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  1. sleuth

    5 Months Post-op Photo // Limited Time Only

    Thanks for the comments everybody. I am feeling better everyday, but I also beat myself up everyday because I've gotten a little lazy about it both in my diet and my exercise. I am hoping that when I get outside I will not only be more active but also stay away from the food a little more. :-)
  2. I'm surprised none of the Fitbit models (to my knowledge) track heart rate yet.
  3. sleuth

    Eating pickles...

    I'm planting 40 cucumber plants in the garden this year. Go pickles!
  4. I've been kind of lackadaisical about sticking to my plan lately. I haven't weighed in for a month or so, so I don't know what my total loss is. And with the cold spell in January and now going into February I've done very little exercise. However, spring is coming. I can't wait to get out in the garden and do all my other projects, which I know will keep me active (and keep me away from the kitchen). I'm guessing I'm between 43-50 lb. lost. Here's a photo of me in my element, engineer playing farmboy. The coat is a little baggy but I think I stand a little straighter and can definitely see the slimming in my face, hips, and thighs. Update:// Photo Removed for Privacy
  5. sleuth

    wine and or alcohol post op 2 1/2 months

    I've had 1 or 2 light beers since surgery, both in the last month. But I never was even a moderate drinker to begin with. That said, no ill effects.
  6. sleuth

    NSV-Oh Poop!

    No, there is a certain member of my household who's poop is huge! And it's not me. Constantly plunging 'round here. (Yeah I know that's what you meant but I couldn't pass it up.)
  7. Ditto. 2% is ok, but 4% is divine.
  8. sleuth

    The Fitbit thread?

    Nobody else?
  9. sleuth

    Eating pickles...

    Trying to get back on track after falling off the wagon for most of December. So, Mt. Olive Zesty Garlic Kosher Spears it is...
  10. sleuth

    My foot is vibrating.

    Could be a sign of neuropathy.
  11. sleuth

    The Fitbit thread?

    I saw a MFP thread where everyone shared their username to connect. I didn't find one for Fitbit, so I propose this be the thread where everyone shares their Fitbit page. I am at
  12. I just got a Fitbit One for Christmas. Tonight I adjusted my stride length to 2' 3.3". Not sure how that compares with other 6'2" guys. I think I have a long torso and shorter legs.
  13. Aviator, So what is and how is it different to MFP? Do you use both or just one? They appear to serve the same function.
  14. Hi everybody! Now that the new year is starting, the end-of-year goals all met, etc., I hope to be back on here a little more. Last 2 months was just crazy. I haven't weighed in a couple months but I'm hoping I just maintained. With the new year I'll be more closely tracking my food and with the Fitbit I hope to better track my activity. Would love to connect with some of you on Fitbit.