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  1. Hi everyone and thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts! I ended up staying at the hospital until today and I am very happy to report that everything internally is doing just great. I had another swallow test (upper GI) and everything looked great from what I am told. Nausea is still here but not as bad as before. I am not vommiting at least. Now for the cause of this last really bad nausea that landed me in the hospital. I am not sure how many surgeons prescribe patients the transdermal scoplamine (sp??) patches for nausea after WLS but mine did. I had my surgery on May 13th and was using the patch up until Wednesday night. I removed the patch and decided to stop using them because I have sores behind both of my ears from wearing the patches. Well it was discontinuing the patches that caused this. I was not warned by the doctors or pharmacists and none of the documentation with the patches said anything either so I had no idea this could happen. Apparently this was some sort of withdraw or something from the patches. Once my swallow test came back good the physicians assistant called several pharmacists and they all confirmed what we thought. This was the only thing to change so it all made sense. So anyone out there that are using these patches please be very careful. This can cause you to get deathly ill if you stop using it like I found out. 5 or 6 bags of fluid and nausea is still here but at least I am able to keep food down now!! Thanks again everyone!
  2. Well I stopped using the nausea patch last night because it was causing sores behind each ear. I wake up at 3:00 and felt nauseated and ended up getting sick. Went back to sleep and woke up for work and still felt nauseated and ended up getting sick again. I took my zofran and went to work praying the zofran works. Well it didn't. I actually got worse and I haven't been able to keep even water down. So the plan is to hydrate me and make sure there isn't anything going on with my pouch.
  3. I am also sorry that you are going through this. I myself have been pretty sick since the surgery but this last week it has gotten much worse. My doctor put me on patches for nausea but they started to leave painful red circles behind each of my ears. I am also on Zofran for my nausea. But I have yet to be as bad as you got in the beginning. I am SO glad to hear that you are finally able to keep down something other than Cheese and water! Fish is a great option for protein which is what we need to help keep us healthy! I talked to my NUT about my nausea and she recommended that I move back a phase or two for the foods I am eating so this is what I am trying now! I am sorry about your financial problems. I am grateful that I have my job but I have no more sick and vacation time so I have to come to work no matter how bad I feel. I have 4 kids at home and my husband is medically retired but still waiting to get approved for disability. So my income is the only income. I wish I knew of some ideas for you to get extra cash. There are just SO many crooked people and scams out there you never know which ones are legit! It sounds like you are on a path to healing now! I will keep you in my prayers. Please keep us posted on how you are doing. This is a great site to get advice and/or just vent when needed. Hang in there!!
  4. LOL ... I too have the problem of my mouth getting SO dry that I sound like I am drunk and slurring my words!! I ALWAYS have a bottle or cup of ice cold water on hand wherever I go! I can't seem to hold down any sugar-free drinks so I stick to good old Ice cold water! I called my NUT this morning and couldn't get an appointment. But she was able to call me and go through a few things with me over the phone. I am going to step back and start phase 2 or 3 foods. I have to find some no flavored protein in a small enough container so I can see if I like it before spending tons of money on products I end up not liking! I already did that with some protein shakes! Thank you everyone for your responses! I am SO glad to not be alone in this! I still don't know what happened the last few days but today I was able to finish a yogurt and 1/2 a peach. Lunch will be in a few minutes and I am thinking of trying some tuna but I may end up opting for my protein shake instead. I am not sure I feel like getting sick at work if the tuna doesn't sit well. I know each day gets better it is just hard some days to keep that in mind!!
  5. I had this kind of infection after a different surgery. Except mine was from the ENT doctor not giving me a drain after a major surgery. So I know how you feel. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. It sounds like you are doing what you need to be doing! It sounds like your surgeon is doing what he can to assess what is causing this infection and what needs to be done to fix it. Make sure you keep on your surgeon and don't be shy about asking for something to help the pain. Hang in there and please keep us posted on how you are doing.
  6. So I decided that I would start working out before work in the morning since I don't always take my walks at my breaks. I got up and was feeling good. I have continuous dry mouth and I haven't been able to figure out what is causing this. I did my walking video for 45 minutes which in hind sight I realize that it was probably 30 minutes too long for my first day. I tried to be sure I only took small sips of water when my mouth got too dry from my work out. Well I showered and got ready for work. Right before I was getting ready to leave I started feeling extremely sick. Feeling nauseous is an every day thing since my surgery but this was REALLY bad. I haven't been able to hold down much food even though I have a patch for nausea that I change every 3 days. Anyways I ended up getting the dry heaves and nothing came out but some foam like saliva. Then I also started feeling like I was going to have to go to the bathroom even while I was getting sick. Well tonight I was actually able to hold down some chicken and mashed potatoes. I was feeling. GREAT. Then bed time is here and time to take my meds. Right after taking them I got violently sick again. I got so sick I wanted to cry and it takes a lot to get me to that point!! Does anyone else suffer from extreme nausea and battle with major dry mouth with a constant foamy saliva? If so any ideas on how to make it better??
  7. I am too new to give you advice but I did want to commend you on realizing what you were doing wrong and trying to fix it. Hang in there!!
  8. I was also pretty nauseated right after my surgery . Ask your surgeon or your primary care physician for Zofran in the sublingual form. That is what I have been taking and it's been working really good. The down side is insurance will only cover 9 pills a month. My surgeon also gave me transdermal-scop patches . These patches help with nausea also. I am still having more bad days than I like but having both of these meds help me get through them much easier than without. Try sugar free popsicles. I am not able to drink anything but ice cold water, any kind of sugar free juice makes me feel so sick still. The sugar free popsicles help when I can't seem to drink anything or when I want something other than water. Hang in there and know it will get easier! I don't know when the nausea goes away for good or at least gets easier but I am so glad to have such great support from family, friends, my physician, and here! I hope you find relief soon!!
  9. Congratulations on your upcoming surgery and wedding!! I am 8 weeks post op as of yesterday. My weight before surgery was 265 and now I am at 220. I agree with ChipPaulson and do what you can to stay on track with the different phases of food so you can take advantage of the faster weight loss right after surgery. I have been pretty sick still so I am having a rough time with any food or drink except for water. LOL And to think I hated plain water before I had my surgery. Now one of the only things I can drink without problems is ice cold water.
  10. Ha Ha that is too funny!!! Congratulations on your loss! Keep up the good work!! I just said something to my friend at work about feeling like I don't look like I have lost weight. I thought that since I have lost around 45 lbs I would be wearing at least 2 sizes smaller. Right now I am wearing 1 size smaller. But my friend so graciously pointed out that even though my pants are only 1 size smaller I have am now sporting a nice sag in the seat of my pants. LOL
  11. What you read and explained in your post makes total sense. After my surgery I was given a binder to wear around my abdomen to keep constant pressure around my abdomen. I wore this continuously until about 2 weeks ago. Did either of you happen to get one of these after your surgery? If not then maybe getting one might help. I hope that you both find relief soon!
  12. I just remembered that my surgeon or one of the resident doctors that helped during and after my surgery told me that there are some people have problems drinking water. I guess one of their patients could only have popsicles. Trying other fluids gave the patient problems with nausea. But she had to eat the popsicle slowly. Which she wasn't able to sip liquids slow enough and that caused pain and nausea. I know some people are super sensitive to the temperature of liquids, too hot or cold. I used popsicles early on when I had nausea really bad. I have found that now I can only really drink ice cold water. No sugarfree juices sit well with me.
  13. I am so sorry to hear you are having a rough time. :-( I also had problems in the first few weeks. I found that I was drinking and eating too fast. Now I am doing much better but I still have bad days. It does get easier every day that goes by so hang in there. If you are having too much pain to drink or eat I would be sure yo call your doctor to be sure nothing else is going on. I hop you can start feeling better really soon. Please keep us posted.
  14. Wow you have been through so much over the years! I completely agree with you about finding out what is causing our addictions before surgery is a must! Without understanding the cause ahead of time can make changing your bad habits much harder to do and make it easier to fall back into those comfortable shoe of our past. I am very thankful for all of classes that I had to go through before surgery and I can't imagine how you and all others that experienced the early years of wls did it. I am very thankful to hear of your experiences. Thank you so much for sharing! I look forward to hearing more about your experiences!
  15. I was pretty nervous myself but my husband and the hospital staff made it very easy for me to feel comfortable. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I also look forward to an update as soon as you feel up to it. :-)
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