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  1. Down just over 75 lbs since my pre-op appt one year ago. Hoping to make 100lbs by surgery anniversary (12/19). Here's some pics from me in 2010 near my highest weight (290's) and then the taller one is from last week weighing in at 212 and wearing a 14/16 shirt and 16 pants!
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    Here's a comparison selfie from October and one this past weekend, both with DD. She has a few less teeth and I have a lot less weight!
  3. I knew it was going to happen. Almost three months to the day the hair started coming out when brushing or washing it. No lectures on proteins or vitamins, got those down. Just wanted to vent more than anything. Luckily I had a decent head of hair before, but there is that part of me that is freaking out a little that it won't stop.
  4. I went shopping for jeans. I took what was labeled as a size 18 into the dressing room....pulled them up (can get in 18's but they're tight) and struggled. I was feeling incredibly down on myself. I did manage to get them zipped, without lying down, but they were TIGHT. I was putting them back on the hanger when I realized they were 16's!!! The company had mislabeled them (but the internal tag was 16)! I also bought a pair of skirts at a consignment sale ($4 each, woo!) and I was able to fit into one of the size 16 skorts I bought. (Can I just say I LOVE skorts- cuteness of a skirt without the thigh skin rub) I'm still in between sizes on pants- some are 18's, some are 20's, depending on the brand. Jeans are 18's now but I'm still wearing several 20's (although they're loose, but not pull off without unzipping loose).
  5. Popsicles are what kept me out of the hospital for dehydration! As for juice, once I was a little further out I started drinking some. I will only drink Trop50 or diet juice (Cran-Grape, Cran-Lemonade, or Diet V8 Splash). Sugary juices can get things moving down below, but that will not be an issue while on the liquid diet (liquid in= liquid out).
  6. 1- Yes, you did. No one forced you to hold your mouth open, chew the food and swallow. It was a decision on your part. Luckily you realize it wasn't a wise decision! 2- The biggest battle with bariatric surgery isn't the actual surgery, it's the mental battle to avoid those temptations, to put the fork down and allow the tools that's we've been provided to do their job. I totally understand wanting real food- I was sleeved less than a week before Christmas. There was incredible food everywhere and even went so far as to put food in my mouth (less than a week post-op). It spit it out with a "HOLY CRAP" realization! It was habit to reach for food, even without hunger. You're at a disadvantage because the lap band patients DO have hunger. One of the folks that works at my surgeons office had the band (now a sleeve) and told us she remembered calling the office and telling them that they were "starving me". Everything in your stomach that makes you feel hunger is still there, just the capacity is smaller. Take this as a learning experience and move forward. I think a lot of us have a gut reaction for alarm. Try not to take offense, but these people want to see you be successful with this tool you have. You've paid a lot of money and gone through hell to get it- use it like your life depends on it.
  7. I needed this! I'm 8 weeks post-op and have hit a stall for over a week now. I need to watch my carbs and make sure I'm getting my protein in. Ya'll are the kick in the butt I need!
  8. The 6 weeks post-op image is from today and is on the far left. I'm post workout hence the rough look. The top right was last March/April and the bottom right was in last May. Same shirt although the belly roll is a whole lost smaller!
  9. I bought a size 18 pants the other day. Didn't try them on in store, but felt like the 20's were a little too loose. The 18's were perfect. Not sure how this line runs but that thrilled me!
  10. I had a food funeral for about a week and a half. I didn't get in all of the foods I would miss, and I do miss some of those foods. I don't know how much is mental but dang some of that food was great! My last meal before surgery didn't have any hospital or physician set limitations (nothing after midnight) but I wanted to take it easy so I wouldn't get sick. We went out and had Japanese- I had a few bites of chicken, one bite of DD's egg roll and the rest was clear soup!
  11. Thanks guys. My NUT was telling me that eggs are the biggest problem food she sees with the post-op patients, no matter if it's bypass or sleeve! It'll be a food I'll try again but in stages. I'll probably try a regular egg or omelet (she said people do better with those) and work my way up to scrambled eggs (the worst offender from her patient experiences).
  12. I've walked before and after surgery, but haven't truly challenged myself. I decided to go to the gym tonight while DD had lacrosse practice. It was super busy so I got on the dreadmill. I managed a sub 17 minute mile, which is a big deal for me. Times it out and it'd be a 51 minute 5k (3.1 miles), which would be my best time. I haven't ran since Thanksgiving when we did a 5k (walking with small spurts of running). I've already had plans to do several 5k's this spring, but this solidifies it. I just need to get some new shoes (after I see the foot doctor- I have a spur).
  13. How many sugar alcohols are in the bars? Those are brutal to stomachs and are found in a LOT of the low carb bars and snacks. Want proof on sugar alcohols? Read the Amazon reviews for these sugar free gummy bears...
  14. I was excited to try our eggs from the cafeteria at work today. They're the fake eggs, but taste pretty good and have a good consistency for me to chew the heck out of.... If I remembered to chew. I took a normal post-op bite and swallowed it down. As it was going down I realized what I did (didn't chew the heck out of it) and instantly knew I'd regret it. I ended up in the bathroom heaving (never puked) and just leaning on the wall because the cold tiles felt so good. It settled after about 15 minutes but that was some wicked awful pain! I've heard eggs were rough for some people but I'm the ol' "not me!" person who thinks nothing bad will happen. So it could have been the eggs, could have been not chewing. What I do know is that it'll be a while before I try eggs again.