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  1. I have found that every surgeon has his/her own little preferences. I was told that the goal was to eat 3 small meals a day. No snacks, as its really easy to rack up a lot of calories when you eat 2 extra little meals in a day I was told the goal was to feel hungry every 4-5 hours. They really dont want the band to be so tight that you are going for more than 5 hours without eating... then you are too hungry and its easy to over-eat. I eat around 6:30am, 11:30, and 5:30 The only exception is on days that I take an exercise class at 6, I have a protein-bar snack (Quest Bars are AWESOME) to be able to wait until after 7pm for dinner
  2. It is possible to have more cc's than recommended. My advocate told me that she has seen a few patients ( only 2 that she could recall), that felt that 10 cc's wasn't enough (in a 10 cc band), and with doctor permission, they can add a 1-2 ccs more. Because the fill amount from Allergan is only a recommendation, it is possible to place more in the band. If it has been empty for several months, you are likely going to have to work back up to a new "sweet spot" as I imagine going right back to where you were would make you struggle.
  3. The majority of your meals should be all protein. What I was taught 4 oz of lean protein is your meal, any extra room can be filled with non-starchy veggies. I by no means am an expert but here is kind of a sample of what my days look like: Breakfast: 1 egg with 1 serving turkey sausage- small amount of cheese Lunch- "Salad": 2-3 oz protein (ham/turkey/chicken), 2 oz of mixed nuts/dried fruit, small apple and small amount of spinach leaves. Dinner: 4-5 oz lean protein (chicken/fish mostly) with side veggie (all though i have been known to only eat protein at dinner) I would think you are consuming more carbs than you think, but i do seriously caution you from comparing your weight-loss to others. There is no gauge to say yes you are losing correctly or you aren't. We all started at different places/weights with completely different situations. And to be quite honest, we sometimes don't end up where we imagined. Would I like to weigh less? YES! ALWAYS! But I have hit a point now where I am losing sizes/inches but not pounds, and that can be a huge blow when you are working really hard. But I have to stop and remind ask myself- am I eating the way I should? Am exercising? And if the answer is honestly yes to both, I know I am doing all that I can, and I have a completely different life than I did before! Always take a moment to look back on where you started- looking at pictures from before can be a HUGE help, and always remember... it may not be exactly where you want to be, but it is a whole lot better than when you started
  4. I agree that addiction does often transfer to something else, I have been lucky that it has not turned to something harmful to me. I was raised that things that occur in life, both really good and bad, are to be rewarded with food. A really bad day was a reason to order pizza. I still fight myself not to do this. This battle often gets very lonely. People that I thought were really solid friends, ended up not being so supportive. I believe that I have changed for the better, some may not see it that way. My point is, do you have someone you can talk to? I dont think you can battle those feelings alone.
  5. It isnt forever. Just keep telling yourself that
  6. I cried. Frequently. I was told i could have ALL of the sugar free jello I wanted if I was hungry. I dont think I will EVER eat jello again.
  7. Its true that I have gone through numerous sets of clothes, each size set donated as soon as the next one is bought. I dont want them just laying around. I part of me will always be afraid- afraid that i will fail, afraid that it will all come back. This weekend, a close family member, looked me right in the face and said," you know this is only temporary, and all that weight will creep back on." Who says that!? I can understand a certain amount of it is projecting her own failures and shortcomings, but it made me feel awful! There are moments when i do see ( i did take one set of AWFUL, revealing pictures before surgery) but then it is quickly followed by things that are not moving as fast as I'd like. I have been hovering around the same weight for a couple of months now, my first palteau.....I am doing everything I can to add activity to each day. I will make it through, but it really helps to know/hear that others are there supporting... even when my own family is not. Thank you, friends!
  8. I hit my one year banded date this week, and all though I didnt hit my goal of losing 100 pounds, I am less than 10 pounds away. Disappointed it? A little... all though i know i shouldnt be! The thing that is bothering me the most is, all though I am smaller, my brain is never satisified. Like an ongoing battle with self-hatred. I hate that I got so large, and i hate that I can rarely feel proud of how far I've come. It's the constant mirror checks, pulling on clothing items that fit just fine, but seem like they dont or shouldnt. Seeing pictures and not really believing that is me... like maybe it was just the angle... or the light.... I just cant help but wonder if I am always going to feel like a fat girl that is about to bust out. Like she is there, and I will always be her. Does anyone else feel this way?
  9. You absolutely CAN! My best advice, as I still struggle with this, don't be a slave to the scale. There are going to be months where the numbers don’t move much, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t making progress! Notice the small things, the pants that are getting too baggy, the XXL clothing that no longer comes close to fitting, the way you feel each morning and after every workout. Today is my 1 year anniversary, and while I really wanted to be down 100 pounds, I only made it to 90. But seriously, only made it to 90! LOL What a thing to complain about! I have come father than I ever imagined! Taking 2 advanced Pilates classes every week, cycling every chance I get...and really trying to learn not to be so hard on myself. Good luck on your journey! May you too feel this blessed on your 1 year anniversary!
  10. You had to stay overnight after your surgery? Here, I had the surgery at 8am, and was home and in my own bed by 1!
  11. I lost 20 lbs in the two weeks before surgery
  12. My husband and I both had surgery 7/8/13. I feel really fortunate! We have A LOT of support through our doctor, we go to monthly check-ins, we have an advocate that has also had the surgery to touch base with should we have questions. I am almost down 100 pounds, and I have not yet hit my 1 year mark. My advocate says this is a 2 year program, so I am in a really great spot. I would like to lose another 50 lbs. I really have no horror stories! We haven't been ill, haven't had any trouble with foods or vomiting. (Not to say that things dont get stuck from time to time) All though i did have one lady that stabbed me 5 times before taking me to x-ray to locate my port! I am VERY compliant (i have a friend that had the surgery 3 years ago, and she has now gained all the weight she lost back. That scares me) I work really hard on working out and pushing myself. I am overjoyed at the amount of things I am able to do now! I attend 2 pilates classes a week (with a drill Sargent instructor) and I am now able to keep up with the rest of the ladies! I have also started cycling on Saturdays. I am up to almost 11 mph and we ride for 8 miles!
  13. YAY! This experience is not as easy as everyone believes it to be Glad you're feeling better!
  14. Sissy- While it might be sorta graphic- can you give more details about how your stomach is sick? Are you throwing up? Just regurgitating food? Having diarrhea? I have suggestions, but want to be sure I completely understand your issue