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  1. Got a new full time job at a truck stop that doesn't interfere with my school schedule, but it does clash with my favorite Zumba classes, and any workout time. Oh well, I'm a completely broke college student and I need the money.

    1. Fidontop


      You'll find a balance.

  2. I'm jealous of everyone who had a preexisting romantic relationship, because, those that survive the emotional impact of this surgery usually stay a sure thing on the physical side. I'msingle, so I have to start all over. I look at it this way, I see way worse people than myself get laid all the time. I mean, methheads get laid, I got laid 100+ pounds ago, people who think Central America is the center of the United States even get some, meaning I can. Without chloroform or paying for it. Lol
  3. Does anyone else gain weight before their period?

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    2. Lollypop83


      Every month! About 4lbs then loose it about day 5 :)

    3. lisa67


      yes! I retain water like a freakin dam. Sucks. But at least I know it and it doesn't freak me out on the scale.

    4. Harley_Quinn1291


      It always surprises me a little.

  4. Did the Insanity workout for the first time ever! Ran 1/2 a mile without needing to walk throughout,
  5. Dragging behind today and taking the day off from working out. My legs feel like rubber. Totally worth it.

  6. You just need to work up to it. There's no shame in not being able to do as much as the next person. When I started exercising, I kept comparing myself to more fit people and I was embarrassed when I couldn't do nearly as much. I've been busting my butt for 4 months, and now I can keep up with everyone in Zumba and Body Pump. I tried Insanity today, and let me tell you, I was immediately humbled and have to build up even more. It gets easier, and you'll be so proud with every time you don't need to run for that water bottle, or stop and stoop over to gasp in the midst of a class. We've all started out poorlyon this site, but now we're all coming along just fine.
  7. So Insanity at 9 in the morning between two classes was a horrible idea. I survived, but people kept asking if I was ok when I went to my second class at 10. I get extremely red when I exert myself. lol. Zumba tonight. And tomorrow is my day off.

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    2. GettinKinny


      ahaha I've been that way since I was a little kid. My son is the same way. We walk anywhere and our whole face gets bright red. I'm not pale but I am light and freckly so when I get all red people freak out. I actual get less red now that I am bigger. Maybe it's just more spread out!

    3. Lollypop83


      I have noticed more weight I loose the easier it gets but the less red I seem to do. Classes first month I was like a beetroot! Much better now :) Mind you when I'm bright pink know I have pushed myself :)

    4. Harley_Quinn1291


      Lol, lucky people. I used to be slightly flushed all of the time, even at rest, but now my tone evened out after losing 121 pounds. But I'll trade red and dripping sweat for what I've accomplished any day. I still have a ways to go, like 80 pounds still need to slough off.

  8. I've started running, and since I've been single and asexual for over a year now, if I can catch someone, I'm going to try to sleep with them. Lol just kidding. I've had an exponential increase. It's almost embarrassing.
  9. I haven't lost a cup size yet, (I went from a 46 DDD to a 38 DDD) and even though they're expensive, and run pretty snugly, I swear by Enell. My girls don't move.
  10. Pre registered for the Run or Dye 5k, started doing the Couch to 5k workout to prep for it. also, I am going to try Insanity for the first time tomorrow.

  11. Chopped all of my hair off again. Working full time along with full time college courses is killing me. all spring break I've been resting between shifts, and hitting the gym on my favorite days. I needed this lull, I was driving myself into the dirt.

  12. Discouraged. I only lost 7 pounds in the last month. I don't understand. I eat right and work out like a madwoman. Total lost: 107 pounds. Size 26 down to 12/14 Since October 10th.

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    2. sakura


      Seven in a month is not bad at all for where you are! My totals slowly dropped month by month. I'm at 11 months now and I lost 3 pounds last month. It was 5 before that, 4 the month before, and 7 before that. I'd say you're in the range of normal...especially if you just had a stall. I agree with the advice to read the stalls thread...and when you do, look at the WL of the people writing in to complain.

    3. PollySue


      Harley - it appeared you have lost 100 pounds since 10/10???? Holy cow girl! U are a mean lean losing machine!!

    4. Harley_Quinn1291


      Thanks everyone, I feel a lot better. This was just the first time my numbers have been so low, so it freaked me out.

  13. I just use spaghetti sauash. Bake it, shred the meat, heat sauce and/or make meatballs, and enjoy.