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  1. My dr. told me that the gastric bypass was the best surgery for me because of my diabetes. I had surgery on Dec. 4 and have quit my meds and went from 70units of insulin 2x a day fast acting to maybe 2units of slow acting insulin probably 8 times since Dec. 4. I am wanting to get rid of the diabetes too! If you don't get rid of it, your diabetes is more in control. Best of luck to you and your husband.
  2. ginam, It does get better. I hope you are not getting sick! I had surgery on the 4th but Ii had gastric bypass. I have lost 20lbs; I am having a problem getting my water in. I drank a lot of water before my surgery and can hardly tolerate it now and I do not like the SF fruit drinks at all. I have tried 3 so far. And with liquid going in, it will be the same going out!! Can you have soups? You can put them in the blender to get the chunks out. I did veg soup this way. It is hard but you hav the worse over with now! Best of luck to you!
  3. I hope that everyone is doing well! I had my surgery on the 4th and I have lost 20lbs. I am still having problems getting my water in. Otherwise I am doing ok. If you had surgery please post and let us know how you are doing!!!
  4. You will do fine! Most of us do have 2nd thoughts before the surgery, it is only human!!!! Don't be afraid because everything is going to be fine! I will be praying for you Laurie!! Let us know how you are when you feel like it!!!
  5. I have BC/BS of IL and I had to do 6 months of shown weight loss. I just went to my dr. and did it through him. I had to cancel my surgery for a while and my insurance still used that time as showing that I had tried. All insurances are different. Some are a lot easier to get your surgery approved.
  6. I had my surgery on the 4th and have done pretty good. I did not have any nausea or throwing up at all. I did have spasms in my esphagus that radiated to my left side. I had 2 cat scans and had to drink all of this crap! It was torture too! They found nothing wrong with me. These s[asms were very painful! I lost 8lbs. when I went to the dr. on the 12th. I am doing ok on my fluids and protein, It is hard to get all the water in and I usually don't! I am trying to get more everyday though! I had very little incision pain and did not use my liquid meds but 2x. I hope that everyone is doing good after their surgery. I do not have a scale so do not know how I am doing on weight loss. I am thinking of going back to work next week, not sure yet! So close to Christmas that I may take another week to be home with my daughter!!! Best wishes to all of you!
  7. I will pray for you to sell your home at a good price and find another place that you like even better.
  8. I felt the same way. I have a 15 year old daughter. She freaked out about 1 1/2 years ago when I wanted to have the surgery afraid that I would die so I had to postpone my surgery It is normal to be scared and anxious. I sure was!!! I rescheduled and I lost 20lbs my dr. wanted me to loose. I went back with my surgery scheduled for 12-4 and he wanted 20 more pounds. I did not loose but 5 and he put me on a 800 calorie liquid protein diet and I lost 10lbs. in 2 weeks and he did my surgery on 12-4. I did have complications starting on the 2nd day with esophagus spasms that were just horrible! I went to see him on Thursday and I had lost 8lbs. in 8 days. I do feel a lot better and haven't had a lot of pain or the spasms in 2 days now! I have diabetes really bad and I just told her that the diabetes was killing me. I just could not control it very good. SO don't be afraid. You will do fine. I will pray for you to have a surgery without any complications! Best wishes!
  9. I am to old for a mid life crisis but I am having my surgery for my diabetes. I have always been overweight and got the diabetes after having a baby at 42. My beautiful daughter just turned 15 and I want to see her get married and grandchildren! So congratulations on taking control of YOUR life and don't sweat what anyone else says. They have no clue!
  10. I just had my surgery on the 4th and I was so nervous too. It is normal. Best of luck to you!
  11. I just had my surgery on the 4th and I really do not have anything to add but I do like the protein drinks! Have you tried making them into a milk shake or freezing them? You could freeze some skim milk and use that to do the shake. Some people can't do any milk products after surgery though. I am looking forward to the cream of wheat that I can have on the 9th day!
  12. I had surgery on the 4th with some complications. I did the 2 week liquid and did mess up a few times and it does not mess you up eating crackers. Just start over and continue on! U have a great outlook and ought to do fine! I was taking 70 units of insulin 2x daily and I have done 2 units 2x a day now! It is what I was wanting to do! Get rid of my diabetes and I can only pray that it continues!!
  13. You have done really good with getting your weight off. Best of luck to you!
  14. Thanks everyone. I had some complications 2 days after my surgery and had to stay there! I was not a happy camper but had no choice! I am doing a little better today but still having muscle spasms in my esophagus and at the top of my stomach!
  15. I had my surgery on the 4th and had complications. I came home late afternoon yesterday. My dr. did not feel great about letting me go home but I wanted to. I could not sleep there and that is a big part of healing! I did great the first 2 days so I am totally bummed out about this. I had a ct scan while there and it showed nothing. I have spasms in my esophagus and top of stomach just about everytime I drink. I did eat a little today. I cannot drink plain water either. I will eat the pellet ice though. Has anyone else had spasms? I did get 60 pills for $58 but they do not help much at all!