing job. They wanted my surgeries done at the same time so another surgeon did my breasts. I could tell right off my nipples were uneven. I had my tape removed this week and now I see that the areolas are also uneven in size! My recent followup was with the Dr who did the panni and he said he could do a small in clinic procedure at 3mo to correct the nipple position. What about the areolas? I don't like the shape from the vertical lift at all. They still seem to sag. I wanted rounded breasts and these look so awful and stick off my body in an ugly way. Do I have any options to fix this mess? Implants? Anchor lift?
  4. Surgery was yesterday morning and went well. The surgeon was able to remove all the loose skin on my breasts and keep my mass yay! So it was more of a lift than reduction. From what I've been able to see they look great. Odd to see my breasts being up instead of down lol! Cant wait to take a peek at them. Haven't been able to see my stomach very well but the surgeon told my husband my tummy is flat. So weird. Pain is ok now..hope it won't get too much worse. Thanks again for the support!
  5. I'm schedule for my plastic surgery Thursday. I'm having a breast reduction/lift and fleur de lis tuck without muscle repair. I am excited to get rid of the saggy skin but really worried about the inverted T incision. Unfortunately I've read horror stories about infection, necrosis etc. Can anyone share positive experience with me? I have had a hard time finding people on RealSelf and other ps sites that had fdl. Apparently it's more common with us bariatric patients. Thanks!
  6. Thank you! It went great! Surgery probably in January. I was really worried but since I met with the surgeon today I feel a lot better and excited.
  7. Thanks yall! I'm going for my consult today eeek!
  8. I have a question for anyone who has had a tummy tuck. How long were you in the hospital and when are the follow ups after surgery (as in 1 week, 3 weeks etc)?
  9. Anyone out there who has had plastic surgery at an MTF?
  10. Hello! I have a question regarding breast surgery. Since surgery I have gone down from a 42F to a 34H. I like the way I look in bras and shirts but would really benefit from a lift. I am not really interested in implants, if they can be avoided. When I have a bra on there is a bit of loose skin at the top of my bust but the cups are filled completely, hope that makes sense. What determines if a patient is eligible for a lift without implants? Thanks for considering my question!
  11. ccma

    best shapewear?

    I would love to hear from ladies who use shapewear..which brand/style is your favorite? I have a spare tire from heck and nowhere close to a tummy tuck. I'm happy with how I look, except for the nasty roll around the middle.
  12. I waited a bit on salad--maybe 3mo? But no issues with it. The only thing on that list I can't do is tortillas.
  13. Unfortunately I have the same problem. I'm not sure if it's related to diet, surgery and/or lack of gallbladder. When I very first had my gb removed I had this same problem. It went away after about a year but came back after I had my sleeve done. Please keep us updated!
  14. I had this great idea in my head about losing weight and going shopping beyond Lane Bryant. Problem is I have no idea where to shop. I feel stuck between things that are too young/too old for me. Ladies in your 30s, where do yall like to shop? I'm a stay home mom so I don't need anything super nice but would like a few pieces besides tshirts and leggings. Suggestions? Help!