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  1. Vitamin D does not deplete magnesium or vice versa. It's a matter of balance where too much Vit D in supplement form creates a hyper-calcium situation, and there needs to be a balance between mag/potassium/Calcium that makes the Vit D function more optimally. How to make sure you are getting the right balance is the big question but increased magnesium is definitely a first step.
  2. For the past 2 years (I'm 7+ yrs post surgery) I've been getting more and more magnesium deficient. Used to be one 400 mg supplement would be enough but now I take between 2,000-3,000mg per day, at least half of that in the evening. Even while taking that much, the blood test put me on the "low end of normal," making me wonder what it would show if I wasn't taking a handful of supplements. I take some of every kind of mag because I don't know which is absorbed best, but I avoid the oxide because I know that it absorbs as almost nothing. I recently switched to liquid multi vitamins and felt the difference within a week, so I also am taking some mag in gelcap form which seems to be better as well. My problem is that I'm pretty active, and on days when I have dance classes, or when I spend a couple hours doing yard work, I need more mag and I don't always get it right, so I'm up several times at night with muscle cramps. Drinking a little tonic water soothes the cramps but the quinine in it only lasts for about an hour or so, and I'm cramping up again. Would make sense to have some mag supplements nearby to swallow with the tonic water. Duh. And stress, which I have a lot of, is a killer and just depletes as fast as can be. Have gone to several docs about this but they're not that knowledgeable. One nutritionist sent me an email after my visit with her, including an article that tells how important magnesium is for your body. Really???? I didn't know.... Sigh.
  3. I buy it on, and I think it comes right from the manufacturer, not sure, but I get the 3 pack of the lime (no sugar). The quinine is in the tonic water, so you're good to use that. I take a couple swallows when the cramps wake me and within 5 minutes they are gone. I'm just concerned that this is a progressive thing that will get worse, but I just don't know and I have not found any info on that yet. And the V8 does help, but not enough. Sometimes the cramps get into my knees and it feels like someone is twisting my leg apart. Extremely painful. I've also read about some post bariatric people having cramps in their intestines and diaphragm, and I've had a couple occasions of that recently but they went away quickly. Magnesium is very important. Someone mentioned taking magnesium citrate. It absorbs better than mag oxide (cheapest and most useless, but it's good for your bones), but mag citrate tends to have a laxative effect. Right now, after much trial and error, for me it's a combination of 2,000 mg mag chloride & aspartate, plus some liquid mag in my green tea during the evening. Anything less than 2,000 for me is just not enough.
  4. I've been fighting leg cramps on and off for a year. I'm 4 years post bariatric. I have to take about 2,000 mg of magnesium per day to avoid leg cramps, (plus electrolytes, because the nutritionist said that my body is not recognizing that I'm getting enough fluids). Zym is a fizzy tablet that makes an electrolyte drink with more potassium and magnesium than any of the liquids like Vitamin Water or Smart Water, and the lime flavor has no sugar but I only need like half a tablet in my water per day. If I don't do this faithfully, the cramps will wake me every hour or two during the night. Drinking diet tonic water makes the cramps go away in a few minutes, but they will come back every couple hours, so I try to make sure I don't miss any magnesium or Zym. Also, if I'm busy running around and have forgotten to take my mag supplements, when I do take them in the evening after work, I down them with a small glass of V8 with a couple squirts of a liquid mag supplement. Don't bother with mag oxide - it's poorly absorbed. Mag chloride or aspartate work better.
  5. going on 3 years and I don't drink a lot of fluids because I'm just never thirsty so I have to play games with myself and eat foods high in water, like cucumbers, and for lunch every day I have about 15 oz of some kind of broth/soup for lunch, my coffee with protein is about 32 oz first thing in the morning, and SF drinks in the afternoon, so by the time I'm home from work in the evening, I'm at 50-60 oz and can cruise on my green tea for the balance of the evening. Having broth was my favorite liquid early on and still is. And SF popsicles when it is hot out, of course.