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  1. He is 54 years old and weighs about 220ish. He had gastric bypass in 95 and he said he was about 375lbs pre-op. He hasn't taken any calcium at all in at least 4-5 years.
  2. nolaguy

    4 days out and still no bm.....

    I didn't have a bm until about a week or so later. It coincided with the clear liquids. As long as I was only taking in clear liquids, I didn't have to poo. Once I started "thick liquids" I began pooping once a day.
  3. nolaguy

    NSAIDs are no joke! (Pics of ulcers)

    I take Mobic (Meloxicam) for severe inflammation in my ankle, and because I have herniated discs and degenerative disc disease in my back. My doctor told me that Mobic was ok to take after GB. But now almost 4 months post op, I have 2 small ulcers. I stopped taking the Mobic , but the next day the pain in my ankle was almost unbearable. I'm taking the Carafate to treat the ulcer, and started taking the Mobic again, but only one a day instead of two. I hope one a day is enough to kill my pain , but not enough to damage my pouch.
  4. nolaguy

    Hi from Louisiana

    Welcome from Shreveport. Where is Louisiana are you? I had Gastric bypass in June, and I had to do the 6 month thing. Just about all insurance wants that these days.
  5. I heard from him today. And like I kind of suspected, he had not been taking his calcium for quite some time now. He basically just started slacking and never did start taking his calcium properly. He hasnt taken any calcium at all for a few years now. I truly think that his injuries would have not been quite so severe if he had been taking his calcium citrate every day. This is a huge wake up call as to why you should properly take your calcium supplements every day.
  6. I HATED cottage cheese, both before and after surgery. I even tried several brands just to make sure they are all nasty. But I actually found one made by Kraft called "Breakstone's" that is very good. They only sell it in single serve containers, at least that's all the stores in my area carry. EVERY other brand I tried, I didn't like at all.
  7. Ever since my surgery, I have usually drank liquid or ate yogurt first thing in the morning. And I can handle that just fine. But EVERY time I eat something in the morning (without having any liquids since the night before) I feel very sick and I throw it all up. But if I drink something, and then eat a small meal 30 mins or more later, I can handle food just fine. I know its not a stricture, because not only can i handle foods throught the rest of the day, but I had a scope done on Friday and the doctor didn't see any sctricture. He did see two small ulcers though. As long as I eat a "thick liquid" like yogurt or else drink something as my first meal od the day, i am fine the rest of the day. If I wake up and and eat eggs or something without having any liquids before that, i will get sick. What would cause this???
  8. I was born and raised in New Orleans. Katrina ran me up here to Shreveport. I would have returned, but my wife was 8 months pregnant at the time so we HAD to stay here foe a while. Ended up staying for good. My mom and one of my brothers still live in New Orleans though. I drive down there at least once or twice a year to go visit. And I usually eat way too much, because all the food is so good there! Maybe that's why I ended up being so obese. But on my next visit I will have no choice but to fight the temptation to eat. I have changed my eating habits for good!
  9. nolaguy

    anti inflammatorys what are you taking.

    FYI: Mobic is the same thing as Meloxicam. That's the generic name for Mobic. Its a NSAID, but a lot of doctors let gastric bypass and sleeve patients take it.
  10. nolaguy

    What to hand out for halloween?

    Last year I gave out little bags of chips. My wife got them for REALLY cheap from her work because they went out of date on Oct.26th LOL. The kids (and parents) all loved em!! And so did my kids, because they ended up eating all the chips we didn't give out. While they do have an expiration date on them, they are perfectly fine for at least another month or so. This year I might give out little bags of pretzels or popcorn. I saw little single serving bags of microwave popcorn in orange and black Halloween bags at Sams club. They had the little bags of pretzels in Halloween packs too. The peanuts sound like a good idea, but these days a LOT of kids have peanut allergies. My daughter is severely allergic to peanuts. So I stay away from from peanuts and anything with peanut butter. I am scared of accidently hurting anyone.
  11. When I was at that stage I ate a LOT of sugar free Popsicles. I didn't find many pureed foods that I liked. I was eating thick soups like cream of broccoli (spitting out any big chunks of broccoli) and I was eating baby food. Yep, good old' Gerber baby food. The fruit ones are really good, but the veggies aren't so much. Lol
  12. nolaguy

    anti inflammatorys what are you taking.

    I take Mobic 7.5 twice a day. But just found out yesterday that I have two small ulcers in my pouch. I have foot and ankle pain, and I have severe back pain due to severely herniated discs that pinch against the nerves. The Mobic helps with both my back and my feet. I also take Norco (a pain reliever), Soma (a muscle relaxer) and Gabapentin ( to numb the nerves in my back and legs). I follow the doctors orders to the T, yet I still got an ulcer. He said its possible that the Mobic caused it, but he rarely sees any problems with his patients who take Mobic . The only two NSAIDs he said his patients are allowed to take are Mobic and Celebrex. No others allowed under any circumstances.
  13. nolaguy

    $70 for protein powder?

    And I also tried the Body Fortress. While it tastes pretty good and it does have a lot of protein, it also has creatine and other "body building" supplements which actually help you gain weight. I was using Body Fortress for about 2 weeks and I actually gained about 3 lbs. I switched back to the Premier Protein shakes and the weight started falling off again.
  14. nolaguy

    $70 for protein powder?

    I just buy the already made Premier Protein shakes from Sams club. Its $18 for 12 shakes. Each one has 30 grams of protein. My doctor actually suggested those. He said to only drink one a day though.
  15. Scuba lessons sounds awesome. Scuba certification can come in handy if you go on a cruise to the Carribean. I hear that Scuba diving there is an experience of a lifetime.