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  1. Welcome and good luck... Your new life starts Thursday!!!
  2. Thinking of you and your wife today.. hope all goes well, cant wait to hear an update..
  3. So glad you are doing much better... I also had trouble peeing for awhile, but it gets better day by day!!!
  4. Congratulations!!! Mine was the 14. And I'm doing good just some gas pains so walk walk walk
  5. I got to come home this morning I have 5 small wounds only one bothers me. The gas pain got bad last night so I'm walking as much was I can, still can't pass gas. my shoulders are stiff and sore but all in all I'm glad i did it. Water is going down fine not sure about 64oz but I'm going to try. What do y'all do for gas other then walk?
  6. Tomorrow is the day I have been waiting on for what feels like forever!!!! I'm so ready for my new life to start!!!
  7. I'm also the 14 been on my liquid diet for 9 days with no food aloud just sf jello broth protein shakes and water. What I don't look forward to is the bowel prep I have to do the 13.... had my last pre op appointment today everything is all good for the surgery.... cant wait.....
  8. I'm on day 7 of 14 it gets easier,, in the long run it will be worth it!
  9. Hi Yall I'm new here I will be under going RNY gastric bypass August 14, 2013.. I am a mother to 2 kids 7 year old girl and 6 year old boy, also an Army Wife for the last 7 years as well. I hope to get any question I have answered and support along the way. If anyone has any question for me just let me know.
  10. HI yall I'm new to the group and I will be having gastric bypass on August 14 2013. I hope to get lots of good information that I haven't already found and for help along the road after..