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  1. 6 months out & feeling pretty good!

    1. PollySue


      How much weight have you lost??

  2. July Surgeries! Where is everyone?

    My surgery was 7/11/2013...I am six months out and have lost 75 lbs. I am looking good...but am very self-conscience about the hair loss!
  3. Needing some support

    Wow...I guess I am still in denial! I am 4 months out and have been drinking....the last 2 days I nave been paying for it...so not worth it, but finding it hard to stop!
  4. Hair loss and re growth

    Losing hair too and not sure what to do
  5. July Surgery Buddies

    Mine was July 11, 2013, But I spent 8 more days in the hospital due to pneumonia. Feeling much better today, good luck to ya'll:-)
  6. Just Don't Feel Good?

    This is a GREAT post because I have been asking myself....What did I do? I am so glad that I am not the only one feeling all of these different emotions and I really like the dwarf analogy (very cute) and sooooo true.
  7. 2 days out. In pain! Any advice?

    I did not have a good experience either.....I ended up with pneumonia and was in an extra 8 days. I am still having pain and living on my heating pad & Tylenol. Keep your chin up and it will get bettter.....don't eat crackers....stick to ur diet , u don.'t need any pouch issues and crackers could do damage.
  8. 3 weeks out and my hunger feeling has returned.....I thought it would take longer to return:( I am losing weight pretty fast, but am still feeling really bloated from surgery .
  9. post op stomach shots?

    Heperin every 8 hours. And they sent me Lovenox for 10 days after. I hate needles, but these were not bad.
  10. I am 2 weeks out and still on liquids....I am afraid to eat anything because I have such painful/cramping BM's. Has anyone else this issue...most of the time I am in tears on the toilet.
  11. I have a ? about water.

    Hello from New York. This forum has answered a lot of my questions! And to know that I am not alone w/some of my new challenges. I am 15 days out from RNY and ended up w/phenomena.....so healing has been slow. I am looking forward to meeting some new people on this site and to share my journey!