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  1. 6 years ago I went from 430lbs to under 230lbs with diet and exercise. I even did a Sprint Triathlon. And then as soon as diet and exercise was no longer my primary and almost only focus the weight came back. I went all the way back to 380 before I decided on surgery. As Aussie mentioned that happens 95% of the time. I never really knew the way surgery changes how your process food and eatingood in your mind let alone in your gut. I might see something on TV that grabs my attention, but put it in front of me and I just don't want it. The rare occasions I do really enjoy what I am eating (that usually involves spicy tuna) the physical part kicks in after 2 ounces or so. Now I have discovered a few foods that do not limit me in the same way, but now I have a new found strength that let's me resist. Think long and hard before you step back from this path. This is that tool that gives you that little bit of edge. It will still be hard but far more likely to be successful.
  2. Dvldog760


    I have the issue that TammyP mentioned. Seeing heaps of food on other people's plates (even if it's only a fraction of what I would have had), and big portions going into peoples mouths is very hard for me. I sometimes have to get up and leave. I try to stay put and just not let myself focus on it. I side of this surgery I never expected.
  3. If you haven't tried them yet, there are protein powders by Nectar that really helped me. I drink the iced tea and Fuzzy Navel flavors. They were a life saver, I had the same trouble as you with the Premier shakes. The Vitamin Shoppe carries them, or you can order off of Amazon and save a few bucks.
  4. I cook sous vide all the time. The basic device runs about $100. Then you need a pot to put it and the water in and plastic zip log bags for the food. A vacuum sealer works better than baggies. The idea with immersion cooking is perfect temperature and locking in juices. Cooking a steak you get the perfect desired doneness from edge to edge. Chicken cooked to exactly 165 degrees is super juicy...even a boneless, skinless chicken breast. To finish most things off you want to throw them on a hot skI let others bbq to get a search on the outer edge. Some of the folks I work with chipped in for a Wagyu tri tip roast from Costco. Cut it into steaks and I cooked them for them just yesterday. They were amazing. And doing sous vide I didn't have to worry about ruining a thousand bucks worth of meat. The three ounces I was able to eat was literally the best thing I have had since surgery.
  5. Dude..you are a machine. Great Job!
  6. I had a real problem with the taste of protein shakes after my surgery. Like you said "revolting". Then a post here led me to Nectar Proteins. They have some very unconventional flavors. Lemon ice tea and Fuzzy Navel are my go to drinks. Also the vanilla latte is really good. The tea and Fuzzy Navel are available at Vitaminshoppe. Or Amazon of course. They are a little more expensive then most but they are a real life saver for me.
  7. Six months out and I can only eat about two ounces at a time. If I make the mistake of drinking something on top of this I end up hurting and usually throwing up. That new kind of post VSG throw up that I have now. On the plus side of this it is a great deterrent.
  8. I lost around 200 lbs about 5 years ago (and then proceeded to put it back on over the next couple years...hence surgery) and it made my wife very insecure. She even accused me of doing a bait and switch on her by losing the weight. Also as I closed in on her weight she started dieting because she didn't want to weigh more than I did. She eventually came to terms with it and appreciated the benefits that came with the healthier weight. It definitely made her more accepting when it came to getting the surgery.
  9. When I'm having a tough day at work or if I know I'm going to be cooking dinner on the BBQ I will call my wife and ask her to open a beer for me and keep it in the fridge. I never thought a flat beer would work for me...but damn if it doesn't.
  10. I do double takes everything I look in a mirror.
  11. You will do great too. And it is so worth it.
  12. I was slacking off updating my stats. Corrected after my post. And thanks
  13. On my way into surgery on May 12th. And a couple from today at work.
  14. I run the maintenance department for a number of power plants (fossil and renewable) in Southern California. Not exciting but helps pay for 4 kids in college at the moment and the two in High School. I have one son who is actually self sufficient. And yes you counted correctly...seven kids.
  15. Yeah...jerky and quest protein bars are pretty regular in my diet. It's weird, my stomach likes jerky better than steak or chicken....even moist steak and chicken. My stomach starts protesting at the first bite, but with jerky it's fine and my two ounces are a breeze.