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  1. Welcome Sindi! 30lb isn't a big deal after all that time - you can do this sweetheart.

  2. Hello :) My name is Sindi and I was hoping to join this group I could use someone to be accountable to. :) I am about 7 1/2 years out and have put on 30 pounds. I find myslef falling back into old pre WLS habits. Thank you and have a good day.

  3. Hey Sindi if you check this let me know how you are doing.

  4. Hello Dr Callery, You did my G-pass in 12/2002. For the past 1 or more years i have been having leg pains in my lower calf. Cramp and tingling type pain. I have gone to my primary care dr and he did a blood test and found i was very low on iron and on the low side for b-12. Would that be the reason for my leg pains. Might there be something else? He wasnt sure. I live in a small town now in AZ and he isnt up todate on bypass issues. Thank you very much for your time and help. Sindi
  5. If this new baby is anything like Jeanie than she will be right on time, but i think most 1st babies are late so i am guessing Oct 14th. Good luck Missy.
  6. Hey Felicia girl how ya doing. long time no talk. everything is wonderful in my world. I am just selling the condo so that i can have a bigger place for me and Auri. how are you doing. I love the new pic, you look so pretty. we have to get together soon.
  7. Cute one bedroom one bath Pacific beach condo for sale, small yard, all appliances, newer carpet, gated. In a very quiet neighborhood. easy access the 5 freeway. $269,000.00. If anyone is interested or know anyone that is interest please PM me and I would be glad to go over any questions. Thank you
  8. You all look so beautiful! Jeanie you are gorgeous girl!
  9. Thank you for the offer Bridget That was nice of you, but I think my grandma might watch Auri for me.
  10. Hey felicia this sounds like a great idea! Hope i can find a babysiter.
  11. wishing you a very special day for a very special person! Happy B-day!!!!
  12. Call me if i can do anything for you
  13. Hey Flea, dont worry to much, it could be as simple as you eat somthing that scratched your throat. I'll be thinking about you today, call me if you need to talk k
  14. I never saw a before picture of you. OH MY GOD!!! you are totally one HOT MAMA!!!