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  1. telcodaddy

    What to do now?

    My life use to be identical. Bars and eating out, the wife and I are foodies. It has been a little over 3 months since I had my gb and I am down 85 lbs. For the first couple of months I stayed inside feeling sorry for myself because I couldnt eat what everyone else was, now I snack on everyone elses plates. I eat a bite of this or that and then I am full. Think of it as sampling the good stuff with out having a tab to pay for it. Just stop when you get that full feeling. It gets easier. I thought I was in my prime and now because I couldnt take care of ever growing body wieght I realized I was only in my prime for a damn heart attach. I still have the same friends and go to the same places, I have just started to go to new places, more active places. I still ride the harley but now I also ride the petal bike through the park on the nice days. You will come out of the slump, it just takes a little time. Post on here and talk to people, this will help you get through it. Go to the monthly meetings, there you will meet others that are going through and feeling the same way. It will come around.
  2. Naters, I had my gastric on Sept 3rd of this year. I have had two stall points in which one lasted about 5-7 days. Keep positive and dont let this deter you. I am down 85lbs to date. Just remember to walk and drink your fluids. I have been walking 2.5 miles almost everyday since my 4 week mark.
  3. telcodaddy

    post op sex

    All you old folks have some perverted minds..... I like you guys!
  4. telcodaddy

    Eating has become a chore...

    Well, I thought I had chewed everything thorougly. It was well over an hour after i ate when I lost it. just making sure it's normal or at least part of the learning process.
  5. telcodaddy

    Eating has become a chore...

    I'm 3 1/2 weeks post op I was doing great moving to the solid foods until today. I had 1/4 of a turkey patty and 30 minutes later I threw up for the first time. Is this normal?
  6. telcodaddy

    post op sex

    I have to agree with you. It is not as explosive as before. I'm 3 weeks post op and I'm waiting for the "boom" to happen.
  7. telcodaddy

    Return to Motorcycle Riding / Vehicle Driving

    Well I am going to goa ride today. It's been 3 weeks since my surgery. And I too am like you Violet, I love riding my bike and the feeling of not huffing just because I put on my boots is going to be a great feeling.
  8. telcodaddy

    new and nervous

    I had my refried beans yesterday along with an awesome protein shake. Happy happy now.
  9. telcodaddy

    Refried beans?

    Fred, when was your surgery? How long have you been on soft foods?
  10. telcodaddy

    Refried beans?

    What are you having with them?
  11. telcodaddy

    new and nervous

    I dont know if I am going to get that ambitious this soon after surgery. I am going to stick to foods that are suppose to creamy. I do not think I can eat pureed chicken... What type of protein shakes are you eating? Have you tried just yogurt or the refried beans?
  12. telcodaddy

    new and nervous

    So Fred, how'd your surgery go? I know I am looking forward to seeing my surgeon this thursday so I can have some refried beans or mashed potatos... the both and jello is getting old..
  13. telcodaddy

    new and nervous

    Well, I called the surgeon that day and he said that he had to beat me up a little more than usual and that the most of the pain I was feeling was from the incision pulling on the inside. He asked if I was wearing my compression belt..... oops. I am now and the pain has subsided 10 fold and the swelling is going down too with ice. Over all I am feeling pretty good today.
  14. telcodaddy

    Tired of protein shakes?

    I keep hearing of egg face's site I am new here. Can some one please give me the link to get site? Thank you.
  15. telcodaddy

    Refried beans?

    According to my list, I get them on week 2... So looking forward to thursday already. The broths and jello are starting to get old.