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  1. Merry Christmas everyone sounds like all are doing great I am as well just dealing with all the other issues in life
  2. Make your appointment and call your insurance and make sure that weight loss surgery is not excluded. do you have any co morbidities.. if not get an appointment anyway as my surgeon said the guidelines will change with most insurance companies at the beginning of the year.. right now you have to have a 40 bmi for approval with no co morbidities. it is supposed to be going down to 35 bmi. so if that change does happen as long as it is not excluded in your policy then you should be good.
  3. it is awesome that you feel better each day... I had surgery in Laredo, Tx. on 8/27 and feel better each day as well I even walked 14 miles in one day... wow... never thought that would happen EVER.... well sounds like you are doing awesome keep up the good work
  4. you look awesome.. and have done really amazing.. have a great day..
  5. for those that have fitbit's feel free to send me a friend request.. my user name on fitbit is I look forward to hearing from you all.... Jenny I updated the stats... currently in an 18 comfortably but can fit in a 16 and a large shirt.. I am looking forward to my journey more and more each day... I have quite the competition going on with my mom and so for the first time today I took the lead in a big way.. Now I intend to keep it.... LOL mom is a weight watchers leader so walks constantly... I have also gotten the 16 year old his own... lol anyone looking for a fitbit flex.. I just upgraded to the force so have 2 I can make deals on... lol
  6. Hey all remember me... LOL sorry things have gotten hectic around here.. Diet wise I am doing great.. I am down to 207.2 on sunday.... considering one of the new ways to deal with my stress is walking... I walked a total of 13.71 miles according to my fitbit... and yesterday I actually set out and found a hill... No Naty they are not everywhere here like they are up there.. man I miss Maine.... although I did get a taste.. I spent last week in Chicago and my friend... my very best friend met me there... she bought me two bites of an Amatos Italian... man was it yummy.... well anyway I am doing good... hope you guys are good too... I will try to get better at checking in but ... spend a lot of time walking now.. today have only done about 7 miles.. or so.. but that is still much improved...
  7. not currently we live in Laredo but go back and forth between here and Marfa/Fort Davis area if you need anything just pm me...
  8. If you have a verizon store they have the force in stock and with most employers you can get 15 percent off with them the biggest difference is that the force has the readout so you can see your step progress on the display where as the flex does not you can still monitor progress throughout the day on your smartphone computer or tablet
  9. Ya it has probably moved the last time I was in Van Buren was 15 years ago....
  10. Glad y'all are getting past the stalls I have not seen the scale move in a while but what is more important to me is the inches are falling off which is great.... Next Sunday we are heading for Chicago to see my godson graduate from navy basic training... And I have not seen my best friend his mom in close to 10 years so I am very excited to be 3 sizes smaller than I was when we started high school together . Vrob? Is gracelawn the only cemetery in van buren if not is that the one across from the walmart
  11. I have a protein shake made with mootopia and smoothie king gladiator protein higher in calories but also has57 g of protein
  12. Rob and I went to dinner and the movies the other night and dinner lasted us 5 meals but it was good we got the meatloaf at Logan's with double mushroom skewers the meal did not make me happy for the first time in a longtime instead of focusing on. The food I was focusing on the time with my husband
  13. I mix mine with Girl Scout cookie thin mint coffee creamer lol it really does taste like a thin mint cookie yummy
  14. we were under warnings but have only seen drops at a time... stay safe hope it passes.