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  1. wow, incredible accomplishments in such a short time!!

  2. that is AMAZING!! congratulations! im still pre-op, but leaning towards the sleeve, so Glad to hear of your wonderful success!!

  3. I got my date!

    And doing all that without the Thighs rubbing together!! Ahhhh, what Bliss!
  4. Unbelievable!

    Finally Got a Call!! Pre-surgery, Dr. Visit, and nut eval will be sept. 5th, and hoping the psych eval will be schedulaed same day! 6 weeks feels like forever, but I'm sure it'll go fast. At least my kids will be back in school!!
  5. I got my date!

    They called, they called! The surgeone ofice FINALLY called!! I don't get to see the Dr. Until sept. 5th, but on that day, I get pre-surgery consult, and my nut. Appt., ad they're going to try and get the psych eval for that day also, and get it done all at once! 6 weeks, from tomorrow, I'll be on my way! Just in time for my 45th birthday! What a gift!!
  6. Unbelievable!

    God is an awesome God! Congrats, and Blessings! Can't wait to see your progress!
  7. I got my date!

    Definetly,! I've been so crticzed and ostrasized because of my weight, mainly with in-laws! Hurts to have your character judged on your pants size. I can't wait to get my date!
  8. Plateau this early?

    ENcouraging (yup, I can spell that, lol)
  9. Plateau this early?

    Very ecouraging!!
  10. I got my date!

    Awesome! Can't wait till I get my date!!
  11. Weight loss surgery comparison

    I'm leaning towards sleeve, but still open to RNY. Just going to talk to my surgeon directly with all my different questions/concerns, to make the final choice.
  12. Unbelievable!

    I'm waiting for a call back from the surgeon for my 1st appt. For pre-op. Found out that I don't have to do a surpervised diet, just whatever the dr. Requires which is one appt. With the nut., and the psych eval. Can't wait to get the call!!
  13. My knees ARE better....

    Oh, my knees are kiling me tooo! And today I went to my first info. Session with dr. Hoene (sp?) At the shawnee mission center, ks. So happy with it and to get my paperwork in!! How long did it take you to get your first appt. And surgery??? So glad to hear wonderful success of someone close to me!!
  14. wow ...its getting so much easier

    Wow, cured headaches too!!? I have terrible migrianes, how wonderful that wls could cure cure that for e too!! Hopef, hopeful!!
  15. About one week post-op

    Do you have a good support system? My husband has just started being supportive for my decision to have surgery. I am sure still being in pain doesn't help! Let us know what dr. Says about how you're doing. Do you have much pain? I'm und ecided between bypass and sleeve. Thanks for posting!