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  1. No, hun, I never asked my Doctor's office to "break any rules..." I'm not really sure where you conjured that from... I was stating that I didn't think it was ethical, being that my actual doctor would probably never lay eyes on the note and it would be written, most likely, by an office assistant with a signature stamp.... taking all of maybe 90 seconds. I think it's sad that it's all about the dollar and not actual patient care and compassion. And no, if they can't even tell me the reason they say I owe them money I'm not going to pay it.... would you??? Your Doctor calls you and says "hey, you owe us $250, but we don't know why, there aren't any notes on it...." Right...
  2. I'm a server, so we don't get a break or lunch.... but I can be on my feet for anywhere between 4-8 hours depending on business...
  3. Hi everyone, I am almost two years out of surgery and doing well.... however, my current job is one where we are not supposed to "graze" during our shift. I have been eating a snack every few hours but people are starting to make comments. I spoke with one of my supervisors about my surgery and she was fine with it, although the next day she said her supervisor wanted a note.... no, problem, I thought.... Well I call my Dr.'s office today and was told that I can't have a note for work unless I come in for a follow-up, because I haven't been in awhile. I was also told that I had a past due balance sent to collections for $250 for some reason that she couldn't even tell me.... what the heck??? I also don't have any insurance right now so my office visit with the PA (which would consist of a weigh in, a "how are you keeping up? Any problems?" and a note would be $75. I don't have $325 to get a dr. note that they should be writing anyway...... I am so frustrated and mad..... any thoughts? It seems like really bad patient care to refuse me a simple note to live my life healthfully.... I am two years out, not two weeks.... this shouldn't be conditional.
  4. Yup, liquids! I didn't keep up with mine and had to make an ER visit at a month out. Like you said- sip and walk!
  5. I tried to stay up and active as much as possible. All I did was sleep, take care of my daughter and try to move. It helped me to get out of the house (but I also drove myself home from the hospital... long story...) because I could disguise my movement in other activities, like going to the mall, target, park, etc. I understand most people might not want to leave home so soon, but it helped me a lot. I just took my time.
  6. Wow! I can't believe it! I finally made it to the century club... for some reason I thought I would somehow be the one WLS doesn't work for... but I am ecstatic! Wheeeeee!!! Before and during... Still during....
  7. Ugh! Now that I've lost weight I am getting more attention.... not complaining about that but.... getting "intimate" eventually scares the crap out of me. I am physically smaller but my tummy situation is NOT anything I want to show off. A guy I've been flirting with made a comment about hoping to see me in a bikini and I played along but that will NOT be happening! I don't even want to look at myself in a bikini. Has anyone else gone through this? Do I bring up that I've had WLS or just lost a lot of weight before that ever happens? I don't think I'll ever be able to hide it from someone I do end up being with like that. Help!
  8. I think it is the solidness... It doesn't matter if it's a huge calcium pill or my tiny iron one... still makes me shudder. I am going to try them with cottage cheese and hope that helps, but ugh....
  9. For the first six months I was taking my pills with no issue... now it seems like when I try to swallow them I get that gagging reflex.... no issues from my pouch, just in my throat. I have tried taking them all separately throughout the day but it doesn't matter. The best way to describe it is that it's similar to the little gag and shudder I used to get if I took a shot of tequila (back in the good ole college days, lol). Anyone else experience this so late out or have advice?
  10. I take citalopram and before surgery was on 20mg/daily. I noticed an increase in symptoms after surgery and my primary dr. increased my dosage to 30mg and it's been better. I do get a little nauseous after I take my meds, but probably because I take them with all my vitamins at the same time (a pouchful on it's own, lol). I feel not so great for a few minutes, but not enough to stop what I'm doing.
  11. YAY! (lol) I am no longer "obese" just "overweight!" WOOT!
  12. Wow! Are you still on pain meds? Maybe this is covering up some of your true symptoms? I agree with everyone else though- one week out is really soon to be soooo active... be careful and let yourself heal.... remember that "yer innards" are still held together by stitches!!!
  13. I'm sorry. I went through my surgery alone as well. My ex broke up with me the day of surgery... he yelled and cursed at me over the phone for half an hour as I was sitting in my pre-op bed.... I spent my days in the hospital alone and drove myself home (after waiting five hours for the meds to wear off). Is there anyone else you have who can support you like family or friends? I had no one, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.
  14. Thank you so much everyone! @thaskett- thank you! My friends used to say, when I was a redhead, that I looked like Isla FIscher. @lollypop83- Jessica Simpson "Shavon",dsw12brand18400002&isBrand=y&categoryName=women