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  1. lol right? I love when people's advice to a serious cry for help and being in a bad place is "just do what everyone here couldn't do for years and control yourself!" I don't find this kind of advice helpful in the least and I understand exactly where you're coming from mburn. I have felt this as well. Some days I feel like if I went and got a picture taken of my stomach it would be just as big as pre-surgery. There was a member here some time ago, not sure if she's still active as I haven't been in some time, her name is Joles (or something close). She actually had an upper GI done when she was feeling this way and the results were that her pouch was fine, perfectly the size it was right after surgery! So how is this possible? It stays small and you are able to eat again? Well if I am truly honest with myself, am I really able to eat that much again in one sitting? No, not even close to what I could prior to surgery. However, when I sit around and eat every half-hour, hour, then I am able to pack in the 5K calorie days like it's nothing. When I eat what people here like to call 'sliders' I can eat more. So do I have a perfect solution for you? No... But I am doing the 5-day reset which does require that good ol' fashion will power, but for a SHORT TIME. It's a small obtainable goal, it's not go eat healthy snacks for the rest of your life! Go and do this one thing for yourself for 5 days. I'm doing it with you if it helps :-) Now, I have done this before and I want to reiterate why I said this requires extreme will power for a short time, but then your commitment eases. Why? Because after you do this, your restriction comes back a little more. After you stick with protein again, you'll be amazed how much more full you feel. A half of a chicken breast will keep you full for hours, whereas you could eat 6 cups of instant mac in two hours before (don't do that!!!!!!!!)! Sorry if I'm a little crass, but I feel your pain and I also detect a bit of my personality in your posting style so figured you could use a bit of comic relief! Good luck! ~ Drew I see this is an older post so I may just PM you this response -
  2. I absolutely agree - The fellowship is by far the most meaningful and useful aspect of AA. There really is a lot of awful BS in AA, but if you know to what take and what to leave, you can find a support network like none other. The days of doing everything that anyone ever asked me to do in AA are over, but my support group is still in tact and I stick with the people who feel similar to me. 18 months myself, congrats on the year! ~ Drew
  3. This is not bad actually. My surgeon fee alone was 5K. Total cost was 19K, for the sleeve. Please view my financing options at the top of the thread. Thanks, Andrew
  4. I appreciate the input, but like I said, I feel like I'm getting what I need out of this - that is to be eating better and more scheduled. I won't start this over at this point unless I fall off on day 6 and go back to normal. Again, thanks for the opinion though.
  5. Hellooooo - Works been hell today, sorry for the delay. Yesterday was magical, I never thought eggs and canned chicken would be so amazing. I have to be honest and say I cheated a little last night. I'm not sure if the real food just made me more hungry or what. I'm not too ashamed of what I cheated with though. I ate 3 100 calorie fiber bars between 4 and 9PM last night. Today is the "ground meat" day and I made a pound of ground turkey meat last night. I put between a quarter and a half pound on a bed of plan iceberg lettuce, no dressing, and nothing else. I started the morning out with a shake, had the salad for lunch and am now eating grapes and bit of cheese as a snack. Again, I guess that's cheating, but the point of this was to get me back in a decent rhythm and not over-eating, so I think I'm getting there. :-)
  6. Day 2 was meh, but I made it. I told myself I wouldn't weigh through-out this week and just see the progress at the end. But I did, because I'm an addict and need instant gradification lol. I'm down 5 pounds in the two days. If I stick to it, it should stay off. Yay for eggs today!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. LOL!!!! Sir mix-a-lot would not be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I refuse to take any SSRI or anti-psyc that my doc wants me on that causes weight-gain. Talk therapy and behavior changes can help so much more than certain medicines and there are medicines out there that do not cause weight gain. I have found one and that's all I take and of course lots of therapy. A pill that only does a little to help is not worth the weight gain. The strongest part of this point is that if that same pill causes weight-gain, which leads to depression, then it follows that the pill causes depression. It's a circular motion and no fun. Talk to the doc about which meds do not cause weight-gain and up the talk therapy IMO. Also, as an addict with nearly a year sober and clean, I can say that once you've crossed the line to several bottles a day, you may think you have it under control with a glass here a glass there, but one day it won't be enough again. I'd say listening to your story and the fact that we in the WLS community have such a high affinity for addiction transfer, quitting all together might be your best path. Regardless of my opinion on addiction, drinking on any SSRI is not a good move. Good luck!
  9. The only thing I can add to what everyone else has said is please please please take all this advice and do whatever you can to get this in check within your first year. Ask Jolls, me, or I guess anyone who's over 2 years post-op. Once the one-year or so mark passes, your honeymoon and easy weight-loss even with stumbling goes away. It goes away HARD, so keeping this up past your honeymoon phase will surely spell trouble. Some of us have gained it all back, I can only imagine how that would feel and know what I have to do to keep it from going there. If there isn't an OA meeting for a couple days go to an AA, NA, or even Alanon meeting. Any twelve step meeting has the same core principals and can get you through the day! Good luck!
  10. Yesterday was not terrible - I made it through the day with only protein shakes (and a handful of grapes, cheating? didn't feel like it). My wife and I ran 3.5 miles at night and in total I had less than 600 calories yesterday so I was beat after that. Had dinner after the run and hit the sack at 9PM. Dinner was pretty good actually because I was home so I made a shake with milk and ice blended instead of the old water & shaker. I woke up this morning and had one with milk and ice as well before work. That one seems to have stuck with me pretty well so far. Very much looking forward to eggs and canned food tomorrow! It's amazing what two days of liquids will have you looking forward to :-)
  11. Right, that's essentially the goal I listed next to restriction was to start eating properly again. I'm up 20 pounds, not the 40 you were up, but def scary enough to get me to want to get it in check before it does get to that number. I appreciate your share, especially the part about getting the upper GI done. I've often wondered if I can stretch it out. It's very good to hear that yours is the same size. Also, I do notice that you're correct in regards to solid proteins making the restriction work the most. Hoping to get back on track with the eating with this 5 days and it sounds like my other concern isn't a concern after all. Thanks again Jolls - Glad to see you're still active! I was expecting a response from you :-) Also, I'm reading your links - thanks for sharing
  12. Hello All - For those of you who know about my addiction story, I'm glad to report that yesterday was 9 months on the wagon. Sorry for not keeping the thread updated, I just haven't been on here in a long time! Addiction thread link - http://www.thinnertimesforum.com/topic/103297-would-i-do-it-all-again/ Anywho, I have been struggling with the amount I have been able to eat. A lot of it stems from still fighting with my wife about the money situation I put us in and am still digging out of that I told you all about in the above link. Some eat less when depressed, I obviously eat more. I've been messing up by eating a lot of sliders and a lot of grazing. I'm quite shocked at how much I'm able to eat right now - it's a little disheartening. I looked for something that would maybe 'reset' my sleeve back to the old restriction feeling days. Though I still can't get close to what I use to be able to eat, I'm def able to eat more and the poor selections are not helping. The 5 day reset link - http://5daypouchtest.com/ The summary of the 5 days is as follows - Day 1 - ONLY PROTEIN SHAKES (or other liquids from the early days such as soup broth) Day 2 - ONLY PROTEIN SHAKES (or other liquids from the early days such as soup broth) Day 3 - Soft proteins such as eggs and canned fish/chicken Day 4 - ground meat Day 5 - Solid proteins I am only on day 1 and on my second protein shake of the day. I'm feeling OK, the passing hunger so far is not as bad as I thought it'd be by now. I have a serious mindset going into this and I believe that is a must for anyone that feels like trying this. I'm going to use this thread to post updates over the next 5 days for anyone who is interested. I am hoping not only for the super restriction to come back but also to adopt the idea of following a healthy eating plan again. Wish me luck! ~ Andrew
  13. Sorry, with the holiday I almost forgot to get on and post! 4 months!
  14. 3 Months with Dr. Bob and Bill Dubz

  15. 3 months today! It remains a constant journey. My wife and I have good days and bad days, but that's to be expected given my actions. The cravings have subsided a bit, and when they do come in I call for help much quicker than before. I am extremely proud of this three months. It may not seem like long to some, but it's a damn miracle to me. ~One Day At A Time~