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  1. So, I went to sleep last night at 11:00. I woke up at 8 and decided to shut off the alarm and went back to sleep until 11:30. I slept for 12 and 1/2 hours. I've felt crappy today - light headed and just blah. Is it possible that I went too long without water and I'm suffering from a lil dehydration today? This is probably the most crappy I've felt since RIGHT after the surgery. Just curious if anyone else experienced this......
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    "Whatever you are, be a good one."

    Hi all. I CANNOT believe I abandoned this site for over one year. I LOVED this site :-) Man, you all got me through some rough nights. And you made me laugh. And all the drama gave me lots of So, why am I back? Because I'm thinking about my two year surgi-versary on 10/20. It's almost two weeks away. I weigh 162, got down to 154 at one point, but back up. I'm not gonna comes easy to me. I don't feel like I *try* to maintain or lose, there's some up and down, but I am loving what this surgery has done for me. I signed up for a 6 week bootcamp, see if I can't break that 150 barrier....145 was always my ultimate goal. I don't know if my body has it in me...but its nicce to still have a goal. So um yeah. I'm a happy girl. I'm happy for all of you just starting this can be the most amazing gift you've ever given yourself...and you deserve it!!! I'm gonna post some photos ;-)
  3. "Whatever you are, be a good one." - My WLS Story That is a favorite quote of mine from Abe Lincoln. In almost every aspect of my life, I have been a good "one" (daughter, sister, friend, student, coworker). There is nothing that I have felt like I couldn't do and no one in my family has ever told me not to try something. I truly have no fear (contrary to all my whining). And now gastric bypass is the next huge step. And I know I'll be a good WLS patient. I know I'll be successful. I am struggling on the pre-op diet, but the fact that I'm even on it is so incredibly exciting. I am ecstatic I made it to this point and I cannot wait for 10-20-08. I cannot wait to beat a family legacy of obesity. I want my Mom to see me succeed and believe that she can do the same. I told her not to get the surgery four years ago because I was selfish and frightened about her possible death - I was short-sighted. Now, I am absolutely positive that the only way she will be there for me when I have babies is if she gets the surgery. And she needs to see me succeed to believe in herself. I have accomplished a lot in life, from finishing grad school at 25, buying my own home, completing a full 26.2 marathon, traveling the world, to skydiving. All before 30! Getting a gastric bypass is one more step in my quest to really live a full, happy life. I've been overweight and fighting food since around 16, but I will admit, I was a good fat person. I was funny, easy to be around, self-deprecating, sometimes sassy and always dieting and working out. That is what I was and I was a good one. No more. I am me and I've got one body and one life, and I want it to be a good one. WLS is the decision I've made to get there. So, this is my personal story thread and I can't wait to FILL IT UP (even if I'm the only one posting)!! Thanks to Dr. Callery for creating this website and allowing others to participate. I do believe TT has been a huge part of my experience thus far and I expect it to stay that way. I can't wait to be one/two/three years post op and reminiscing with the October 08 staplers. Lets do this together :-) Thank you all! - Trish
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    "Whatever you are, be a good one."

    Looks like my post this month will be much like last month - not a lot going on over here ;-) Just living life. Down only 2 pounds, haven't been posting much, happy with all aspects of life. Wanting to work out more. The boyfriend is fabulous. The holidays and my one year surgi-versary approach rapidly. I'm amazed how fast this year has flown by. I'm thinking some photos are in order soon. I guess I could just do my one year photos in a month. We shall see... Take care all.... P.J.
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    "Whatever you are, be a good one."

    Hi all, I've been absent and I apologize, especially to all those newbies out there posting and waiting eagerly for someone, anyone to reply! LOL. I remember being there... Just wanted to write on my 10 month surgi-versary. I've made it down to 162, so 4 pounds last month...its a step back in the right direction. I'm workin at it every day. But I feel good and healthy and pretty and happy....everything else that happens (no matter how long it takes) is just icing on the cake. I hope you are all well.... If nothing else...HAPPY FRIDAY~~
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    The best summer of my life!!!

    We had surgery around the same time and I just wanted to say you look amazing and soo happy. I too am having the best summer ever.... Yay for us!
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    "Whatever you are, be a good one."

    Hi all - I'm still doing my best, struggling every once in awhile. The carbs are almost gone....I just wish I had never tried another nacho cheese dorito. UGH. I despise them. I'm in a new house with a new roomie so I have new food challenges. Granted, I should have the strength to resist, but all this time I've been livin solo so any food in the house was food I brought home. Now I've got to contend with her food triggers/habits. But I'm trying. And Phoenix, I'm doing much much better with the alcohol. It is making a difference, I feel it. Anyway, had a fight night party last weekend. As you all know, I take Muay Thai kickboxing and I LOVE it. My best friend and I took this picture and all of my friends say they can't believe I look almost as skinny as her....truthfully, I can't believe it either!!!!!! She's been thin our whole lives, I've known her since the 4th grade. So the fact that she is wanting to borrow my tops and dresses is just surreal. I hope you all are well....I feel like there is sooo much to catch up on...
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    1 month post VSG

    hey hot stuff...can't wait for bathing suit pics :-)
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    "Whatever you are, be a good one."

    Just looking at those lake pictures again and noticed how I completely FILLED up and was POURING out of the side of the plastic houseboat chair last summer :-( This summer, as you can see, there is EXTRA room all around me in that chair! YEEHAW! Thx Phoenix, I need someone to keep an eye on me and I will try to do a better job of reporting back. My skin ain't perfect, but I'll take it and I am happy so far.... FRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :-) (Doing good today - protein shake for breakfast, salad with turkey and about five croutons at lunch, 1 liter of agua already)
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    "Whatever you are, be a good one."

    Found a better pic where you can actually see two of my lap scars...
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    "Whatever you are, be a good one."

    Thanks all of you and Phoenix - I know you are RIGHT. I'm feeling more motivated tonight. Gonna basically do what phoenix suggested, because I know deep down she is on the money. Wanted to find some more motivation, so I finally found that pic from last summer at the lake. BLAH. That was last August I believe, near my highest weight. It was scorching and I don't think I even got in the water because I was so depressed. My last trip I spent the ENTIRE time in the water loving life. We are going again for Labor Day and I'm going to try to refocus, lose a little, exercise, and be proud of my efforts. Thanks again you guys, can't tell you how much this site means to me. PS> This might be my least picture EVER ON THE PLANET EVER. So, here I am, coming to terms with my old fat self, puttin her out there, its all part of the process. Maybe I'm struggling right now because I haven't really let go of all the hurt I was feelin back then...???? PPS> I just made a comparison shot with a similar-ish shot from my July houseboat trip. Yes I'm covering my lap with a towel, but trust me, I was FREE :-)
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    "Whatever you are, be a good one."

    Thx so much for means a lot to have cheerleaders out there. I waw thinking about the pouch test...maybe its time :-) I'll keep you posted.
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    "Whatever you are, be a good one."

    I guess this is struggling? I don't know. I'm so happy with my overall life right now, but I'm not losing any weight and I actually weighed 167 this morning. UGH. I've been exercising a lot more and I still feel my overall food choices are good, but I have let carbs slip back in and I have been having cocktails one or two nights a week. Can alcohol and carbs be the sole issue? Anyway, it just feels like crap to not be losing when I feel so good and I'm having so much fun- does that make sense? I think I look okay, but I want to lose about 20 more. These are the hardest pounds to lose, right? I should've been prepared for this, right? I guess you never know how you'll react or feel until you are actually in THAT POSITION.... I am here. I am stuck. I am almost 10 months out. I need to regroup and refocus.
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    Hi all, So I've been getting nasty bruises lately. People around me keep saying I have an iron deficiency. Anything else GPS related that may be causing this? I am going to call the doctor, just thought I would see what you all have to say and if any of you have had a similar experience at about 9 months. THX, Trish
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    LOL watfam. I too will take bruises over fat. :-) Thanks for all the responses. I guess all of those reasons makes sense. I will still call the doc and keep him in the loop. I went back to my Muay Thai kickboxing class last night after being gone for 4 months since I hurt my ankle. It was awesome...but I am rockin some GNARLY bruises and that never happened pre-surgery from that class. I was bruised by being hit through the the person was hitting/kicking the pads, and my forearms are bruised from impact of the pad on the other side. good stuff. My co-workers think I'm a domestic violence victim today :-(
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    Any Spray Tanners out there?

    I'm convinced the mystic tan scrub is magic. Yes, I screwed my feet/ankle area up the first few times'll figure it out. I usually showered/shaved/exfoliated within 3 or 4 hours of going to tan. Have fun :-) You're saving your skin, so you should be happy with yourself, lol.
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    Monday Morning weigh in, July 20th

    Yeah, so still 166. 2 lbs in a month. :-/ but I lost 8 lbs last month. AND, 166 was an important number because it meant I lost 100 lbs overall from my highest weight. So, guess I needed a break. Next week/month are going to be ridiculous!!!!! :-) I just know it, lol.
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    "Whatever you are, be a good one."

    Well - today is 9 month surgi-versary. I still weigh 166. I'm not so, so jazzed about that, but looking back at last month I lost 8 lbs, so that's 10 in 2 months. Its funny how obsessed we can get with the numbers. I had hoped to lose more this month, but it was a busy month, I was off having fun, and maybe my body needed a break. I feel like my food choices overall are still positive. I'm always thinking/talking/seeking protein. My water intake ebbs and flows. The one thing I can point to this month that I did not make a priority is exercise. SO, I guess that will be the goal. I'm going back to Muay Thai this week. I still feel a little PTSD about my ankle injury back in February, but I gotta get back on the wagon. And workin out is such a huge stress reliever for me. My sister and I are having to deal with my Dad's house and possessions in the next few weeks. Needless to say, neither of us wants to do it. I certainly have anxiety. There are things of his that I'm sure I will take, but I wonder how long it will be until my first thought isn't "my Dad is dead" when I see something of his. I still have trouble scrolling through my cell phone - his number is still there, right below my bio Dad's number. Do you ever delete that? I don't know. I know I miss him and I am not looking forward to selling his house and dealing with everything. I'll need to be strong about what I put in my mouth when I'm going through that... On a more positive note, the guy I am seeing is SO great. I really, really like him. That is FRIGHTENING. Is it possible to be incredibly scared and happy at the same time? We spend a ton of time together and it never feels forced....The words I'm always using to describe him are adorable, sweet, HOT. :-) It feels good to be in a relationship and more comfortable in my skin. Well, that's all I got. Hope you all are well :-) I've been reading, but not posting as much....I'll make an effort this week!!
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    Any Spray Tanners out there?

    I LOVE the mystic tan booth. Its kinda pricy, but totally worth it. My advice is to buy the mystic tan pre-tan body scrub stuff...and exfoliate the crap out of your body. Also, be sure to use the barrier cream on your feet and hands and scratch your hands after you put lotion on to get the lotion inside your took me awhile to learn all these tricks. Hope it works out for ya :-)
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    Wish me a...

    Happy Anniversary! Thanks for being an example of a great, lasting marriage :-)
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    "Whatever you are, be a good one."

    Hi all, just checkin in, been absent because I am busy and happy and loving life :-) I spent last weekend at the lake on a houseboat. It was a blast. I was free and happy, floatin around in my two piece, 102 pounds less than I was last summer. I have two new pics from last weekend and when I get home, I'll put a pic from last summer so you can see how ridiculous it is. I can't believe how happy I am now.... And yes, my trucker hat reads "It took me 40 years to look this good" LOL. hilarious. Hope you all are enjoying the summer!
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    3 years and counting

    You look great Trina! Such an inspiration for those of us on here in the beginning (well, does 8 months count as beginning??). I really appreciate those of you with several years of success as a resource on TT. THANK YOU :-) Here's to many, many more years of WLS success.
  23. Funny, funny how all of us single ladies are navigating the dating world and having similar experiences. I agree with Bama - don't try to define it, just try to enjoy it. That is my mantra right now. I have a cutie, going on two months, we act like bf/gf, but haven't had the talk and I just feel like I need to let go of the idea that I need the talk.. ya know? Anyways Jenn, I was also going to say give the guy a break about living with parents. SO many people are doing that lately..I did it for awhile. If that is the ONLY negative so far, thats a pretty good deal. Also, I did lots of online dating. I'm sure you are already weeding out the people who are just on there for casual sex??? It gets pretty obvious. Good luck! WE all deserve good men :-)
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    Turn your face to the sun.....

    Sending you good vibes :-)
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    Six Years - Happy Re-Birthday To Me

    So great to see someone on the board with 6+ years of post WLS success. Thank you for being here. You look great!