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  1. Been over a year since my sleeve, are time release capsules out forever or would they be OK now? Just switched to a different anti-depressant but didn't realize they were time release. Thanks
  2. It takes so long to get in shape and such a short time to drop back down to beginner status. I find the treadmill tedious and boring, the elliptical is too strenuous. I can probably spend 5 min. max on the elliptical and that's so embarrassing. 1st day back at the gym in awhile, took it slow and then spent 15 min. in sauna followed by a cold shower. Can't believe that will ever become comfortable. Tomorrow I'll swim and stationary bicycle. That's the plan anyway.
  3. Your struggles are your struggles and share them with whoever you choose - at work I simply said I was going in for surgery. Most people don't have the chutzpah to ask why and if they did I told them I was uncomfortable discussing it. I did tell all my friends though. Tell who you want as much as you want. The surgery is for you, it's your decision, it directly benefits you, take control of it and be happy you are on your way to a healthier life.
  4. Wow, what an inspiration!! You look amazing and must feel worlds better as well. Congratulations !!!
  5. It's your body is wondering what you're doing to it!! Don't be frustrated, you've got the change to your diet in addition to the excitement of your surgery. No wonder your body doesn't know which way to go. Try anticipation instead of frustration - don't be that hard on yourself.
  6. OK, I've been 7 months on this plateau, losing motivation, just getting by. It's the point where now the hard work needs to happen to rev up my metabolism again. My father died in April and I've been tied up in legal proceedings with my brother about the estate, just a real emotional nightmare. I have another 50 lbs. to lose and it's time to reshuffle my priorities and put my physical health back on top. I am buying clothes without "W"s after them and that's a good thing. Am walking dogs around the block regularly and that's a better thing. Need to set up a reward system for the next 50, maybe 10 lbs. at a time. That's something for tomorrow, today I'm raising my chin high and imagining mat pilates tomorrow morning.
  7. Congratulations !! Feels good, doesn't it. I'm only down 50 and on one hell of a plateau, but I actually bought a pair of pants that didn't have a W in the size. Yay
  8. Yikes, I wasn't even thinking about Tijuana. I bought a book about medical tourism that recommends a hospital in Central America - can't remember the name now. Trish
  9. I doubt any damage was done - you've beaten yourself up enough, put on your game face and go forward from here. Trish
  10. Still having back pain and fighting to not walk hunched forward. Haven't used the cane in almost a month but today is the first day I can recall getting up from my work chair and not feeling 100 years old. Haven't worked out in almost a week nor been to yoga. Going back to work has kicked my butt. Anyway, hopefully as I continue to drop the pain will continue to abate. Created by - Free Calorie Counter
  11. Rebecca, I quit Colace almost right away - that was one taste I couldn't tolerate. Miralax is tasteless.
  12. I think that's great, having the surgeries together!! My husband had his 1.5 years before mine and he has really helped me make great choices, plus I got to watch him get to a great weight. You two are going to be great support for each other - and if you have questions this forum has some AMAZING people in here full of encouragement.
  13. Yes, today I walked around the block with both dogs. My husband was behind just in case I didn't make it, but I made it!! Oh, it was only one block and by the end I was pretty done, but I walked without stopping and resting my back. So is it dropping 25 lbs., is it the gentle yoga and the hourly stretches or is it the daily crunches? Maybe it's all three. All I know is I haven't needed my cane all week and for that I am eternally grateful.
  14. My local YMCA has a gentle yoga class. My neighbor has been pestering me to go but I was embarrassed about how little movement I have with my back pain. Short story long, I gave it a shot and holy cow what a difference!! Today after yoga I felt so good I grocery shopped, washed dishes and then walked my dog around the block !!! I can't believe for a minute that this would be possible. I go back to work Monday and am bringing a towel to lay down by my chair to do stretches every hour. Gentle yoga is nothing more than stretching, which is exactly what I was needing at this time. The diet is going good, tomorrow I'm going to make a few things from "The World According to Eggface" and I bought myself a Bento Box for work lunches. Lost 28 lbs. in these 6 weeks - not quite a size yet, but my clothes are much more comfortable. Have lost ALOT of inches, and actually some from areas other than my breasts. Yay.
  15. The prescription stool softener is finally being tossed. Doctor OK'd Miralax. Drinking Colace was like pouring liquid flame down my throat. I even stopped the vicodin after 2 days hoping to cut back on the Colace. 17 days out and I am down to only 2 steri-strips left. This isn't so tough. Sticking to my 4 oz. intake at every meal. Never feel hungry and logging on myfitnesspal every meal. What's that saying, my future is so bright I need shades. Trish