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    Mom to a rotten 4 year old daughter :). Recently returned to my career as a probation and parole officer. Like to spend my spare time cooking, traveling, taking haunted history tours on my travels and picnicking with my daughter and husband and extended family when the weather is nice.
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    Dr. Minkin
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    Des Peres Hospital
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    Vertical Sleeve

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  1. Congrats on your weight loss. The change is remarkable.

  2. Thrilled that you're feeling better and seeing scale movement. I know not everyone experiences side effects with the pill, but so, so many women do, I've always thought that it played a big part in your struggle. And I'd be thrilled to wish you a congrats on a pregnancy. Good luck with it all!
  3. Been floundering around the same weight for most of this year. I will be at 154 lbs (BMI of 24.9) by my birthday 6-24-15. Time to get serious and actual implement some exercise...

    1. duffman27


      go get it Mirtl!

    2. tmcgee


      I stalled for a year, too, and the scale started moving again a month or so ago. I'm down ten pounds since it did!

  4. I found myself really in the mood for salty/brothy something tonight and then I remembered really liking this soup. Once again, it really hit the spot for very little calories!
  5. This sounds like something that you need to obtain MEDICAL advice regarding, not speculation from folks who have opinions, but not professional knowledge. You don't want to mess around with this sort of thing. Glad to hear you had a doctor at the table to recognize the severity of the situation and glad to hear you're doing better. Take care of yourself and make an appointment with your doctor.
  6. A co worker referred to me as skinny yesterday. Now that put a spring in my step!

    1. tmcgee



    2. LouisianaLady


      That's awesome! It's a marvelous feeling isn't it.

  7. How are you doing today? Getting better, or worse?
  8. Congratulations!! Such an exciting milestone!
  9. Dropped into the 150's today. Okay, just barely, but still there. BMI dropped into the 25 range and I'm 5.4lbs from a normal BMI. Soon I'll get to start buying the permanent wardrobe!

  10. Just reading this, WOW. Sorry to hear what you've gone through these past couple of days and more. Glad the solution seemed pretty clear once they got in there and definitely hoping this is the end all/fix all to you pain and problems. Rest up and take care!
  11. Great pics, you look amazing!!
  12. You look fabulous, both your physique and the head shot with the new hair. I also like the fact your post is a reminder of how important weights are. I've lost all my weight so far with very little exercise due to ankle surgery 4 1/2 months post op and although I'm happy with how I look in clothes, the loose skin is annoying. My ankle is finally to a point I can start exercising again and this post is a great reminder of the toning benefits of weights. Reminds me of what a difference Aviator experienced when he got "hard core" with his weights regimen. Way to go sweetie!
  13. Hit 140lbs down this morning. 19lbs to goal and 10lbs to a normal BMI. Weight loss is definitely slower than ever, but my goals are definitely within sight...

  14. I definitely want to attend a St. Louis hook up. Celebrating our anniversary this Saturday, so I'll have to miss, but I want to attend the next one!
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