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  1. hi Everyone! My name is Kelsey, I'm 10 years out from RNY, and have lost over 256 pounds. I went through pretty intense hairloss myself - probably about 60%. It did eventually grow back, but not the same as it was before. I created a video about it on my YouTube Channel if you'd be interested in checking it out, Your hair will come back -- be patient, take your Vitamins, get in your Protein and have faith xoxoxo K
  2. Hi everyone, My name is Kelsey, I had RNY 10 years ago and successfully lost 256 pounds. This is a snippet of my story. “IF YOU DON’T LOVE YOURSELF, HOW IN THE HELL YOU GONNA LOVE SOMEBODY ELSE?” – RUPAUL As a former plus size model and a global artist at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC, I meet models and celebrities and just regular “thin” people daily. I worked with photographers who would complain that the light reflected off my cellulite or agencies who claimed I wasn’t “plus size enough.” I work on models who don’t eat for three days before a shoot and their skin looks like it’s about to fall off, yet they are labeled the most beautiful women alive. I often post personal photos and use Snapchat or Instagram filters to smooth out my wrinkles (hey, I am turning 36 next month) and I have no shame that I wear a full face of makeup daily. It’s not about what I project out to the world as far as my appearance, it’s my acceptance and pride in my appearance that shows through, regardless of size. It’s always been like that for me. At 402 pounds I could look into the mirror and feel beautiful. I didn’t hate myself or my body. At 300 pounds I was in print magazines, on the walls of my favourite store and even one tiny billboard in LA. Kelsey in 2003 Beauty isn’t about the number on the scale or the size on the tag of your pants. Beauty is so much more how you feel about yourself and thus what you radiate out into the world. But feeling beautiful at 400 pounds was going to kill me. Pride, even in my size 32 Lane Bryant pants, wasn’t going to save me from heart disease, or diabetes. We are all here because medically we had a problem – and the weightloss needed professional help. Although my pride took a hit asking for that help – it saved my life. And believe me, I struggled to feel beautiful after WLS. I felt like a melting candle for awhile, unsure of how people would react to thinner legs that knees moved on their own like a Sharpei. I wasn’t sure if I was “allowed” to feel good about my body since it had changed so much. Yes my weight was ALOT lower, but my body, it wasn’t like those girls you see in magazines or on TV. I still looked different. And it took alot of self reflection, and alot of honesty to see that I was still beautiful, just a new style of beautiful! Plus seeing my body perform the miracle of pregnancy was absolutely INCREDIBLE! I’ve been up and down with regain and I’m finally back to where I was before I decided to have a baby. But I’m struggling again now that I’ve lost all of my regain (98 pounds so far) I don’t know where to end my loss because I could keep going. I look in the mirror today and I feel beautiful. I’m still obese class 2 — but my body looks good to me. Yes, I have loads of loose skin, and saggy bits. Yes, I’m not a size zero or wearing an extra small. But I feel good because I like being a bit on the curvy side. People at work exclaim how “tiny” I am — which is only in comparison to how I looked before I lost weight — not in relative terms to cover models or actually skinny people. My pants fit and I shop in regular clothing sections; my feet no longer hurt after 8 hours in heels, and I proudly wear a bikini to the pool, so am I done? Am I beautiful “enough” now? Who gets to determine your beauty? YOU! It’s not about a magazine telling us perfect proportions, or a music video showing the “thick” girls or even your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/partner/family/friend/etc. It’s you. It’s not about what plus size means or doesn’t mean, or the normalization of skinny or fat. I think it’s time we celebrate the beauty in all forms – we here at BE are supporting your change for a healthier lifestyle, a better quality of life, and a path to help you see the beauty in yourself – but you need to look in the mirror and see it too. I’m incredibly proud to have lost 256 pounds, and almost 98 a second time. I’m proud that Italian Vogue had the courage to show women who aren’t size zero, and that Ashley Graham showed the world that the cover of Sports Illustrated isn’t just for the ultra thin. But in reality, I hope each of those women feel beautiful in their own right and are not looking for justification from a society that just doesn’t quite understand yet. So thats my story - I have also created a YouTube Channel for those who want to learn more about Beauty, Lifestyle and Fashion After WLS. Check it out if you're interested
  3. Congratulations on the start of your journey! LIterally the best choice I ever made for myself (and my family). Thanks for your comment
  4. hi Everyone! My name is Kelsey, I'm 10 years out from RNY, and have lost over 256 pounds. I've created a YouTube channel dedicated to helping those with this journey as far as beauty, lifestyle and fashion. A few of my recent videos are : The Truth about HairLoss after WLS How to Talk to People about your WLS The Top 5 Clothing Items you need AFTER WLS and more to come... If this is something that interests you -- please check it out, leave me a comment on videos you'd like to see. My aim is help everyone feel fantastic about the NEW YOU! - Bariatric Beauty and Finishing School xoxoxo K
  5. Hi Ladies So happy to see some replies - this isn't one of those clique forums I see yAY! It's so nice to find other people who view this life changing experience as just that, rather than a easy way out or a quick fix. For those who asked, I'm near Corpus Christi Texas - but in a smaller, far more podunk little town that I have hated for 3 years but now with the prospect of moving...I'm gonna be a little sad...but such as the military lifestyle. It's great to see the success stories too girls, whoever started this trend of putting it all in the signature, was a genius! I will surely update how the progression goes - I should have my first appointment next week! Much love <3 Kelsey
  6. Hi everyone, My name is Kelsey, I'm currently just beginning my journey into weight loss surgery. I stand 5'0" and weight about 326 pounds. Scary to think that I'm as big around as I am tall! My story is a relatively happy one. As a competitive figure skater from age 6, I broke both of my legs at practice when I was just barely 16. The depression of not being able to compete and the stress of teenage girl angst, I gained about 100 pounds between then and 18. From there, I was picked up by Elite Model Management and spent the next 5 years modeling as a plus size (you may have seen me in Torrid, Lane Bryant, Shirley of Hollywood ads) and packed on another 100+ since. Basically, I fell in love with my bigger body, and the move from Canada to Southern California allowed me alot of time to experience new foods (omg I love Indian) as well as the feeling in the plus size community that bigger is beautiful. In February of this year, my little world shattered. In December my husband and I discovered that we were expecting. Although I'd read about risks, I wasn't too worried - I've never had something I couldn't do because of my weight, why would this be any different. In February I miscarried my precious twins at just over four months pregnant. Although they haven't confirmed that my weight was the issue - I'm finally at the point where I really believe it might be. This was my turning point. Losing my little angels has been the push I needed to save my own life. Upon seeing my first doctor here regarding the lapband (that Tricare is now paying for) he deemed me too high risk; that he only does patients who are at maximum 50bmi - I am 62. So off I am soon to a referral to a doctor, 4 hours away. The drive isn't a big deal normally - however, my husband is forward deployed to the middle east until November so most likely, I'm going to be going at this alone. I know I'm strong enough to do it...just gonna take moral support here and from friends. Truth be told, even today as I sit here feeling my pants tight, I'm happy about my body. But I don't want to develop health problems due to my weight. I also want to be able to start my family and not spend everyday in tears with worry. I'm going to be looking around, and asking alot of questions I'm sure. I'm scared but also excited - wish me luck and I can't wait to meet you guys! <3 Kelsey