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    My passport is my "before" picture. The agent didn't even seem to notice. My driver's license was only noticed once (before I had to renew it). The clerk just commented, "Wow! You look so different." Safe travels!
  2. I think your idea is great! Habitat welcomes food at their build sites - give them a call, I'm sure they'd appreciate a new volunteer. How about using your talents to thank the staff at your local EMS, fire station, police department, etc? Maybe you could identify a few elderly folks in your community and stop by for a visit with some small portions for them. You would be able to enjoy creating items in your kitchen whenever you are in the mood/physically able and what a blessing you would be to others!
  3. I agree - shirataki noodles have a rubbery texture, awful smell and can be hard to find. I much prefer using a Veggetti (spiral cutter) to make "noodles" from zucchini. They are amazingly good and I could fill up on just zucchini...alas, protein must be a priority!
  4. Might not be the healthiest choice, but I occasionally add bottled Italian dressing to a chicken/veggie mixture. A little Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top helps, too!
  5. Lately, I've been using BB cream instead of foundation. It is light coverage which looks natural. I think it is a good option for a "beginner" and isn't too expensive. Remember - WalMart, CVS, RiteAid (and others) will allow you to return make-up you don't like.
  6. My husband's niece did the same thing...had GB, lost the weight and gained it all back. I didn't tell many on that side of the family that I had surgery and when her husband saw me at a family reunion he said, "I didn't recognize you because you are so thin!" I just chuckled and changed the subject. I felt awkward because his wife isn't "thin" anymore.
  7. We don't have cable or satellite at home, but we happen to be at a hotel so I was able to watch a couple episodes last night. Thanks for sharing!
  8. I take Miralax every day. It is very gentle and dissolves in any beverage. If you try it, be sure to use it for a couple days before you decide it isn't working. Strangely, I tried generic versions and found they didn't work as well for me as the name brand.
  9. I'm not sure if this is what you are asking... I popped an internal stitch when I rolled over in bed. It felt like something was quickly "plucked" in my abdomen - like a harp string. I anticipated pain, but it didn't hurt. My staples began to work out of my skin before I had them removed. They would snag on my clothes and began to become quite irritated. I couldn't keep them covered with bandages because the adhesive was making my skin raw.
  10. I'll see my bariatric team in early August for my 9 month appt and will ask them about it. I might end up going to a dermatologist regarding the hair, nails and a couple other skin concerns.
  11. I've always had fairly nice fingernails which I keep at a medium-long length and regularly wear nail polish. At about 6 months post-op I noticed one lifting away from the nail bed (apparently it's called Onycholysis). Now, at over 8 months post-op, several are doing that. My labs were fine at my 3 and 6 months check-ups. I've lost a lot of hair (which hasn't regrown as many assured me it would.) I do take biotin and all other vitamins/supplements everyday. I eat plenty of protein. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem?
  12. I've been taking melatonin since I've had surgery. Usually one will do the trick, but when I'm stressed out - I take two!
  13. I have the Magic Bullet and use it often. It works great to pulverize ice in a protein shake. My only complaint would be having to clean under the tiny rubber gasket. I have no experience with the Nutri Ninja, so I can't compare the two.
  14. At your stage, I felt that eating was not a pleasure. I'd desire food and look forward to it, but getting full after just a few minutes of eating was anticlimactic. The whole eating "experience" was a let down. I no longer had the lingering pleasure of a long meal. However, after a few months of adjusting to my new lifestyle and introducing various food choices, eating has become more enjoyable. In the months ahead, I hope that you will experience the same transition.
  15. I never drank much with meals, so I don't usually have a problem with not drinking after eating. However, sometimes I have found that sucking on a piece of sugar free hard candy, chewing sugar free gum or brushing my teeth after eating helps moisten/freshen my mouth. Or, I just get busy doing something else and I forget about it for a while! I did recently ask the surgeon about drinking before meals. My program states not to drink for 30 minutes before eating. He told me that he thought that was a little extreme and that 15 minutes should be fine. So, I'm striving for 30 minutes, but if it has only been 15, I don't fret it.