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  1. My first month, including liquid only for 1 week before surgery was 25 pounds. Month 2 was 12 pounds.
  2. 4.5 months -62 pounds -5 inches off waist -1 size....what the heck, 1 size! On a brighter note, signed up for color run for 10-18-14! Starting couch to 5k tonight
  3. Went roller skating tonight for an hour. I figured out how much calories it burned ====794! WOW The last time I had went skating, a year or so before the surgery, I couldn't last 15 minutes. ONE HOUR!!! LOVING LIFE
  4. Thanks everyone. I think I will keep my warmest one and get rid of the rest! Oh how I love cleaning out closets....
  5. Sleeved on March 13 and have lost 10% of my starting weight. My question is, I have about 8 different winter coats, Do you all think they will be so big next year that I should go ahead and donate them now rather than hanging on to them? I would love to start purging seasonal things but am apprehensive. Thanks
  6. Feeling good.....Post op day 11 and 12---walked 2 miles each day.
  7. A while back I noticed a thread about what to take to the hospital, now I can't seem to find it. All I remember is Chapstick! Thanks
  8. I hear ya, I am on day 4 and broke down with a small piece of skinless chicken...I don't want to cheat but I am having a hard time with the liquid not sustaining me. Hopefully that will be my last cheat.... Good luck everyone.
  9. jbeaver


    I started modified liquid diet 3 days ago, for the first 2 days and have had a total liquid diet today. (by modified I mean that I had a piece of meat at dinner time, and nothing else) I am not cheating because my actual day to start the week long liquid diet is today.....anyway, I am dizzy, and I have had a headache that keeps going from mild to migraine over the course of the day. Any thoughts?
  10. jbeaver


    I am going through packed clothes and getting out all the clothes that are bigger than a size 16. I have surgery in 2 weeks and don't think I will have time to do this in a month or so. I really hope I am not "jumping the gun" and going to be disappointed. Currently size 22. The good thing is I will have plenty of clothes for transitioning until about a size 12/14 then I will become best friends with goodwill. Hope everyone is having a productive day today, even if that means catching up on rest from this hectic week. Jeanne
  11. Taken Feb. 20, 2014 before liquid diet. Jeanne