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  1. Forgot to mention Ferrous Fum is a bad iron to take as it stops the uptake of Vit E, so you get extremly dry with this iron....
  2. I am servely anaemic and im a pharmacist !, i take almost leathal doses of iron until i learnt with GB its very difficult to absorb iron that is commercially available as it absorbes through the small intestine. I have researched this extensively about 5% of GB will develop pernicious aneamia due to low iron, the only iron your body will absorb are eating Liver - chicken livers a excellent as is beef, there is a company in Collorado it makes heme iron which is what we need, thet sell in under the name of Proferrin, I have ordered it cant wait, I am getting a reversal though due to all my health issues,, but try this brand ok hope it helps
  3. Just seen my surgeon and Im getting reversal , Im booked in on the 23rd of oct, he was vert recultant to do it, but due to all my symptoms he said its warrants it, but he did advise me there is no more surgery after this, he said you will gain weight. I said when i started this journey in 2009 i was living a different liefstyle i ate my emotions away to obesity, now im eating just to survive, my life is different and so am i, i actualy go to gym now, i actually read labels, look at portion size, and im going to do everything it takes. So im really happy i just want to be normal again but healthy normal i dont know anyone like me thats had all 3 surgeries band - to bypass to reversal !. I have learnt so much in all my ops that is not the surgery it what we learn from it, and we are all powerful to chose, its made me aware of what i put into my mouth and how much amd ,made me a better person !
  4. Hi yall sorry i havent been around my life has been amazing so far until 4 weeks ago, i got married in march this yr and it was amazing weddding i wore a size 12 !!!!! all had been going great sort of, i crashed after gym one day, im now needing a blood transfusion and iron infusion, i am severly anaemic. my supps are just not working as i cannot absorb the iron that is available but i have found an iron in the usa which is meant to be grouse its called Pro ferrin so im waiting for this order....... my health has deteriated after 2 yrs so good then ca boom, so my husband said is this worth it, near death or reversal i want you 25 to life not just for a few yrs....... so i am seeing my surgeon tomoro to see if he can do a reversal.... fingers crossed. becasuse i cant live like this anyomore, i throw up all the time not from over eating but due to texture, im anaemic, i have constant loose motion, im lactose and gluten intolerant, im a bald badger now , and im writing this from my bed so ill iv become. my weight lowest was 62 kgs now 65 - i have learnt so much from band to bypass but now i want to be ala natural' i would rather have a few extra kg than being a limp veg. so i will fill you in after i see my surgeon tomoro fingers crossed
  5. firstly congrats what an effort well done , and secondly im a bit jelly men loose so quickly cudos to you !!!!!!!
  6. Morning yall, sorry haven't posted for a while, Iv been too busy avoiding my responsibilities !!!!, I am a recovering Carbaholic - I love and loathe bread,pasta,rice crackers anything with texture, bread is my preferred drug, I am addicted to it, from surgery I could not eat nor wanted to eat it, but as I heeled like 6mths after its a danger food for me, IT IS A SLIDER I can easy end up with a small bakery in my gut. Also I dump with it too, I have to sleep after I eat it, you would think I would avoid it wouldn't you , nope Im as dumb as dumb can be. I was soo good and getting back on track I had not eaten it for 3 months then I got all stressed and as a smoker would buy cigarettes I bort a loaf of bread . I am posting this to be accountable as I have sabotaged my weight loss to stall epiclly - I trust my inner demon 100% to be naughty so today I am not eating bread or its friends I feel great when I don't and my weight does go down . I have no sensation of my gut , but I did feel it the other day when I eat tinned mussles they came back up again, so I am learning everyday what are sliders and plugs for me, Im totally lactose intolerant as I know cottage cheese is a plug. It is better to take heed everyday and get back on track, this is a journey not a destination for me. Does anyone else have a carb addiction?
  7. Im 1.2yrs out and i have a drink on the weekends, word or warning 1 drink feels like 3, and it effects you differently to drinking normally, it hits you harder, and the next day i feel like iv been run over by a bus 3 times. but you do sober up quickly, but the effects of hangover are greater, thats for me anywayz
  8. I lost 50% of my hair, i was nurturing a rats tail, i would cry each time i washed my hair as it would come in clumps, i perservered i had bloods to test my iron and thyroid i was taken off all my meds barr iron, so now i just take supps, im pleased to say my hair is growing back not like before but its growing im 1.2 yrs out and only started growing about 3 months ago, give it time, hair grows in 3 month phases. But dont get extensions, i wore a great wig when i went out, or a half scarf like a pirate , give it time
  9. It happened to me, but a lot more friends, like 14 a small group we would socialise with, when i started losing weight, and saying no i dont drink alcohol, and no i cant eat pizza, they started not inviting me to any of the do's. It was a real shock to me as the txts stopped the fun stopped, and then one said to me, you just dont fit in anymore .................. pffffffft i walked away with my head high,and focused on my health and im pleased to say iv now made some 'real' friends where food is not the focal point, when we start to think of our greater self, we then project that in our reality and attract that energy, 'where thoughts flow energy goes' ....................
  10. I dont think your a slow loser at all, i think your doing super amazing, im a slow loser lost in dribs n drabs, but hang in there, your body trys so hard to hold onto its fat stores its like giving up gold so it does it slowly, massive loss early is just fluid, so now your going for the gold, keep your chin up
  11. Im the same 1 yr 2 months out, sadly i dont feel iv had WLS, i wish i could go back to the first week p/o, i felt wretched but i didnt want to eat and lost weight. I havent lost weight in months im managing, i cant eat 1/2 a cow as i dont feel restriction, and yes i didnt the pouch test,, and it didnt work like it did before. My surgeon warned me you can end up with a funnel due to adaption. But there is nothing else to do other than what Iv had done, at the end of the day its what we put into our mouths and the energy we expend ie exercise, i have never had energy to excersie. Im contemplating having a ring on my upper pouch, similar to a lap band but its one size fits all, i do better with having a restrictive device rather than being able to eat everything.
  12. good for you, it doesnt matter what you have done, its a tool to aide in weight loss, the mental challenge is the hardest part of all - good luck with your journey
  13. I had MGB, 14 mths ago, no problems really but a bit disappointed I thought id lose more weight ........ like anything its a tool only not a lottery ticket to skinny (I wish), there is one negative aspect with this op, is occasionally you get a back wash of bile, this is the very reason many surgeons opt for the RouxnY said to be the gold standard in weight loss, I don't know the stats of weight loss if there is greater loss with RnY ???, like anything you have to work at it.........
  14. Thanks, oh im a great maintainer but i would like to be a shifter lol, i guess i see so many people get down even past their goal weight, but i have a problem i have no feeling of fullness until i over eat then it comes up, i wish i could eat cottage cheese like most but i have the worst form of lactose intollerance its so bad, and they dont make lactose free cottage cheese in australia. I do feel good though, actually a bit too good i dont feel like iv had surgery.......... but i remind myself I am a survivor of obesity
  15. G you look amazing like a super model im in awwww