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  1. Small world! I work in Tulsa too!

  2. cici...I have to tell you. I got on the computer and found this website early on in my journey. You were on of the two people that stood out to me. I have read everything that you have posted and looked at all your pics. I'm not a stalker or You are just such an inspiration. I had my surgery on Tuesday and I am in so much pain (I think gas...awsome huh?) but none the less pain. I just want to move on to the next step and turn into the beautiful woman you have!!

  3. Not sure when I saw you post but the profile pic is new(to me).I love it! Miss all the "Oldies" and you are in that mix.You look fantastic..Have a wonderful Holiday weekend. Love VPA

  4. i wish i was there to hold your hand. is anyone there to share the time with you?
  5. yeah, everything is fine here. just taking a break from the board for a while. just busy and occupied! let me know if you need me...

  6. Hi T xx Not seen u about , just wandering are u ok babe ? Sara xxx

  7. Speaking of Stephen King (one of my fav authors), Desperation is definitely a bone chiller! kind of long but i LOVED IT! my most favorite scary book ever. NOT for the faint of heart. in case you want to read some reviews first... Desperation: Stephen King: Books
  8. beautiful glass, Chris! do get it online and make some money!!
  9. i have no real idea, but i would suggest stool softeners ahead of time. nothing like trying to poop after that kind of surgery! CONGRATS again, Handsome. can't wait to see pics!
  10. if he can get a hold of a bunch, you can make jewlery! all kinds of tutorials online on how to make them. and if you want a little extra $$, i could buy some from you! especially the dark red/maroon ones! very nice...
  11. great idea, Chris! best of luck! i love tons of sellers on Etsy, but Sweet Blue August is one of my favs! Etsy :: SweetBlueAugust :: Handmade Scrabble Pendant Necklaces
  12. this site is way too cool and i wanted to share it. all kinds of handmade items, jewelry, hats, candles, purses, pottery, etc. great stuff! Etsy :: Your place to buy and sell all things handmade
  13. you'll knock 'em dead no matter what. i totally understand personal goals, but don't stress over it. you've already lost a ton and their jaws will drop even if you're not at 199! best of luck to you!
  14. she sounds confused. she needs therapy and possibly time in a facility for help with an eating disorder. she, having the disorder, might hope for surgery, but no doctor in their right mind would agree to it for a person that's a size 2.