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  1. Beautiful4ever

    Just a question

    That was the movie that we watched. :-) Good movie
  2. Beautiful4ever

    7 Months! 45 Pounds gone and 44 inches lost all over my body!

    Thanks All!!!!!
  3. Beautiful4ever

    First Plateau :(

    Its Normal. I have hit many. There will be times where you lose inches not wieght. That was me. I lost inches but not the pounds. Dont worry about the scale. The scale is the DEVIL! Just worry about how your clothes are fitting. Loose and Looser. :-) Keep rocking it! We are all doing great!
  4. Beautiful4ever

    Exercising after lap band

    Go for small walks. After surgery it is important to walk walk walk. NO GYM. Walk around your block as much as you can. I know we all need the gym but you have to let your body heal. Once you can eat solid foods, and get the 90 grams of protien, and water intake and HAVE NO restrictions then start slow at the gym. But for right now walk walk walk walk! I went for walks every hour on the hour even it was for 20 min at a time. It helps so much.
  5. When I started my journey in 2010 I was sitting at 202 pounds on a 4-10 Frame. Not healthy, Now 7 months later I have lost 44 inches total. Went from a size 20 to wearing right now 11 in Juniors! Size xl tops to right now a Med. And Small XXL scrubs to size Small scrubs. here is the most current pic of me and my progress.
  6. Beautiful4ever

    Military Questions for those who are

    Thanks.. I have not hit the Year mark but I am on EMFP Here in Vegas they put you automatically on it with out my knowledge. Really sucks. Lapband they keep you on it. I think its dumb really but I understand. We have not gotten orders.. We are not due for them I guess the hubby had to update his dream sheet. :-( Oh well wishful thinking
  7. Beautiful4ever

    Military Questions for those who are

    Thanks for the Info. I will remember this when it comes to PCS. I also will not take NO for an answer if it does come to that. :-)
  8. Beautiful4ever

    New lapbanders...

    Good luck on the journey! Embrace the new body you will have!
  9. Beautiful4ever

    6 months out

    I never had allergies till I moved to Vegas lol
  10. Beautiful4ever

    6 months out

    Right! And if I get full my nose gets stuffy! Lol. Just a little randomness there lol
  11. Beautiful4ever

    6 months out

    My doctor puts the port in the left side just about 6. Inches below my boob!
  12. Beautiful4ever

    Cheating on post op diet

    The reason is for the swelling. I was able to eat mushy foods and then after my 10 day appt east solids. I get 90 grams of protein and my 90 oz of water or fluid a day. It gets easier trust me!
  13. Beautiful4ever

    6 months out

    Ohhh!!! Lol. I have a video of my fill I'll post it when I get home :-) he uses a small needle. NO PAIN!
  14. Beautiful4ever

    6 months out

    We'll that sucks! Lol. My port is close to the surface so it rubs all the time! Lol yay me!
  15. Beautiful4ever

    New lapbanders...

    It is a great tool. Also buy a Scale it has helped me so much.