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  1. i wish i was there to hold your hand. is anyone there to share the time with you?
  2. CiCi

    Need a GREAT book!

    Speaking of Stephen King (one of my fav authors), Desperation is definitely a bone chiller! kind of long but i LOVED IT! my most favorite scary book ever. NOT for the faint of heart. in case you want to read some reviews first... Desperation: Stephen King: Books
  3. CiCi

    Shopping Handmade Online

    beautiful glass, Chris! do get it online and make some money!!
  4. i have no real idea, but i would suggest stool softeners ahead of time. nothing like trying to poop after that kind of surgery! CONGRATS again, Handsome. can't wait to see pics!
  5. CiCi

    Shopping Handmade Online

    if he can get a hold of a bunch, you can make jewlery! all kinds of tutorials online on how to make them. and if you want a little extra $$, i could buy some from you! especially the dark red/maroon ones! very nice...
  6. CiCi

    Shopping Handmade Online

    great idea, Chris! best of luck! i love tons of sellers on Etsy, but Sweet Blue August is one of my favs! Etsy :: SweetBlueAugust :: Handmade Scrabble Pendant Necklaces
  7. CiCi

    Shopping Handmade Online

    this site is way too cool and i wanted to share it. all kinds of handmade items, jewelry, hats, candles, purses, pottery, etc. great stuff! Etsy :: Your place to buy and sell all things handmade
  8. CiCi

    Do you think I can do it?

    you'll knock 'em dead no matter what. i totally understand personal goals, but don't stress over it. you've already lost a ton and their jaws will drop even if you're not at 199! best of luck to you!
  9. CiCi

    WLS for eating disorders?

    she sounds confused. she needs therapy and possibly time in a facility for help with an eating disorder. she, having the disorder, might hope for surgery, but no doctor in their right mind would agree to it for a person that's a size 2.
  10. CiCi

    Retelling the drama (very long)

    yeah, i'm pretty baffled too. Andrew, what specific reason(s) did they give as to not letting you cross the border? did i miss that? this all seems kind of puzzling, to say the least.
  11. CiCi

    Tonight's episode of House....

    it's semantics, really. the physical results of the surgery might make it easier to lose weight over time, BUT the massive list of day to day "side effects" we deal with off-set it to the point where it is certainly not easy (or even easier) to actually reach goal (or get somewhere close). there is so much more to this surgery than the physical changes. i do feel, for me, the surgery made it easier to keep weight off (once i reached goal); however, this is not always the case for everyone. we are all different, and i will also say that none of us can fully understand someone else's situation unless we have dealt with the exact same issues. even watching a loved one go through it is not the same. odd that a silly TV show got all this started. but, then again, that's why i don't watch House. their purpose is to stir the pot.
  12. Mike, that has got to be way too much pressure for you or anyone to handle. you are a good friend, but there's only so much you can do. it's up to him. i'm glad he is getting help. but again, try not to feel responsible. there's nothing more you could have done. he needs more in-depth treatment. hopefully, he'll get it. bless you for being such a good man.
  13. CiCi

    Are you satisified

    if you are anything like me, it is a phase. your mind isn't ready to let go of enjoying food the same way you used to. you'll adjust (and believe me, it's a struggle) and then you'll eventually turn a corner and your new mind-set helps you enjoy food again in a new, different way. you'll figure out things that work well for you and once you get into a groove of eating most things that agree well with your tummy, then every once in a while when food doesn't work well, it's not such an awful thing. i really do feel for you, Kim. it was so hard during the point you are at. i sometimes regretted having the surgery because i didn't think i'd ever feel "normal" again. like it was going to be a struggle every day, 24/7 forever and ever. it does get better, and one of these days, you'll look back and think, geez, i'm glad that's behind me. now don't get me wrong, i still have rough patches every so often, but not anything like the day-to-day that it used to be. i'm thinking of you! hang in there, sweetie!
  14. CiCi

    fill in the blank (honestly)...

    can't you find a "diplomatic" way to post it???
  15. I am happiest when I'm ________________ . my answer ----> EATING! (i did say to be honest!)