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  1. seems like we are all progressing pretty well, my wife just had her 3 month check up and she has lost 35 pounds.. we donated 10 bags of clothes to a local charity. There is lots of room in our closets now. we are only buying a few clothes for each size we go down and have gotten some hand-me-downs from friends too.
  2. I have started to have hair falling out too.. I have been growing it long now for a couple of years and it is half way down my back (picture is old) and I am not liking this part of the process.. if too much falls out, I guess I will cut it short and get over it.
  3. hmmm what phone are you on. that is where it is on my iPhone app and do you need to update your app?
  4. Settings. Fitness goals. That should be where the weight setting is
  5. VRob53

    Really? 24s?

    and on top of the difference between sizes now, realize that women's sizes are 'adjusted' all the time. what was a 12 back in the 60's is a 10 or 8 now. the garment industry (especially women's) just tries to make folks feel better as we got larger. at least with men's waist measurements they are pretty close, but then we get relaxed fit, etc and wear our 'waist' under our fat Dunlap tire..
  6. glad you got the word from the doc to sleep and not worry about drinking at night.. that is what they told me.. don't worry about fluids while sleeping at night, just drink when you are awake. if you get to feeling like you want to kill yourself again, please please please call the doctors office.
  7. The Farts are great but no, no good on the belches. probably the no soda and the small area to fill with gas. I get a little belches when I eat to fast and get the foamies but no room clearers.. but man those farts..
  8. I have the cold issue too, not too bad but yep, cold. I work in the server room at work and I have always in the past been there with short sleeves all year round and people would come in there and complain about how cold it was and how could I stand it. well since the surgery I have had to resort to long sleeve shirts, I figure as I lose more I will have to wear thermals under the shirts. my feet are my main issue at home though as I get in bed, I just can't seem to get warm anymore under the covers. I am thinking I will have to start wearing socks to bed.
  9. I was fine before surgery but after I too had some cloudy bouts. part of it was my blood presure was a bit low but the other I am not sure, just my body exhausted or something. but it all cleared up. at least I THINK it did.. LOL
  10. Naty, you need to change your avatar, that shadow picture can't look anything like you considering you are in size 8 pants. just saying..
  11. I have been more susceptible to cold too, even with less weight loss than you. My office is in the room with the servers and we have to keep the temp down in that room, and I have always been fine with short sleeves all year long..... except this year, I have resorted to wearing long sleeve shirts and people are giving me a hard time. I keep decaf coffee sitting beside me all the time. I got some green tea so I can change it up a bit and maybe get some diet benefits too.
  12. I have gone to the PureProtein and EAS zero sugar shakes as a method to increase my protein intake. I haven't gotten tired of them and they are prepackaged and easy to carry around. I have even used them warm (they say best chilled but they are ok warm) in fact I am drinking one as I type this. I like to eat but I can't eat enough at a time to get in the massive amount of protein 70 - 80 that the NUT said guys need. if you use MFP and do the exercise in MFP too, then it says you need MUCH MORE protein than what they tell us to take.
  13. Sorry Cheryl I will do better.