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  1. Hello All, I had surgery this past Monday and am doing fairly well. Had a lot of gas pain yesterday. I got home Wednesday evening and was up and down all night with gas and trips to the bathroom. Am supposed to have the drain tube removed next Wednesday and am looking froward to it. I have been able to pass some of the gas this morning which feels glorious! LOL Am getting plenty of rest and making sure I walk around enough during the day to prevent blood clots and got in all my liquids yesterday and protein. Expect to again today. Hope everyone is having a blessed day.
  2. February 2014 Roll Call

    I'm home from the hospital now. Have gas and soreness but everything went fine. Hope all are ok
  3. February 2014 Roll Call

    Surgery day! Getting ready to leave. My scales showed a 20 pound loss as of today on the liquid diet. Hoping everyone has a blessed day and best wishes to all having surgery before I get on here again.
  4. February 2014 Roll Call

    To all my friends on here having surgery tomorrow or in the next few days, I pray the Lord keeps each of you safe and gives us all a quick recovery. I will probably be to excited to sleep tonight. God bless you all.
  5. February 2014 Roll Call

    Twinkle one Surgeon can be totally different from the others. Some require a couple of days a lot of others 2 weeks and some none at all. This two weeks has been hard at times but I have grown and learned I can go without food even when I'm surrounded by it. God bless you on your surgery, mine is this coming Monday.
  6. Help!

    I was trout fishing two days after they took mine out. I felt so much better. Hope you get well soon and heal fast. God bless you.
  7. 5 days post op

    I will have surgery Monday, but I've read others say it takes a few weeks for some people. I insisted on a whole month off from work. I will return after seeing the Surgeon then. Keep sipping lots of fluids and walking all you can and hopefully you'll perk up soon. God bless you.
  8. February 2014 Roll Call

    Tomorrow the 2 of February is my last day on the liquid diet. It will be clear liquids only. I have lost 17 pounds so far on the liquid diet, 32 pounds in all. I will do the surgery Monday morning Lord willing. I am excited and can't wait to get it done. It's been a tough two weeks. Today is my last day at work around food again. Will stay home tomorrow and relax but hope to make Church in the Morning. Hope all are doing ok.
  9. Hello everyone, I'm on day 11 of the diet and have lost a lot of weight. I've shrunk from a 42 pants to a 38 jeans. 2 or 3xl shirt to xl. I can't wait for Monday to get here and have my surgery. Lord willing by Summer I'll be a lot smaller. My goal is no bigger than a 32 jeans and a Medium shirt. Hope everyone is having a great day.
  10. Pill stuck!

    The last time I got a stomach bug and vomited several times I was real sore afterwards. Hope you get better soon.
  11. SEVERE leg cramps!!!

    I'm pre-op for 8 more days. If I don't take magnesium at night I have awlful leg cramps. I also suffer from restless leg. I will eventually ask the Doc to put me on something for that. I'm already low on calcium so I can't miss it. It is very important that you get the calcium and iron in. Especially if your blood work shows it is low. God bless you.
  12. I've read other people say dark meat chicken seems to go down better, and then some people can't tolerate chicken at all for a while. I'll join you on the losers bench in 9 more days. Then I'll find out how my body will do. Hope it gets better for you soon. God bless you.
  13. One month later and I get the stomach flu

    Sure hope you feel better soon. Drink a lot of sugar free powerade and replace your fluids. It usually helps me. God bless you.
  14. Bread? Sugar? NEVER?

    I'm on my 2 week liquid diet and I don't plan to EVER go back to the things that got me fat to begin with. My plan says protein first and non starchy vegetables second. If I do that I won't have room for carbs. Good or bad. I will find ways to keep my protein and vegetables interesting and healthy. We each will have to chose our own way and I hope yours works for you without a lot of regain. God bless you.
  15. Sinus Problems

    I would ask the PCP Nurse for advise. It might even be ok to talk to the Parmacist and explain your RNY and NSAID issues. If it contains tylenol then it's ok. I'm like you I would have to take something. Probably needs to be sugar free though. God bless you, hope yopu feel better soon.