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  1. Harley_Quinn1291

    Change in Libido

    I'm jealous of everyone who had a preexisting romantic relationship, because, those that survive the emotional impact of this surgery usually stay a sure thing on the physical side. I'msingle, so I have to start all over. I look at it this way, I see way worse people than myself get laid all the time. I mean, methheads get laid, I got laid 100+ pounds ago, people who think Central America is the center of the United States even get some, meaning I can. Without chloroform or paying for it. Lol
  2. Harley_Quinn1291

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    Did the Insanity workout for the first time ever! Ran 1/2 a mile without needing to walk throughout,
  3. Harley_Quinn1291

    Week one and I have gained 4 pounds. Help!

    BM= Poop!
  4. Harley_Quinn1291


    You just need to work up to it. There's no shame in not being able to do as much as the next person. When I started exercising, I kept comparing myself to more fit people and I was embarrassed when I couldn't do nearly as much. I've been busting my butt for 4 months, and now I can keep up with everyone in Zumba and Body Pump. I tried Insanity today, and let me tell you, I was immediately humbled and have to build up even more. It gets easier, and you'll be so proud with every time you don't need to run for that water bottle, or stop and stoop over to gasp in the midst of a class. We've all started out poorlyon this site, but now we're all coming along just fine.
  5. Harley_Quinn1291

    Week one and I have gained 4 pounds. Help!

    ^ Exactly. Jolls, you look amazing!
  6. Harley_Quinn1291

    Change in Libido

    I've started running, and since I've been single and asexual for over a year now, if I can catch someone, I'm going to try to sleep with them. Lol just kidding. I've had an exponential increase. It's almost embarrassing.
  7. Harley_Quinn1291

    Bra Reccomendations

    I haven't lost a cup size yet, (I went from a 46 DDD to a 38 DDD) and even though they're expensive, and run pretty snugly, I swear by Enell. My girls don't move.
  8. Harley_Quinn1291

    ordered this today

    I just use spaghetti sauash. Bake it, shred the meat, heat sauce and/or make meatballs, and enjoy.
  9. Harley_Quinn1291

    CRAMPS need I say more!

    I force myself to the gym when I am cramping. And I cramp horribly. Any kind of vigorous cardio, like Zumba, kickboxing, or an ab workout seems to loosen the muscles up and I feel good after because of the endorphins.
  10. Harley_Quinn1291

    Effect in Spouses Diet

    I don't have a spouse. However, my parents were supposed to try with me and exercise, too. I paid for our gym memberships, and my mother only met me there ONCE. Dad has an excuse, he tore the meniscus in his knee. As for healthy diet, I go to see them for dinner and they cook healthy recipes... Then drink wine and eat cake or tiramisu. On days that I just pop in unannounced, I find takeout containers. Disappointing, but I love them anyways.
  11. Skinny Decaf SF Vanilla Latte. Or just a skinny decaf Latte with some equal in it. Those were my life saving coffee purchases initially. Now I drink the caffeine sometimes, and on even rarer occasions, I have a more unhealthy espresso drink.
  12. There are exercise tutorials on Youtube!
  13. Harley_Quinn1291

    Do you drink regular coffee postop?

    I have a skinny sugar free vanilla latte at the Starbucks at my college. I could get decaf, but some days I need a little kickstart.
  14. Harley_Quinn1291

    OMG that woman on TV

    I'm reading through the aforementioned facebook of this horrible woman. I am watching people tear her down. She's deleting negatie comments because she's in such bad denial. She said she has lost weight (214#) but upon being asked to post pictures, she avoids the issue. Also, she claims TLC made her a villian for ratings and blah, blah. Disgusting.
  15. Harley_Quinn1291

    My 600 Pound Life

    I was coming to post on this. I am deeply offended by this woman's manipulative and whiny personality, as well as her weak enabler of a husband. I am outraged. There was a diet, the doctor asked if she had the booklet, and she told him she did in her folder, only to later say there wasn't one given?! Cupcakes? Cereal? Deep Fried? Ridiculous portions? You've gotta be f****** kidding me. Granted, I don't always eat the right thing, but I make sure to compensate by working it off and making it an extremely rare occurence! Now, I am very glad that TLC aired a failure episode to show those who think it is a quick fix that it is not.