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  1. Hello! I was doing great and then I got a new job that includes lots of travel and lots of social eating and drinking. And I gained weight. So I am back here to get back on track. Can someone remind me of the pouch test diet? I need to get it back on track!
  2. As far as second thoughts with successful pre-surgery dieting. I always ask people if they had short term success on other diets. The answer is usually yes. Then I ask them how long until they got to goal weight (never) and how long until they gained it all back...usually within a year and then some. If that is the case, then you aren't having success until you keep it off. If you have never REALLY tried to diet, you owe it to yourself to try. If you have, then you owe it to yourself to trust the data that shows this is your best shot at achieving and maintaining a healthy weight...both ways take a lot of work, but one way has proven to give you a long term advantage. When it comes to exercise, I get up super early before the sun comes up when the temp is really high. I will swim or run in the water during the heat of the day, but I don't run outside in the high heat. My husband is a night owl, so he prefers to exercise after dark in the evenings...same idea. Other than that, a treadmill or gym gives you a climate controlled option.
  3. Positives: My body doesn't hurt unless I work out so hard that I make it hurt. Which I do because I can and love pushing myself. It is easier to carry my body around and take it on adventures. People that didn't know me when I was heavy, use me as an example of someone who is "naturally" active and with a good figure. Ha! Negatives: I lost hair, l gained loose skin (plastic surgery took care of the skin that caused rashes and so I got a breast reduction/lift while I was at it...totally a positive!) I have low iron...but I did before, now I get iron infusions and I am good to go (also a positive). The only long term negative that bugs me is that I like a good bourbon and alcohol hits me different every time I drink...sometimes one and I am sloppy drunk, other times one and I process it like a "normal" person...not knowing is hard and means I can't do happy hour after work for fear of a bad reaction.
  4. Have you tried NUUN? It is an electrolyte drink. Very light taste. You add a tablet to water. It doesn't have all the junk gatorade does. I like it for long runs.
  5. So I actually had an unexpected visit with my surgeon today...it had been rescheduled several times and they called to fit me in today. He suggested that I go on a 10 day diet...for lack of a better term. 30grams or less of carbs. He said I might feel awful for 3-4 days, but that it will knock off the extra fat...which he believes is much less than the extra muscle I have gained. So I will give that a go. When I saw an exercise physiologist and sports nut, I gained weight and didn't like the negative effects I had with my bowels based on what they had me eating.
  6. I was going to post this in the exercise section, but it doesn't seem to get much traffic. I have gained about 10 pounds from where I leveled off after surgery. During this 10 pound gain, I have trained for and completed 2 marathons, Olympic distance triathlons, and numerous half marathon and smaller distance events. I lift weights two times a week. I run over 150 miles per month. I bike about 200 miles per month. I swim at least 5 miles a month. This level of exercise is incredibly important to me. This is a large part of why I had surgery...so I could exercise the way I like to the extremes I enjoy with less risk/pressure on my joints. All of that said, to keep up with this level of activity, I need to drink alot of water and fuel my body with slightly more carbs than most post bypass patients. For perspective I eat about 1500 calories per day. About 300 of those come from a carb-based snack to help fuel a long run or ride. Usually this is pretzels and cheese, toast with PB, or if I am in a pinch and tanking, I have glorified candy (sport beans). According to my HR monitor, I burn, on average more than 1500 calories in exercise per day. When I talk to a nut, they tell me to eat more. That is partly why I think I gained this weight and partly because I have been focusing on lifting heavier so some of it is muscle. My current weight has me back to a BMI the hovers at overweight. I am within one pound over or under on any given day. That freaks me out. I want to lose a few pounds for the wiggle room, but I don't know who to consult that won't have me gaining weight again. I also don't want to reduce my exercise...I have a fall marathon on the calendar and am chasing a sub 2 hour half...I am within 90seconds of breaking that barrier. Any ideas?
  7. I am obsessed with Orange Theory. I have gotten faster and stronger since I started going twice a week over 18 months ago. I love that no matter how hard something is, there is relief soon! Ha!
  8. Probably the $30 pizza I bought in Chicago so I could eat the toppings and half the crust from one peice. It was exactly what I wanted and it was delicious. Just no way to order a smaller amount. I was a big hit with the homeless camp on the way back to the hotel.
  9. I have gained about 10 pounds from my ideal 140 that I was holding at. At one point I was down to 132, but that was after a surgery and I looked and felt sick. I had lost muscle at that point and so I was happy to be back at 140. Now over the last year, I am up to 150. I have done a two marathons, several triathlons, I do half marathons...I exercise 6 days a week...cardio and weight training very intense. I do this because I love it and to avoid getting light headed, I have to eat a little more than I would if I wasn't exercising 2 hours a day. I have a long weekend of running coming up and so I thought after that I could do the pouch test. My big question is should I reach out to my surgeon and his staff? The online info says to consult your doctor. I want to nip this before it goes out of control. In two pounds I will be considered overweight again and that isn't acceptable to me. I forgot the head games part...I see pictures of myself now and still see a fat person. Then I realize I wear a size 4 and and have muscular arms and legs, so I am not fat. But I can't help but feel enormous. Then I see the number on the scale and start to panic...but I don't know if I am more scared of the number on the scale or losing the ability to exercise at peak levels.
  10. Hooray!!! I'm aiming for a sub-2 hour half. I love that I will get to see you in real life! Best prize ever!
  11. Hey Merideth! Good to see you here and good to hear about the new boyfriend. I am going to throw out a challenge, because I know you like to run and it is better with a goal in mind. I am going to Hershey, PA for the half marathon this fall. Registration opens May 1. There is a winery and a brewery and the whole town smells of chocolate! Plus you get into the park for free. We can ride the rides and not be too big!!!! Let's meet up to run and be at or damn close to goal weight. I am still holding on to a little more than I wanted to after the marathons last fall.
  12. I ran before surgery. Half marathons and was slow. Now I've run two marathons and am on pace to run a sub 2 hour half (which is literally half the time it took me to run my first half). Improving is so much faster as you lose weight! As far as fueling for distances, I have done really well with quest bars or protein shake and toast for breakfast. I also do protein with carbs when I run if I need something, because I don't do well with just straight carbs.
  13. My doctor suggested it. I thought it wasn't a responsible choice for me at the time because I did everything "right" and still couldn't lose weight. It took me almost a year to come around to the idea that if doing everything right for 10 years to lose the weight didn't result in any weight loss that I needed to do something different.
  14. I was about your size, I wore a size 18. I carried it well. I was strong. I worked out. I ate healthy foods. People told me they didn't think of me as fat. I still carried almost 100 pounds too much. I wear a size 4. I am strong. i work out. I eat healthy food. People tell me they can't believe I was ever heavy.
  15. I'll be the example of the other side of things. I exercise 6 days a week. I average 14 hours a week. I run long distances, lift weights, bike, and swim. All of this is fun for me and getting stronger/faster/more athletic was a goal that went along with surgery. I still had my 10 pound regain. My dr isn't concerned and neither am I...I actually am pretty confident that most of the regain was muscle as I moved into lifting heavier weights and I wear the same size clothes or smaller than I did 10 pounds less.
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