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  1. It'll be here before you know it. I worked LLUMC for almost 8 years. Its great place to be. Good luck!
  2. I'm doing my best. I guess the thought of failure just scares me so much.
  3. I wouldn't normally post something like this but I'm so stressed and frustrated. My husband is driving me crazy, work is stressful and I'm trying to hold it together for my kids. Tonight, I had my dinner, a snack then another meal and another snack. My stomach feels full but not uncomfortable. That worries me but I'm most worried because I let it happen. I thought I'd taken all the right steps to prevent this from happening. I'm measuring food, planning my meals, staying busy and I've been working with my counselor since before surgery. I hate that I let my old self rear its ugly head. I guess I'm going to try and shake it off so tomorrow can be a better day.
  4. Its illegal to double bill for medical services. I would ask for an itemized bill from the hospital, anesthesiologist and your surgeon. Sometimes these appear on separate bills. Compare it to your explanation of benefits from your insurance company. If you see that there are charges that should have been billed to your insurance but you were charged contact your insurance company again. If they won't help contact the state insurance board to review. If the doctor refuses to reimburse you and he can't justify the charges there's a patient advocacy organization that specializes in this type of thing. I can't remember the name but its a nationwide organization. I hope you get it figured out and get your refund. After rereading your post I see you've done most of this stuff already. I'm going to ask the patient advocates at my work because now I'm curious about who enforces this type of thing.
  5. Cali2AK


    I feel terrible that you haven't received the support you need. I don't think it has anything to do with your weight. I use my phone in mobile version so I can't see anyones weight/stats unless I switch formats. I hope you'll reconsider.
  6. Cali2AK


    Alaska anyone? I'm persistent... there's gotta be someone out there
  7. I'm a teeth grinder too. My dentist made me a mouth guard to prevent breaking a tooth. I pray all your pain is gone and that greek yogurt is keeping you satisfied.
  8. Glad everything went well. Welcome to the jungle!
  9. Cali2AK

    Being Young

    Marie, you have a beauty within that shines through your words. No one should endure what you've gone thru in your young life. You're a strong and intelligent. When your confidence inside comes to light, my dear, you will be a force to be reckoned with. I'm a firm believer in turning a negative into a positive especially when you are hurt by others. Life is too short to live in miser. You just have to regroup and move forward. You mentioned counseling in the past. As you travel this journey find someone to talk to. Get emotional get it all out and grow from it. This is a really great place to vent. In case you haven't noticed. Feel free to inbox me if you need an ear.
  10. Cali2AK


    I'm in the very same situation as your daughter. My father waited until I was 24 and my mother was on her death bed to decide to be involved in my life. We made amends and my only request was that he be a good grandfather to my boys at that time. Well, 10 years and 4 grandkids later he has allowed everyone else's kids to be priority. He's everyone's favorite uncle and wonderful to his wife's grandkids. My cousins post pics on FB of him and their kids at Raiders games and amusement parks. It's painful and frustrating. I put my feelings aside to allow him back in my life. My kids don't have any other grandparents so I've really tried to deal with it in a peaceful way for the sake of my kids. They get excited to get a phone call. They don't expect anything from him so it works out. The only reason he remembers their birthday is because my aunt sends out a text to the entire family to recognize the birthdays. She made an error for one of my kids. He was so upset with her because he called to say happy birthday and I had to tell him the birthday was 5 months away. lol. I find it amusing at times. I'm sorry I kinda hijacked your post. All this to say, love on your grandkids to the best of your ability. They aren't missing him if he's never been there. They are blessed to have the love of a grandparent and that's all that matters. It's going to hurt when you see stuff like that but you and your daughter work together to spend that energy doing positive things with her kids. Sometimes as parents we have to absorb the pain and teach our kids how to turn a negative into a positive. I wish you well.
  11. That's hilariously true! My son was washing dishes after dinner and commented on how many dishes I use for a person that eats so little.
  12. I'm going to try that Cinwa. It sounds delicious.
  13. Thanks! That's my goal. I don't want my kids to inherit my weight issues.