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  1. If anyone has enjoyed my journey or I have inspired anyone, great. I haven't been on in forever, I do feel I have failed. I am staying around 285 and have been there for 2 years now. I was laid off for a while and now have a new job that is not great, BUT it does come with gym membership I can use at lunch time. 3 weeks of M, W, F workouts have not budges the scale "YET" for "Aviator" if you are still around the rest is my facebook post from last month. In 1964 my dad bought a brand new corvette convertible 327CID 365 HP and a 4 speed manual gear box. I was 3
  2. 2 years post op today. Initial high weight 376, todays weight 276, lowest weight 6 months post op 251. My original goal was 235. Then I had set a goal of 209 so that I would no longer be obese. I didn’t reach my first goal let alone the second. While I had lost 1/3rd of my body weight I wasn’t able to keep it off. I needed to lose ½ my body weight to be normal. While my success are many, I consider my progress a failure. While I truly do believe my surgeon made my sleeve too large, the ultimate responsibility for what goes in my mouth lies with me. While I no longer need huge portions o
  3. yeah I have been moving it up incrementally. FWIW you can only go to 2 digit's so when I hit 99 I am dead. sometimes I feel 97. We ended up riding for a little over 45 minutes that day. FWIW, I am having huge motivational / depression issues and haven't gone riding since. My son is having reactions to medications that is also causing emotional problems and it doesn't help. that was a good day. Despite our previous warm up we have awoken to snow on the ground 3 of 5 days this month. we ran out of propane on Tuesday and our supplier cant/wont give us any so Easter was spent in a
  4. the fat guy goes for his first ride in 2015. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgbOouxXYXM#t=11
  5. so I was able to get the DVD's thru my local library and I have watched 3 of the 4 segments. it comes on 3 discs with the 3rd being several bonus documentaries that I doubt were aired with the series. I find it interesting that the judge with the gastric bypass who had a string of life threating complications still feels that it is one of the best things he ever did. I made my kid watch the segment on childhood obesity so I could explain to him why we are making him do Lacrosse and how important it is to be more active. I feel like I have failed due to the fact I have gained 20 lbs.
  6. Thanks, yes it is so much better to journey down the path on my own two feet rather than sitting on a mobility scooter. My son is doing lacrosse this year. We applied for a scholarship due to my low income and we got a full scholarship. Like any non-standard youth group they ask for volunteers. I told the coach I would do what I can but that standing for long periods of time was difficult. Sunday he asked me to help and I got out on the field. It felt good to be asked.
  7. thank you for the suggestion, I was able to request the series thru my library. I am slowly becoming more mobile now that the great white north turned from artic tundra to a normal spring a few weeks ago. It is going to take a great deal of discipline to get back on track. sorry for all the videos, I do not have a mobile device of any kind and in fact I cannot really watch videos on my home computer due to the rural DSL. I have to do all my watching on lunch breaks @ work. I have been limiting my internet @ work and spending far less time on the computer in general.
  8. I have to say at some points I was really out of breath climbing the hill. ever since the temps dropped at the first of the year I have had zero motivation to do much of anything.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0SntYW3i0s&feature=share
  10. I never liked them, even when people went down to Poletown to buy the real thing. it was never much of a draw for me other than "free food".i did use to eat them though, even though I didn't like them???? I don't have to worry here there are none to tempt. I would rather have something I truly enjoy.
  11. was sent this on facebook https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1480056058874103
  12. 1: STOP LOOKING IN THE MIRROR. 2: Wear a compression shirt underneath they help immensely. FWIW I don't have that issue but if I ever got down to a "normal" BMI I suspect I would.
  13. So long story short. The wife wants to have chickens this year. She just wants eggs but I want meat. Regardless you need to feed and water the chickens. There are special watering nipples that are for chickens. I won an Ebay auction on a bulk amount. They were a 1/3 the price of an online retailer. I have more than I need and was wondering what local retail was so I can try to make money selling the surplus on CL. I searched TSC and found out they go for 5 times what I paid for them. I minimized the window and got back to work. When I got back to using the internet I found it very funny that
  14. I have not worked on the office lately but I did finally after starting my home 16 years ago put up a kitchen cupboard last night. I could slap in factory or semi custom cabinets in a weekend but I have always wanted to make my own cabinets. Well this is my start.
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