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  1. courtneyc

    me 70 lbs down

    You are looking great! Hope things are going well for you!
  2. courtneyc

    5 Months Post-Op...I'm Pregnant

    Thank you so much for the advice and support. I'm waiting to find out if the 'daddy' wants anything to do with "us" before I tell my family. I find it's always good to have a definite plan in place before I go to them and say, Gee, I don't know what I'm going to do..... I appreciate it. Sounds like we are due around the same time Longing4thin!
  3. Just curious? I read a blog about a woman who had Gastric Bypass surgery and she lost 75 pounds during her pregnancy and had a healthy 7lb baby. Any thoughts?
  4. courtneyc

    5 Months Post-Op...I'm Pregnant

    That is the first I'm actually saying that out loud (figuratively speaking). I guess I should start from the beginning.... Five months ago, on October 5th, I had RYN surgery and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I''ve lost a total of 120 pounds and am feeling wonderful. I had another 100 to go and then Valentines Day I'm 6 weeks pregnant. Ironically, I'm still continuing to lose weight but I'm eating healthy... I'm scared, not sure if the father want's anything to do with me. I'm afraid to tell my family as I don't want them to 1. Be concerned for my health (post op and pregnant five months later?!) and 2. They are most likely going to be very disappointed in me. I have never thought once to end this pregnancy. This is a gift from God and everything happens for a reason. I'm just a little freaked out. I haven't told my surgeon yet and I'm sure he's not going to be thrilled. My first OB/GYN doctors appointment is Friday so I'll know more then. I could really use a friend right now...Any takers? I'd also like some advice; has anyone out there gotten pregnant so soon after surgery? I thought we were being careful; apparently not careful enough.
  5. courtneyc

    On hold for a month due to LOW potassium :(

    Hi. I just started taking the potassium after my surgery. The doctor says I need it for four months. God luck! I'm glad it won't hold up your surgery!
  6. courtneyc

    October 2009 staplers

    Hi everyone. I had RYN on Oct 5th and am doing very well, minus the cold that I caught from my boyfriend. The biggest problem I'm encountering is that my doctor has me on a very high protein diet (Atkins) and I'm having a hard time digesting the food. I'm hanging in there though and I'm down 37 pounds since I started my pre-op diet!
  7. courtneyc

    On hold for a month due to LOW potassium :(

    Hi. I am four weeks post-op and my doctor has me on a potassium effervesent tablet that you drop in 4 oz of water. Have they put you on any supplements? I just received a small lecture tonight about the importance of taking this tablet so I don't have to go into the hospital. Perhaps you can ask him/her about it? The box is: K EFFERVESCENT TABLETS 25 mEq potassium (977 mg) Orange flavored. If they do prescribe it, I suggest you mix it with orange flavored Crystal Light as the flavor is a little unpleasent.
  8. Hello my fellow gastric bypass friends. I am wondering what kind of diet plan are you guys on? I'm two weeks (going on three) weeks out and I'm basically on the Atkins diet minus the veggies (for right now). I'm getting really, really tired of eating meat. I'm pureeing it but it's not so fun. There's only so much chicken salad, egg salad and tuna salad one can eat. Feeling a little frustrated but happy about my decision.
  9. courtneyc


    Hi everyone. It's been a little while since I posted but I had my surgery on Oct. 5th and I'm doing well. I am wondering how everyone else is doing. My biggest problem is that I'm now afraid that even what I'm eating (3 tbs pureed protein) is too much. Compared to what I used to eat, I know, it's nothing but I'm all freaked out. I'm also afraid that this won't work. I'm scared that I won't lose any weight. Anyone else experience the same sort of thoughts?
  10. courtneyc

    My Friends Are Dropping Me Like Flies

    Hi everyone. Sorry for the delay in my response. I've tried to reach out and this person doesn't want anything to do with me. I am at a point now that I don't even want a reconciliation becuase to me it's a cruddy thing she did to one stop talking to me right before my sugery and secondly to not even tell me why. I'm having to deal with alot right now...ended friendships, a pretty much ending relationship with my boyfriend and surgery a week from tomorrow. It's alot to handle but I'm not giving up. I've been waiting a year to do this and if I have to go through it all by myself then so be it. I have the support of my family and two other good friends and that's all I need. Oh, and all of your kind support and encouragement.
  11. I have only a few good friends. I'm scheduled to have surgery two weeks from today (Oct. 5th) and now two of them aren't even speaking to me. I"ve finally done something for myself and I've been dumped on. The cruddy thing is I don't even know what I did wrong. It sucks and I'm sad but I can't even think about calling or trying to communicate with these individuals because I sort of don't care and don't need the drama. Has anyone else lost friendships? Thank God my boyfriend is being supportive of me or else I'd be lost.
  12. courtneyc

    "You single handedly gave the dog fat rolls"

    Well, better the dog than you. lol. BTW, my cat is obese, I wish there were kitty lap bands. He's on a diet too but doesn't seem to be losing weight. He's quite a big boy.
  13. courtneyc

    Dr. Wants me on Atkins?

    The nurse told me that my doctor will put me on the atkins diet for my 2 week pre-op diet and then atkins afterwards. Does this mean I won't be able to have ff milk or SF puddings or anything? I'm just curious because everyone else seems to be saying they are eating things like pureed cream of wheat, sf pudding, etc.
  14. courtneyc

    Silly Question

    thanks so much everyone for your suggestions and comments!! I'm very nervous about overeating once I have my surgery and can eat solid foods again. I'm also an emotional eater so I'm all-around stressed that this is not going to work for me. I do, however, know I have friends here that I can talk to so thanks so much!!!!
  15. courtneyc

    APPROVED and Questions!!!

    Thanks so much! I really appreciate all of your support and encouragement.