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  1. I chose RNY because it was either lap band or bypass that the military insurance would cover so I went with the much safer option, the bypass. I wanted the DS. I only know one person who had the DS and she's kinda successful with it however she's not really utilizing her tool right, she's drinking with meals therefore gaining weight and not where she could be. So never reached goal weight. Me I reached goal weight my first year and am maintaining within 10-20lbs pending my health issues. I did think from my research at the time 10 years ago that the DS had a lot less malabsorption issues so I'm shocked to hear about that. Hope this helps.
  2. Welcome, welcome!! wishing and praying that you have a speedy recovery from your upcoming surgery and that we'll see you in that losers bench soon!!!! Woohoo
  3. Congrats! And keep up the great work. U look amazing and I'm sure you're feeling amazing too
  4. Not sure about it... sorry. I've had gabapentin, but nothing works on me.
  5. I thought I would be able to help but re-read your post. Im a long term post op. Sorry
  6. You're such an encyclopedia of information!! Thank you @Amber76bailey hugs ..wishing you much love and no pain
  7. Thank you so much for sharing this with me!!! Im definitely going to look into that and ask my neurologist about it. Did insurance cover it for you??
  8. Gabapentin does nothing for my chronic pain, arthritis and chronic headaches.. its totally useless. And my dr had prescribed it for my constant stomach pain due to a huge hernia and intestinal complications again, I've taken the highest legal dose 300mg 4 x's a day and still nothing other than a weird type of tingly feeling when i walk. Thumbs down. Perc 5 and 10 were too weak for me. Oxycod.10/325 was only thing that would give me some relief in the past to be able to do chores/ running around etc. I think I may have to look in the 650 or methadone like Amber76Bailey spoke of that has me hopeful!!!
  9. Relovlee


    I have a friend that is dutch & from the Netherlands, Heerlen (smaller village).
  10. Relovlee


    Sounds like fun! I lived over there for several years and was sick of it. I missed my USofA lol
  11. Hey! i only lost 8 pounds the first month. Mine didnt start dropping off until my 3rd or 4th month. Everyone is different though,,, so please dont compare yourself to other peoples success.I used to beat myself up all the time. But after i started working out i got off my plateau at 3-4 months. By 5th month i was down significantly
  12. i am suffering from ulcers now.. Im so sorry to hear that youve had so many problems gees!!!~ Prayers up to you ^^ I have another endo in June hopefully this one will see something different. My last one in 11' led to an exploratory surgery that included hernia repair and removal of some of my intestines. I've prayed all goes well for you Keep your head up @DkSaltz
  13. congrats! u look great
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