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  1. not recent, I am 5 1/2 years out. From a size 24 to a 4 and maintaining. Would do it again . Good luck everyone Xoxo
  2. 5 years later...... ladies- that liquid diet and misery you are feeling right now WILL be worth it! head up, chin out and smile! Life is going to be great soon! good luck xoxox
  3. just having a bad day ..figured Id sign on here to remind me of my old life

    1. ✯AprilWine✯


      I hope your day gets better :)

    2. tmcgee


      One bad day is normal, i think.

    3. kiki72m
  4. I hate to say this but your doctor screwed up! I had my plastics in April and I have no huge scarring I have been doing sit ups crunches full workouts since June...but after 4 weeks I could already to some exercise just nothing over 10 pounds.. I would check his record and seek another doctor for a consult on your situation.... good luck... your not near me but I loved my doctor he is in Miami area
  5. my insurance didnt cover plastics..but I had boobs, belly, lipo.... full deal for under 9K done here in USA great job and I would recommend in a minute..they have financing available too
  6. suebry05


    occupy your mouth with gum...keep it sugar gum....drink glass after glass.....stay away from soda....and do things that get you out of the house..home is bad as its easy to go get a chip a cookie or anything else...walk around a mall go shopping go to as gym...stay busy..and keep your eye on your goal..a healthy surgery and recovery and many more years to a new healthy you you can do it!
  7. yes thats about what I paid..FL Girl used him too

  8. Hey there! I have been considering Dr. Altman. I was quoted around 8800 for TT, lift and augmentation. Is that around what you were quoted? Can you give me any suggestions if you are further in the process than I am? Thanks!!

  9. hey welcome!! I see u had Dr Kim too?

  10. my husband is my biggest supporter, confidant, friend, coach, and cheerleader! he is my world! my kids 17,15,9 have been pretty spectacular in this journey too...they know what I can and can't eat - they know what makes me sick and they try not to offer it to me or put it in front of me.... my hubby and kids are the best! facts not opinions lol
  11. love them...I have been drinking them since early out from surgery....they count as my liquid
  12. I bought my shaker cup at GNC but saw it at Target it!
  13. sorry to hear this... my thought u qualify fro disability? any help financially would surely be a help for u good luck
  14. all I can say is stop drinking with food, do 5 day pouch test and get back to basics...u did it once , u can do it again...get your head back into the journey no berating from me..... eating WILL NEVER taste as good as being THIN ***